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  1. 19 minutes ago, Julian_Williams said:

    an asset your obviously are not interested in investing in?

    Haha. Now you make stuff up. I am interested. I only said that Swell is just a lot of blabla and no real action.

    #nothing #changed #nobody #cares

  2. On 11/3/2019 at 6:30 PM, Sukovsky said:

    I expected more people to talk about this. What can we expect to see and hear this November @ Swell?

    That's because Swell has been around since 2017 (2019 is third edition) and the last two editions it did absolutely nothing with price. Also there where no significant announcements or newsitems. It's just a lot of blabla but no real action. If you watch some YouTube video's from last year you can also see that there are more Ripple employees attended than visitors. Also rooms are half empty. 

    #nobody #cares

  3. Keep because:

    Brad told us that by the end of 2018 there would be a dozen banks using XRP... xD

    David told us there would be a (big) household name using XRP. We are still waiting for the first xD

    Brad told us he is long on Bitcoin, but did not say the same about XRP

    David Schwartz sold his XRP stack because he wants to de-risk his holdings. xD

    Western Union tried XRP but didn't like it.

    Ripple bought itself into MoneyGram because otherwise nobody wanted to use XRP xD

    Ripple now invests in startups that create a use-case for XRP because the initial use-case [banks] didn't work out as expected xD

    XRP is the worst performing cryptocoin this year xD

    Can't get any worser so keep! 😂

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