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  1. 😄 I just bought back in @0,25 after I sold BTC two weeks ago for fiat 🤣
  2. Don't worry. No bank is using XRP. Also no bank is planning to use XRP. This is why Ripple initiated Xspring to find a use case for XRP since there is none.
  3. I bought my 50K XRP in May 2017 at $0.322 After waiting for more than two years I sold at the same price today. This XRP is going nowhere as long as no banks are going to use it, Ripple and Jed keep dumping and no other real usecases exists. Traded for BTC today.
  4. Oh and volume is (after allllllll that new partners) still lower then back in 2017 xD
  5. Keep because: Brad told us that by the end of 2018 there would be a dozen banks using XRP... xD David told us there would be a (big) household name using XRP. We are still waiting for the first xD Brad told us he is long on Bitcoin, but did not say the same about XRP David Schwartz sold his XRP stack because he wants to de-risk his holdings. xD Western Union tried XRP but didn't like it. Ripple bought itself into MoneyGram because otherwise nobody wanted to use XRP xD Ripple now invests in startups that create a use-case for XRP because the initial use-case [banks] didn't work out as expected xD XRP is the worst performing cryptocoin this year xD Can't get any worser so keep! 😂
  6. Holding since early 2017, so I'm certainly not loosing money AND I'm not a weakling. I am just flabbergasted about XRP's pricemovements compared to others. It really acts different don't you think?
  7. It's absolutely unbelievable how XRP manage to go down every time after in rises a little. No other coin I've seen does this. It really makes no sense.
  8. 2017: "Banks are coming" 2018: "Banks are coming" 2019: "Banks are coming" 2020: "Mabye not" 🤣
  9. 5 and they are now all angry with me because the price hasn't changed a bit since may 2017 (We are still where we were TWO YEARS ago :-(
  10. OMG you've had almost 2 years to buy that low. Even lower. Why did you wait?
  11. I sold 50% of my XRP for some bitcoins two months ago 😊😋😊
  12. No FUD, but FACT: https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-and-stellar-lumens-xlm-fail-to-join-bitcoin-bulls-as-bank-coins-record-low-ytds-in-2019/amp/
  13. Please look at facts. Last 3 (THREE!) months: BTC up 67%... XRP up only 3.5% ... XRP looks like loosing it. It is the top 10 looser. Real Question is: "Why". Because less and less people are believing in XRP since not a single bank is actual using XRP. That's pretty bad for a "bankerscoin" isn't it?
  14. Brad, we know you are reading some posts here. So I've one simple question for you that I hope you are willing to answer: How many significant banks will be using XRP before the end of this year. Can you grand us a minimum?
  15. No worries! It's not frozen! It's going down. 😂
  16. Haha even before Banks starting to use Xrapid the first banks are already stopping using Ripplenet. Really not a good sign.
  17. Wow!! This is absolutely amazing! So it can go up OR down. Wowwww just wowwww this is HUGE!
  18. But fact remain that XRP doesn't move on her own. It's 100% coupled to Bitcoin, has no utility whatsoever and no significant bank is using it. Actually nobody actually uses XRP otherwise we would have seen some volume by now. BTW: I own more XRP than the majority here.
  19. Even Hodor stopped his longgggg blog posts.
  20. Nice discussion, but the question is: Is there significant utility by now as Brad promised us, or is there no (real) utility yet which means things are delayed or even cancelled. Also it is very strange that Ripple isn't really promoting XRP. They hardly mention XRP in Tweets and YouTube videos....that's strange ...isn't it?
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