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  1. When searching in Google for "easy cross border payments" Ripple and XRP should - at least - be in the top three results. Reality: Not even on page one. #dead?
  2. My timeline is: 2017 - $ 3.40 2018 - $ 0,60 2019 - $ 0.18 2020 - $ 0.08 2021 - $ 0,001 2022 - Ripple announces to skip XRP because nobody needs it.
  3. The lack of real usecases. That's why xspring exists: to find a usecase. There is none for XRP yet.
  4. Don't care. So volume and utility don't change price either.
  5. Haha. Now you make stuff up. I am interested. I only said that Swell is just a lot of blabla and no real action. #nothing #changed #nobody #cares
  6. Yes. XRP is still around $0,25-$0,30. #nothing #changed
  7. That's because Swell has been around since 2017 (2019 is third edition) and the last two editions it did absolutely nothing with price. Also there where no significant announcements or newsitems. It's just a lot of blabla but no real action. If you watch some YouTube video's from last year you can also see that there are more Ripple employees attended than visitors. Also rooms are half empty. #nobody #cares
  8. 😄 I just bought back in @0,25 after I sold BTC two weeks ago for fiat 🤣
  9. Don't worry. No bank is using XRP. Also no bank is planning to use XRP. This is why Ripple initiated Xspring to find a use case for XRP since there is none.
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