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  1. What is the best Singapore-based exchange to withdraw XRP (to a Singapore bank account)? Thanks,
  2. The best benefit of BitcoinSuperstore (should be named CryptoSuperstore IMO...) is that you can now pay for everything directly from your XRP Wallet! Which is an immense benefit - you save on all the fees for transfer, conversion, etc.
  3. NEW! The Crypto Superstore (soon to be renamed apparently) accepts XRP Buy From Any Online Retailer All Major Cryptocurrencies Accepted!
  4. Just updated the OP with all the latest suggestions. Thanks. Keep them coming. Hopefully soon we can start an actual XRP Merchants Directory site.
  5. I'm surprised that Litecoin is still a thing. Bitcoin may benefit from the name recognition, but Litecoin...?
  6. When Bitcoin bubble will pop, if investors are rational (which they are not) most of the money might actually go into Dash. As XRP is not being developed for retail use but for institutional users, the currency which actually fulfills Bitcoin's promise is Dash. The XRP community still lacks of developers to create solutions ased around the retail use of XRP.
  7. The Dash Evolution wallet (coming June 2018) might very well be a game changer. It will make Dash entirely usable for daily use. Official Dash Roadmap XRP and Dash are the only 2 mature currencies - Disclaimer: I am holding 50-50 of both of them.
  8. I've been waiting for this for a long time. When the masses will realize Bitcoin will never go anywhere, its whole capitalization might flow overnight into DASH (most usable retail currency for now) and XRP. (given that Ethereum is not a currency, it is a technology for smart contracts and Monero is not user-friendly at all) What will make this happen is that the whole infrastructure that has been built around Bitcoin (ATMs, cards, exchanges, gateways, wallets, etc) is quickly turning into multicurrency. Then it will be a free market and the best (XRP and DASH) will win.
  9. We could create a subforum here dedicated to buying and selling products and services with XRP. I often buy everyday items or used items online that maybe many of our members here could provide. I would much prefer to use XRP for my purchases than USD! Also such a subforum could be used by existing XRP merchants to advertise their goods and services
  10. We need to lobby OpenBazaar to integrate XRP! That would directly enable XRP access to unlimited merchants and products, worldwide! What is OpenBazaar? (Open Source P2P Decentralized Marketplace) Download OpenBazaar - Sell Anything. Pay Zero Fees.
  11. https://www.dashforcenews.com/commerce-101-real-basics-electricity-internet/ This article has a great point: cryptocurrencies don't work if there is no electricity and no internet! However there is a solution: Mesh Networking. The leading company for Mesh Networking is OpenGarden, authors of the famous FireChat app that works even without internet! Therefore, Ripple could (and should definitely) partner with Open Garden to integrate MeshKit (the Mesh Networking technology) in its systems! That would ensure that XRP would function under any circumstances and be way ahead of any crypto in existence! Actually it's not so much Ripple's job to do that, rather the wallets' providers who should make their wallets compatible with MeshKit (mesh networking)
  12. OpenBazaar 2.0 is now released in Beta! : https://www.openbazaar.org/blog/openbazaar-2-0-beta-released/
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