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  1. Or.... you sold at the top, twice - 1st rise and 2nd rise and bought back in
  2. Nope. It was Santander and pronounced in crappy english translation Saaan-tandar
  3. Likely a subsidiary. You know how the doors opened in the UK? I have never heard a banking commercial that was not a local bank, US bank, or credit union on the radio before.
  4. Correct. On days that I am not paying attention. I tend to lose money. On days that I am super busy, I am never able to catch a falling knife or a shooting star on time. That stated, The days that I have off from work or when I am on vacation is when I make the most money, so I can focus properly.
  5. SBI started posting radio ads here in Maine. Heard my first one last week.
  6. My take is that I am currently spread across most of the crypto market and in FX at the moment. I made a great profit off of the BTC run today. Regarding XRP price, I deleveraged at the moment. The exchange I am using carries x1000 leverage on XBT and carries USD pairs. I have been looking for this for a while without having to change my IP address and all that nonsense. My professional trading take - I'm diversified at the moment to take the edge off and countering with a number of short/long FX positions.
  7. Elitefoo

    David Schwartz IOV XRP

    I'm still hanging around, biding my time
  8. Hmmm really now? Maybe I'll let someone else chime in for me instead of myself.
  9. I mean, my next funding round is going into other coins tbh. I already have a substantial margin long holding a lot of this up.
  10. Brad's job is not to do "all the things". His job is to be the face of Ripple, calm the crowd, dispurse the information. A supervisor's job is be in the trenches with your team to lead the vision of your sector. Brad is not a supervisor, he is a CEO; the face.
  11. Lol didn't even notice the thread until today!
  12. Ain't saying what I got. But I can say I can "influence" market at times.