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  1. Simply too much dis-information... XRP the cryptocurrency is not part of this celebration... Ripple the network/ledger products are key here but no relation to XRP. XRP is starting to look like the cousin missing a chromosome ... if you know what I mean... no harm intended... just getting tired of the "GO RIPPLE" but "Don't GO XRP"...
  2. You are wise... wine may just be the relaxer... just like the dentist does a surface freeze on the gum before inserting the needle with Novocain ... ahhh that drifting sleepy feeling... but wait! I want to be awake when XRP evacuates... (too much)
  3. I will drink the coffee first to stay awake and then drink the wine to enjoy the fireworks
  4. Friday, November 24 at 2:00 PM (afternoon) in China is Friday, November 24 at 1:00 AM (morning) in New York. If I could stay awake after 1:00 AM in the morning it would be fun to check the volumes.
  5. Check out https://ledger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Lots of very helpful documentation and support. I have a Leger Nano S and I think it is very safe.
  6. Did the Chinese government lift the ban on crypto exchanges in China? This is fabulous !!!
  7. Nice find... I am intrigued that Ripple used "Business Wire" for this announcement and not their usual distribution list off their web site. This feels like they are moving into a serious mode for communicating "official" news.
  8. @JoelKatz said it was a "XRP was a long shot" which, I think, took the wind out of all of our sails...
  9. This would imply that any cross-border fiat currency exchange taking place on a currency exchange using XRP as the instrument would mean that each country would need to have it's government requirements met with respect to the exchange being regulated. For example, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Korea, etc would have to have their government regulations apply on the exchange where the currency exchange is taking place. A single exchange would need to meet the regulatory requirements of dozens of countries. This may be why it is going to take so long for XRP to gain liquidity.
  10. "a stakeholder-run network of attested validators." does this mean XRP is moving from proof of work to proof of stake? If so XRP will be decentralized but controlled by the stakeholders...
  11. anyone seen this? http://www.ripplefuture.com
  12. Welcome to the LNS club... be sure to follow the instructions on the "official" web site. https://www.ledgerwallet.com
  13. Does anyone have a link to this corrected information on the Ripple web site. I don't see it anywhere. Thank you.
  14. How ironic... a wild & free beast in a cage
  15. The slide is showing the xCurrent logo not the xRapid logo...
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