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  1. I should have done days ago, now it's too late... many trains went away and far.
  2. If just technical analysis worked... but it does not.
  3. Unfortunately I think you are wrong. And about 20 threads in latest 15 days demonstrate it without doubts.
  4. That would be just far better than what's he is doing.
  5. I am really frustrated XRP is the worst coin in latest 7 days (at least). It just hurts stomach to have a coin like XRP. Can't believe other coins are skyrocketing and JUST XRP is dropping, like hell too. This can't be a good sign unfortunately.
  6. You still talking? Really? After more than 10 threads in which you were saying it would raise, you made another saying the same thing... and while you are telling us bs XRP always goes down.
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