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  1. Can I just withdraw the trustline if the tokens don't sell? All I'm really worried about at this point is locking up XRP, and getting stuck with a worthless token. So many airdrops are going out I don't trust all of them. Are you going to be participating in any of them?
  2. Can I lose XRP, though from just doing a sell off after the drop?
  3. I'm interested in setting up for a few of these airdrops. Some of the tokens I'll keep, and others I'll just pickup more xrp with. Sologenic and Vagabond seem like the ones with the most potential. Solo is a bit sketchy. My understanding is Estonia is known for internet crimes. Vagabond seems like it might be legit. I skipped Elysian as their white paper did not have much in it. Maybe, I should have extended a trustline and just sold. What are the risks with trustlines if rippling is disabled? I can just cancel it if I never receive any tokens, right? Does the limit I set let them take XRP?
  4. I'm forking the project, and adding it to Pulse Chain. I'm just going to reduce the novelty of their chain, and lower the value of Spark then.
  5. The Ethereum contract, or however they printed the tokens.
  6. I did not see any news about Flare for about three years since I bought xrp. I had the xrp in my wallet for the snapshot. But, was only notified about the claim registration date about two weeks after the claim. I was still able to login to the xrp toolkit, and submit a claim. Any chance they can modify the contract, considering they're months late?
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