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  1. I am fully expecting "them" all having and using CBDCs for payment. I do NOT see any current crypto being used by FED, CBs, etc. etc. They need to stay in control, one way or another. Having said that, they all need to connect with something else, obviously. So this is (one of) the chance(s) for Ripple, among other things.
  2. "A CBDC could be designed for use by the general public." I don't think it's "could", but "will". "and not a replacement" to fiat. That one I'm not sure I understand. If they make CBDC, within.....10...20...50? years, cash will be removed and everything will be on blockchain, as CBDC, if this is the road they take in the first place. I'm probably stupid, so someone enlighten me please, but if they go with CBDCs, in what situation do they not replace the "normal fiat" completely, given enough time?
  3. If something like this is solvable with one click (Unfollow), then who's fault is it?
  4. I'd say I agree or that it at least makes sense as one of the explanations.
  5. To all the newcomers, I'd like to make it easier to defeat Greed that's lurking in all of us. If you see a "giveaway" or any other promise of you getting something for nothing, immediately assume it's a scam, close, and move on. If you give it even one second to think about it, the Greed rises from the inside and starts to rationalize why it would be good for you to stick around. "Kill" it before it starts, just move on as if you never saw it.
  6. Not that it needs to to related but also the same day this was said: "Digital money is a perfect illustration of this maxim, where after a long period of development, the field is on the cusp of major changes that have the potential to reshape cross-border payments and remittances." - by Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director
  7. Oh, lol, I just posted a quote in the chat, only to realize there's a topic about it xD I find it funny (interesting?) the video was posted on the same day Gensler was approved. I'll leave it at that
  8. Yeah. I know it doesn't change that much but it may help if anyone googles things like that. I have no idea how potential criminals do it but I have a feeling seeing a number can make one greedy even more. So, yeah, while we're all targets even if we don't admit of holding anything, perhaps we're a bit safer if we don't post exact numbers, or any numbers for that matter. EDIT: I just realized @PunishmentOfLuxury quoted OP, so it would be cool if he did that as well, otherwise it's irrelevant EDIT 2: Hell, once you solve the problem, just delete the whole topic, tbh
  9. And delete the amount you have, no need to be a(n even bigger) target for no reason.
  10. If someone takes the escrow from Ripple, do you really think they would do it to stop everything and let it fall? Or do you think those who take it could distribute it some other, albeit similar, way and continue with the same plans only this time with greater control and power that comes with it? And that's only one of the possible theories, just like the one you mentioned.
  11. As far as I understood all the information I found, that's the case, yes. Private ledgers on top of XRPL, which are connected in an obvious way. I think I read multiple CB are piloting this, if I remember correctly but don't take my word for it.
  12. I'd argue "trust" is the wrong word. We can see what they are trying to do, where, who are the other "players" in the field, and various potential use-cases XRP can fulfill. Having said that, there is FAR more to it than what we, average people, know. From financial aspect, political state-level and world-level shenanigans, and so on. I'd wager that some of the seemingly complex things are actually quite simple, while some all but invisible things present a serious obstacle that needs to be tackled, one way or another. My point is, everything for now points that XRP could be a major player in the financial system as a whole, one that should be here for the next XXX years. There are signs indicating that Ripple is one of bigger "players", but certainly the only one. Along with numerous partherships across the world, including some of the other player on Hyperledger, we could potentially assume they will be a part of it all. And, of course, Ripple's lawsuit just reeks of having "something more" behind it. That said, (conspiracy) theories are only good for learning what options might be present, and it's seldom correct to take them as truth. Now, how big will be the part of the cake Ripple/XRP will take, remains to be seen. In my eyes, which means absolutely nothing at all, 0% and 100% remains to be of equal chance. For now.
  13. "not a crazy figure but the figure you’d be happy with?" What if only the "crazy" figure would make us happy?
  14. Like legendary said, if you're talking about internal payments, then you are correct. You don't need anything other than something of your own. I might oversimplify, but you just digitize your assets and voila. If you're talking internationally, however, then you need something universal, accepted by all (both sides), that will act as a bridge.
  15. The first, correct, reaction should be: "**** you and your blackmail." Then you take a deep breath, think what if you didn't have access to the email where you received the message? You wouldn't see it, they wouldn't know if you saw it or not, and nothing would happen. Then you also remember this is sent in bulk, and they are praying someone "chickens out" (for no reason), and going by the numbers, statistics say someone will fall for it. So do NOTHING. Do NOT answer the email, delete it, delete it from the Trash and move on with your life. **** 'em.
  16. Tbf, if one is watching his for hopium only, they are doing it wrong. I watch him, ignore the speculation and subjective opinions, and simply take the constructive and proved parts, like what Christine Lagarde said, what Sandie O'Connor said, what form Polysign filed, video recordings of various business people like and their statements on the financial plans, etc. etc. I don't have time to even remotely do my own news research and it's great to have some of those things in one place. I mean, sure, there could be better channels out there for it, but his got recomended. So while it can certainly be "over the top" and "hopium heavy", if you can filter those things out and constantly search for holes in logic, you safe. At least that's how I see it.
  17. I was researching a bit and I stumbled upon this topic, so I'm curious if you guys encountered any more news/speculation on whether the escrow could be "under" Polysign. I just found out Polysign filed a Form D which could be (somewhat?) tied to this matter at hand. Basically I'm curious if any of you know more by now, seeing how the last post was back in May 2020.
  18. I was (semi?) joking regarding the fact that the smaller holders sold, and big holders bought more
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a mere case of "Shit, this will be useful, they got a stash of 55% of it, let's take it to stay relevant (so to speak)" I really want to see how it plays out and what's *really* behind this all (except greed).
  20. Consider EVERY email a scam, if it's regarding something you own and is worth money. It's literally always you against your Greed, every time. YOU decide who wins.
  21. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain in my eyes: OP is angry at someone. Why? What happened? Why post something like this and present it in such an aggressive style, as if everything (and everyone) else was completely wrong to even exist? Granted, I don't read the forum almost at all, so perhaps there was some kind of a fight between OP and someone else, no idea.
  22. That's strange, I bought in March 2017. and all I see is good news, every now and then. I don't care about the current price, it's not a reflection of anything other than current demand from the general population. In grand scheme of things (if the plans work out), they (we) are just icing on the cake. The real game (and the only game, unless people start buying and bring the price into 2-3-4 digits on their own (lol)) starts with institutions, banks, companies, and so on, starting to use XRP. Until then, it's on my ledger, waiting. 1 year, 5 years, 10, 20, 50? I don't care. If and when they succeed, me, my children, or someone from my family will get rich cause of it. If the plans fail, well...who gives a f about X amount of money spent so many years ago. I spent what I considered immediately lost forever, so it's easy to wait.
  23. I got to "ripple@mail187......" and stoped. Too obvious, I couldn't fall for that even if I was drunk
  24. Until........they stop making the right trades and have no money left for interest? I'm probably talking nonsense, so how do they provide interest on such sites?
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