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  1. I'd argue "trust" is the wrong word. We can see what they are trying to do, where, who are the other "players" in the field, and various potential use-cases XRP can fulfill. Having said that, there is FAR more to it than what we, average people, know. From financial aspect, political state-level and world-level shenanigans, and so on. I'd wager that some of the seemingly complex things are actually quite simple, while some all but invisible things present a serious obstacle that needs to be tackled, one way or another. My point is, everything for now points that XRP could be
  2. "not a crazy figure but the figure you’d be happy with?" What if only the "crazy" figure would make us happy?
  3. Like legendary said, if you're talking about internal payments, then you are correct. You don't need anything other than something of your own. I might oversimplify, but you just digitize your assets and voila. If you're talking internationally, however, then you need something universal, accepted by all (both sides), that will act as a bridge.
  4. The first, correct, reaction should be: "**** you and your blackmail." Then you take a deep breath, think what if you didn't have access to the email where you received the message? You wouldn't see it, they wouldn't know if you saw it or not, and nothing would happen. Then you also remember this is sent in bulk, and they are praying someone "chickens out" (for no reason), and going by the numbers, statistics say someone will fall for it. So do NOTHING. Do NOT answer the email, delete it, delete it from the Trash and move on with your life. **** 'em.
  5. Tbf, if one is watching his for hopium only, they are doing it wrong. I watch him, ignore the speculation and subjective opinions, and simply take the constructive and proved parts, like what Christine Lagarde said, what Sandie O'Connor said, what form Polysign filed, video recordings of various business people like and their statements on the financial plans, etc. etc. I don't have time to even remotely do my own news research and it's great to have some of those things in one place. I mean, sure, there could be better channels out there for it, but his got recomended. So while it c
  6. I was researching a bit and I stumbled upon this topic, so I'm curious if you guys encountered any more news/speculation on whether the escrow could be "under" Polysign. I just found out Polysign filed a Form D which could be (somewhat?) tied to this matter at hand. Basically I'm curious if any of you know more by now, seeing how the last post was back in May 2020.
  7. I was (semi?) joking regarding the fact that the smaller holders sold, and big holders bought more
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a mere case of "Shit, this will be useful, they got a stash of 55% of it, let's take it to stay relevant (so to speak)" I really want to see how it plays out and what's *really* behind this all (except greed).
  9. Consider EVERY email a scam, if it's regarding something you own and is worth money. It's literally always you against your Greed, every time. YOU decide who wins.
  10. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain in my eyes: OP is angry at someone. Why? What happened? Why post something like this and present it in such an aggressive style, as if everything (and everyone) else was completely wrong to even exist? Granted, I don't read the forum almost at all, so perhaps there was some kind of a fight between OP and someone else, no idea.
  11. That's strange, I bought in March 2017. and all I see is good news, every now and then. I don't care about the current price, it's not a reflection of anything other than current demand from the general population. In grand scheme of things (if the plans work out), they (we) are just icing on the cake. The real game (and the only game, unless people start buying and bring the price into 2-3-4 digits on their own (lol)) starts with institutions, banks, companies, and so on, starting to use XRP. Until then, it's on my ledger, waiting. 1 year, 5 years, 10, 20, 50? I don't care
  12. I got to "ripple@mail187......" and stoped. Too obvious, I couldn't fall for that even if I was drunk
  13. Until........they stop making the right trades and have no money left for interest? I'm probably talking nonsense, so how do they provide interest on such sites?
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