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  1. So....you open a thread claiming X, can't (or won't) prove X and ask the REST of us to prove X while you berate us for not providing proof? EDIT: Wait...are you just practicing being passive aggressive? >_>
  2. Influencers are like "Sheep whisperers", IMHO
  3. I bet even if someone traveled from the future and showed proof that XRP will rise to X in, i.e. 9 years, most would sell cause they couldn't wait. That's what I think the majority of the "crypto public" is like. GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED *facepalm*
  4. I joined Alex's stream cause I could connect tight away. He's live and just mentioned Pewdiepie, Youtube streamer with like 90+ MILLION subs is LEAVING Youtube and Twitch for DLive, a blockchain platform for streaming (I have no other info about any of that). That's massive for blockchain awareness :O
  5. I always said, the way he speaks and explains everything in his domain is a delight to my ears/brain. Respect to all Ripple employees and speakers, but David is the "GOAT", imho.
  6. Read about it, took 3 weeks to think it through, couldn't find anything bad, bought it. Been 2 years now or so. I still don't see anything seriously wrong with it, I have no idea what the others are worried about. My guess is they invested more than they could spare *shrug* I believe that, IF they succeed with what they are trying to do, XRP could be worth a lot. Whether that's in 1 year or 20 years, doesn't matter. Either kids or someone from my family will inherit them or I'll get to earn some nice money. If it truly somehow fails in the end....oh well
  7. Any cliffs, perhaps? No time to listen to it atm, but summary would be great!
  8. I guess I just live in a crappy country, then
  9. I always wondered how come we can't have cards which, after reading your finger signature or something, show you the current (perhaps last updated) amount of money you have on that account. Seems so practical, instead of having to go to an ATM or check online. Guess we had to wait for crypto in order to have such cards xD
  10. My bank, in Croatia, is getting rid of American Express cards EOY. New Visa cards will be available instead. The bank is part of Intesa Sanpaolo. Wondering if that has to do *anything* with this
  11. Was talking on discord, someone mentioned UN, wanted to find the link, but only managed to find this topic Then someone else posted the link, so, here it is https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/01/14/united-nations-confirms-piloting-ripples-cross-border-payment-technology/
  12. The usage is still lower than the needed amount for all of them to get additional XRP? Just a thought. Maybe a bit too vague, but hey
  13. So, I recently watched a video with 4 guys, Head of Group Inovation, Societe Generale, Chief Marketing from Blockpass, Global head of strategic accounts Ripple and Head of blockchain and UK group inovation, UBS. Now we allI know how big Marcus Treacher is in the "blockchain world". I googled the rest a bit, but what I'm curious about it blockpass (PASS). Anyone know anything about it? I've checked the site, the idea is good. I was told "Civic is for KYC" but Blockpass guy was on the same stage as Marcus Treacher, which could mean maybe they have a good plan just like Ripple (subjective, I know, but bear with me) The link btw is: Am I completely overvaluing the fact he's up there with the rest of the guys who (seem?) to be far ahead in production/realisation/etc.? Am I seeing something that's not there, overthinking perhaps? is it simply a matter of paying enough to "sit with the big boys"? Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions/information regarding this and Blockpass (PASS) in general? EDIT: It's KYC coin, so to speak. I was told Civic is (was?) meant for this. blockpass.org is the site.
  14. Was told he resigned but holds position till may/june. No idea how accurate that is, though.
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