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  1. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain in my eyes: OP is angry at someone. Why? What happened? Why post something like this and present it in such an aggressive style, as if everything (and everyone) else was completely wrong to even exist? Granted, I don't read the forum almost at all, so perhaps there was some kind of a fight between OP and someone else, no idea.
  2. That's strange, I bought in March 2017. and all I see is good news, every now and then. I don't care about the current price, it's not a reflection of anything other than current demand from the general population. In grand scheme of things (if the plans work out), they (we) are just icing on the cake. The real game (and the only game, unless people start buying and bring the price into 2-3-4 digits on their own (lol)) starts with institutions, banks, companies, and so on, starting to use XRP. Until then, it's on my ledger, waiting. 1 year, 5 years, 10, 20, 50? I don't care
  3. I got to "ripple@mail187......" and stoped. Too obvious, I couldn't fall for that even if I was drunk
  4. Until........they stop making the right trades and have no money left for interest? I'm probably talking nonsense, so how do they provide interest on such sites?
  5. Actually, the Moon's the limit
  6. I know Gottfried Leibbrandt stepped down from his position at SWIFT in May or June, iirc, but not sure he joined Ripple p.s. I have idea about who exactly the topic is, though
  7. If this whole thing works, by the time it does, what's left of 100B won't be enough anyway
  8. So....you open a thread claiming X, can't (or won't) prove X and ask the REST of us to prove X while you berate us for not providing proof? EDIT: Wait...are you just practicing being passive aggressive? >_>
  9. Influencers are like "Sheep whisperers", IMHO
  10. I bet even if someone traveled from the future and showed proof that XRP will rise to X in, i.e. 9 years, most would sell cause they couldn't wait. That's what I think the majority of the "crypto public" is like. GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED *facepalm*
  11. I joined Alex's stream cause I could connect tight away. He's live and just mentioned Pewdiepie, Youtube streamer with like 90+ MILLION subs is LEAVING Youtube and Twitch for DLive, a blockchain platform for streaming (I have no other info about any of that). That's massive for blockchain awareness :O
  12. I always said, the way he speaks and explains everything in his domain is a delight to my ears/brain. Respect to all Ripple employees and speakers, but David is the "GOAT", imho.
  13. Read about it, took 3 weeks to think it through, couldn't find anything bad, bought it. Been 2 years now or so. I still don't see anything seriously wrong with it, I have no idea what the others are worried about. My guess is they invested more than they could spare *shrug* I believe that, IF they succeed with what they are trying to do, XRP could be worth a lot. Whether that's in 1 year or 20 years, doesn't matter. Either kids or someone from my family will inherit them or I'll get to earn some nice money. If it truly somehow fails in the end....oh well
  14. Any cliffs, perhaps? No time to listen to it atm, but summary would be great!
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