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    fd67890 reacted to buckor in Cuallix CFO on xRapid use   
    Thanks @Hodor. Please let us know what you find through your super sleuthing! And you're right...if this is him, this is exactly what XRP has been waiting for.
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    fd67890 reacted to steezo in Cuallix CFO on xRapid use   
    Nice one!
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    fd67890 reacted to buckor in Cuallix CFO on xRapid use   
    Here is a tweet from the Cuallix CFO on xRapid/XRP use. Enjoy!
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    fd67890 reacted to Hodor in Cuallix CFO on xRapid use   
    I'm trying to confirm his identity before responding.  If this is him, it's game over.  Finished.  Finito.  Done.  No more wondering if the cost savings are worth it.  No more skepticism about XRP use. 
    This is concrete evidence. 
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    fd67890 reacted to mars75 in Ripple - The Dawn of Central Bank Blockchain Corridors   
    (please check my profile for prior threads: this post builds off my country threads)
    ***"this is all speculation"***
    The Monetary Authority of Singapore
    For several years now, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has taken a proactive approach in exploring and trailing blockchain technology for it’s possible application into their financial system. Since 2016, MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has established a regulatory sandbox allowing Fintech companies to experiment within regulatory parameters.¹
    MAS has also collaborated with Deloitte, R3, and a consortium consisting of HSBC, J.P. Morgan,Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and etc. on Project Ubin. Project Ubin is a proof-of-concept (PoC) of interbank payments being facilitated by distributed ledger technology (DLT). The blockchain also introduced the concept of a digital SGD (Singapore Dollar) within the ledgers that is distinct from all current existing forms of digital central bank money. With Project Ubin’s ultimate goal is to explore and help reduce risks and costs for cross border payments and securities.²
    MAS has even taken a step further in nurturing the FinTech environment by signing multiple FinTech cooperation agreements with overseas financial regulators including Financial
    Conduct Authority, UK (May 2016), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (June 2016), Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (September 2016), Korean Financial Services Commission (October 2016), Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution and the Autorité des Marchés Financiers of France (March 2017), Financial Services of Agency, Japan (March 2017) and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (June 2017). In a CNBC interview this past October, Sopnendu Mohanty (chief fintech officer of the Monetary Authority of Singapore ) stated that
    in regards to Project Ubin’s collaboration between MAS and the consortium of banks.³
    With the successful conclusion of Project Ubin last March, MAS stated that it was “in the early stages of discussions to develop links from Singapore to other countries using DLT to allow cross-border payments to settle directly using central bank accounts.”⁴ Which exactly aligns to implied future explorations on Project Ubin, cross border payments.⁵
    The innovation occurring in the environment of Singapore has caught the attention of several nations due to it’s potential disruption in the current financial system. One nation being Bahrain, a country that has ambitions to be completely integrated in blockchain technology by 2020.⁶ The Economic Development Board (EDB) of Bahrain being tasked with this goal, has been observing MAS and their progress. Eventually leading to Bahrain having discussions with Singapore’s central bank to devise plans for a pilot blockchain project in the Gulf state.⁷ Potentially being a foreign partner in foreign currency transactions that Ravi Menon (the managing director of the central bank of Singapore) had hinted Project Uben wanted to explore in future phases of the project.
    And this further developed this past November when MAS disclosed that “a collaboration on cross-border payments with the Bank of Canada using blockchain technology” had been reached.⁸ The collaboration intends to expand Project Ubin beyond Singapore’s borders to Canada’s counterpart, Project Jasper. An interbank payment system developed by Canada’s central bank based off of distributed ledger technology.⁹
    Gradually overtime, Singapore’s central bank has been able to negotiate and form partnerships with other central banks to explore the utilization of distributed ledger technology into the financial system and possibly build corridors based off the technology with one another.
    Enter Ripple
    When MAS was forming the FinTech regulatory sandbox in 2016, Ripple was sought out as a consultant for the establishment of the project.¹⁰ Not only did this demonstrate that Ripple is viewed as a leader in the FinTech space but that the company has expertise in understanding the importance of regulatory compliance between companies and regulators. Along with that, Ravi Menon (Managing Director of MAS) praised Ripple for having a solution to real-time gross settlement, currency exchange, and remittance thru DLT. Menon also stated that,
    MAS reaching out to Ripple also revealed that government institutions such central banks and financial regulatory authorities have been consulted and in discussions with Ripple for cooperation in the development of projects. Which is evident by the number of proof-of-concepts Ripple has participated with both central banks and regional banks. In latter reports on Project Ubin progress released by MAS, the central authority revealed that a prototype integrating the Ripple blockchain for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions across geographies would be trialed.¹² While in Singapore these past few weeks, multiple news outlets are reporting that Ripple is in discussions for its technology to be part of the MAS's blockchain experiment in cross-border payments.¹³ ¹⁴
    The Bank of England also held it’s own proof-of-concept (PoC), selecting Ripple to help to demonstrate cross-border payments and settlement using two different Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems.¹⁵ The PoC intention was to demonstrate synchronisation of cash movements made using two simulated RTGS systems utilizing the open-source Interledger Protocol (RippleNet). The results of the PoC were ultimately shared later last year with words of encouragement for Ripple’s technology.¹⁶ The Bank of England sharing thru a report,
    The report ended by disclosing that
    Implying that the Bank of England and Ripple’s discourse has yet to end and leaving an open question on the possible utilization of XRP as a liquidity solution.
    And we know that Ripple has been holding discussions with several central banks and authorities thru social media. Notable examples such as Ryan Zagone (Director of Regulatory Relations at Ripple) with the central bank of Indonesia and Dilip Rao (Global Head, Infrastructure Innovation at Ripple) with Bahrain EDB’s Khalid Saad.
    Interestingly enough, this past December EDB’s Khalid Saad gave an insightful interview to Singapore Business Review on Bahrain and Singapore’s relationship in the financial technology space. When asked about Singapore’s innovation in FinTech, Saad replied by saying
    Also elaborating to a question regarding both country’s collaborations,
    With Saad’s photo with Dilip Rao, Bahrain’s intentions to build a corridor between themselves and Singapore, and MAS wanting to expand Project Ubin to partner countries utilizing RippleNet for cross-border payments, it certainly leaves the strong possibility that Ripple will more than likely be involved. And there is one other subtle but odd coincidence in regards to Bahrain and Ripple. There is, and appears to be an increasing an amount of nodes within Ripple’s network displaying conflicting time zones that are intended for the Bahrain region. One other noteworthy point, Khalid was appointed as CEO of Bahrain FinTech Bay (“BFB”).¹⁹ Saad will oversee the implementation of BFB’s long and short-term objectives which will certainly align with the nations goal to have country wide adoption on blockchain technology by 2020.
    Returning to the previously mentioned collaboration between the central banks of Canada and Singapore on cross-border payments based on the utilization of DLT, unveils subtle connections to Ripple.²⁰ MAS is not the only participant with ties to Ripple but the majority of the participants in Project Jasper have individually trialed Ripple technology or collaborated with the company.²¹ Banks and collaborators consisting of the Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Bank, and R3 have all direct trials and collaborations with Ripple at some point in time.²² ²³ Essentially if not all, almost all Project Jasper participants are cooperating with Ripple already. In the latest report released on Project Jasper, future exploration on central bank to central bank digital cross-border currency exchange is a priority. Specifically on how might a single-currency DLT zone best be connected with other currencies .²⁴ The report puts the central banks collaboration into perspective while Ripple blockchain technology seems to be the next logical step to be trialed.
    Ripple’s prominence in the finance world has grown so much that just this past November, Ripple alongside the IMF, held a Central Bank Summit in New York City. The summit was able to gather more than two dozen central banks from around the world. The summit provide the right environment to provide
    Both the IMF and Ripple also went in depth on the current financial system’s structure and shortcomings in cross-border payments. Proceeding with the advantages of adopting distributed ledger technology and the issuing of central bank digital currencies.²⁶ The collaboration between Ripple and central banks is just at the beginning as Ripple now has a Infrastructure Innovation team geared towards central banks and market infrastructures that will focus on
    What the Future Holds
    It is safe to say that Ripple has not only positioned itself excellent in regards to central banks and regulators, but Ripple’s technology including it’s network and XRP, will also be compliant to however central authorities will want to impose regulations on cryptocurrencies. Implying that XRP will meet KYC, AML, and CTF standards in order for the digital asset to be adopted for both institutional and commercial applications. And because of the familiarity with RippleNet and understanding of XRP, central banks will be less likely to ban the digital asset outright considering it’s potential utilization as a liquidity solution for the markets. Both scenarios alluded to by MAS just this week,
    With Ravi Menon speaking on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies,
    and mentioning that
    Currently regulators are beginning to cooperate with one another with the intentions to how properly regulate and address the growing cryptocurrency market.³⁰ Luckily both Ripple and XRP will probably be spared of any outright prohibitions of cryptocurrencies in the future, as most regulators will have at least been in discussions with the company in the past. An example being both Chinese³¹ and Japanese authorities being joined by South Korea for the regulations on cryptocurrencies in the region when the former group has held discussions with Ripple.
    One thing is certain though: in regards to central banks, authorities and regulators, both Ripple and XRP are in the perfect position to be potentially adopted for global application soon.
    1. http://www.mas.gov.sg/Singapore-Financial-Centre/Smart-Financial-Centre/FinTech-Regulatory-Sandbox.aspx
    2. https://www.opengovasia.com/articles/7845-mas-introduced-sgd-on-ledger-concept-for-blockchain-based-interbank-payment-system-poc
    3. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/26/singapore-cryptocurrency-blockchain-trial.html
    4. http://www.mas.gov.sg/News-and-Publications/Media-Releases/2017/MAS-working-withindustry-to-apply-Distributed-Ledger-Technology.aspx
    5. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/26/singapore-cryptocurrency-blockchain-trial.html
    6. https://www.ccn.com/bahrain-signs-fintech-pact-singapore-amid-plan-country-level-blockchain-adoption/
    7. http://www.arabianbusiness.com/bahrain-in-talks-with-singapore-on-blockchain-pilot-665012.html
    8. http://www.mas.gov.sg/News-and-Publications/Speeches-and-Monetary-Policy-Statements/Speeches/2017/Singapore-FinTech-Journey-2.aspx
    9. https://www.ccn.com/singapore-canadian-central-banks-unite-blockchain-cross-border-payments/
    10. https://ripple.com/files/ripple_mas_sandbox_consultation_07_2016.pdf
    11. https://ripple.com/insights/singapores-continued-investment-in-banking-innovation/
    12. http://www.mas.gov.sg/~/media/ProjectUbin/Project Ubin SGD on Distributed Ledger.pdf
    13. http://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/cryptocurrency-player-ripple-keen-to-set-off-blockchain-waves-in
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    20. https://www.ccn.com/singapore-canadian-central-banks-unite-blockchain-cross-border-payments/
    21. https://www.coindesk.com/bank-canada-demos-blockchain-based-digital-dollar/
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    24. https://www.payments.ca/sites/default/files/29-Sep-17/jasper_report_eng.pdf
    25. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-hosts-worlds-central-banks-to-explore-next-generation-of-payments/
    26. https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2017/11/01/sp103017-fintech-and-cross-border-payments
    27. https://ripple.com/insights/exploring-innovation-payment-system-infrastructures/
    28. https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2018/01/127084-singapore-deputy-pm-responds-amlanti-terror-financing-questions-regarding-cryptocurrency/
    29. https://www.ccn.com/singapore-central-bank-chief-wants-cryptocurrency-to-survive-crash/
    30. https://www.coindesk.com/report-south-korea-eyes-joint-crypto-regulations-with-china-japan/
    31. https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-talks-with-peoples-bank-of-china-key-to-chinese-blockchain-market
    EDIT 3-16-2018
    EDIT 6-22-2018
    "The Governor also mentioned that the bank has begun working together with the Bank of Canada, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and some private-sector organizations to upgrade inter-bank cross-border payments, including initiatives based on DLT."
    EDIT 10-30-2018
    (PAGE 28-32)
    BoC is working with MAS and BoE on blockchain cross border payments)
    EDIT 11-15-2018
    EDIT 12-5-2018

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    fd67890 reacted to fourthjohn in Ripple, the Unbanked coin   
    What is the significance of MoneyGram and Ripple? MG is the second largest money transfer company in the world. 
    Why would anyone use them? Click on this WALMART LINK and calculate the cost to send $100 from one state to another. If you don't have the time, I did it. It costs 12.99 to send $100 from California to Florida. So again, with such high fees, why would anyone want to use them? Why not go to a bank and find a cheaper way?
    Here is your answer:
    "More routinely, money-transfer companies provide banking services like money transfers, money orders and bill payment to people who don’t have bank accounts. In the United States and Canada, many customers are new immigrants who send money regularly to family members in their home countries. Outside the U.S., it’s even easier to find a nearby agent for Western Union (WU) or MoneyGram (MGI) or both. Cash is still king in many countries, and in developing nations many people don’t have bank accounts."
    In the above Wikipedia link, it states that MoneyGram has over 347,000 Agent locations in over 200 countries. With this much power, why would they choose to partner with Ripple? Apparently, the CEO of MG has been looking to go digital since 2016
    "Holmes, therefore, is on a mission. One that breaks apart the myths that surround MoneyGram as an “older cash-based business” and instead one that’s effective at blending the digital and physical space in an omnichannel way." 
    As we all know, XRP is the only digital asset that has a real use case; Ripple is the only solid company partnered with over 100 banks, Fintechs, and other institutions. Why is this important? Remember, XRP was made for "institutional use." Its solving a real financial, world problem. However, with the Bill Gates Foundation, and now MoneyGram, we now know that Ripple is also trying to solve the issue of the billions of people that remain unbanked and live in poverty.
    We already know because of the many PoCs and trials, that XRP can lower a bank's cost by 60% If Ripple can help lower the cost of transmission for the many customers of MoneyGram and soon Western Union, their millions of customers will DEMAND the transfer be done via XRP, xRapid, etc.
    HODL! Don't panic sell. So many more catalysts coming. I wonder if the naysayers will start calling XRP the UNBANKED COIN. The legends of Bitcoin didn't get rich by selling at every dip. They HELD! XRP should also be called the Noble Coin.
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    fd67890 reacted to syns75 in Future XRP price IF mass adoption happens   
    I'm not sure I follow that logic.  Just because there is $27trillion in nostro/vostro accounts to mitigate counterparty/settlement risk with the current Swift setup will not mean that with xrp they will have to hold the same amount of $value in xrp.  From my high level understanding,  xrp will drasitically reduce/eliminate the counterparty/settlement risks associated with crossborder money transfers, so will the need to hold these nostro/vostro balances.  This is the core value proposition that xrp will deliver.  The question is how do we quantify and measure the utility of xrp??? 
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    fd67890 reacted to Owen1 in Future XRP price IF mass adoption happens   
    I have taken the liberty of assuming that Ripple release all the XRP in escrow........   but if they DO NOT and everything else I have said holds at all close to being true, the price of XRP would be even higher. :-O
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    fd67890 reacted to XRPHdlr in Future XRP price IF mass adoption happens   
    yea..but if you're right...we're SET for life! 
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    fd67890 reacted to Xrphunter in Book of Ripple   
    Wheres the continuation? I like it
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    fd67890 reacted to Mercury in Book of Ripple   
    Thus ends Beta from the Book of Ripple. 
    We can go into a verse by verse study if you like before starting the next section 
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    fd67890 reacted to Mercury in Book of Ripple   
    From the Book of Ripple as transcribed by Mercury by Mount SWELL
    Chapter 1
    1In the beginning Fugger created a personal credit and decentralized exchange, and he named it RipplePay.
    2And RipplePay was without form, and void; and users were lacking on the network. The code of Fugger was upon the net, but the net knew him not.
    3Out of the South of the Never Ending Sun strode Jed. Jed was a mighty prophet in those days and often spoke through a donkey of E. Jed saw the RipplePay, that it was good: and Jed handed the task of a Great Working to coders.
    4And Jed called the Arch Coders Arthur and David. 
    5In those days there was much evil and waste in the world of Bitcoin. Now Jed and his Arch Coders structured and walked the wilderness, smiting the Evils of mining as they went, but the work was hard. Many of the world of Bitcoin mocked them, and cried foul and evil things upon them. Jed then called upon wise and gentle Larsen to speak to the winds of business, to calm them and provide sanctuary, that he and his Arch Coders may continue their work.
    6Fugger gazing upon the world of nets saw the work of these Righteous souls, and was pleased. For although the net knew him not, it might yet know his Work and he gifted his Work upon the Righteous to do what they will with it. And with his Work taken care of Fugger retired to the stars to rest.
    Chapter 2
    1Now Jed, guided by Larsen, caused a Temple to be constructed to house the Work of Fugger and that of the Arch Coders. Many a year did they labour on it and filled it with the toil and sweat of their brow. The name of this Temple came to be known as OpenCoin and it pleased Jed. Coders came from far to the South of the Never Ending Sun to glory in the Work and spread the gospel.
    2Jed and the Arch Coders now caused there to come into being XRP, the substance of the Word, so that it might better facilitate the spread of the gospel. And Jed joined Larsen with breathing life into XRP and they each took a portion onto themselves, clothing and preparing for battles ahead in the name of the Word.
    3Man began to praise the Work, for it allowed them speak freely with one another and to share Credit. Kings from the distant lands of Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and nearby kingdoms sent tribute to glory the Work and named it Ripple. And the wise and gentle Larsen made peace with many and many were they that hailed him as the true Judge and Leader of the Temple OpenCoin.
    4Jed's heart begin to darken and the praise of Larsen became as salt on a wound. The Work became as a burden to Jed and he sought comfort and distraction in the arms of a daughter of Freestyle Capital, she called Joyce and an evil praticianier of Law.
    5Such was nature of the lust between them that Jed saught to install Joyce as high Priestess in the Temple causing much fear and confusion. 
    6Black was the heart of Jed, even as he witnessed the fear and confusion he did not see and he was deaf to the pleadings of advisors.
    7Final it came to fruition and upon the urgings of those around him Larsen finally arose and cast Jed out of the temple alongside the daughter of Freestyle Capital, banshing them from before his face and he alone guided the Word of Ripple. 
    8Jed was filled witha fearsome rage and and in his anger he proclaimed a sale of fire. Although banshed from the Temple Jed was still full of the substance of the Word of Ripple called XRP and he smote the people of the Word. 
    9Such was the destruction wrecked by Jed that many perished or were greatly diminished. The power of XRP turned against its purpose further corrupted Jed so that he took on the appreance of his new inner nature. And these are his signs; by forked tongue will he command but few listen, by envy will he be guided by but not see, and a domain of shadow and false lights will he rule. 
    10Again Larsen was to forced to act not to his gentle nature but directed good and pure Law towards Jed to slow and halt his wrath. 
    11Although he resisted mightly Jed had not the strength to resist, and chains of bindings were placed upon him. The substance of the Word XRP could not be removed but could be made to no longer harm the people of the Word.
    12Joyce was unhappy and whispered in the ear of Jed. She itended to be twined to a Prince of the Temple and not to a cast out fettered leper. With his last remnants of goodness Jed took what was left to him of the Word of Ripple and caused a great Workings, to create an idole in the image of Ripple, a clone and disgusting highplace and named it Stellar after the lofty position he was cast from. 
    13Again Jed and his consort Joyce attacked the people of the Word of Ripple, not with sales of fire or with the substance XRP, but with a whisper, a shadow and wiles. And many were decieved and fallen away into following the fallen Prophet to his new dark Temple and altar of Stellar.
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    fd67890 reacted to TplusZero in Tone Vays' Head Explodes over XRP   
    I have tears of joy seeing that stupid video from Tone and no observable price impact on XRP. FUD resistancy.
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    fd67890 reacted to JoelKatz in Coinbase XRP video????   
    I have no idea if this is authentic or not, but I did notice one thing. One of the transactions had a memo that decodes to:
    That ID is in a similar format to Coinbase's transaction IDs. For example, I have a Coinbase transaction whose ID is:
    The X's are hex digits I anonymized. That said, this looks like a GUID, so maybe other companies use this format too.
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    fd67890 reacted to Hodor in Satoshi's thoughts on the original Ripple project   
    You just gave me nuclear ammunition to use on bitcointalk.  "Thank you" just doesn't seem like enough! 
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    fd67890 reacted to Trisky in XRP beats Ethereum #2 on coinmarketcap!!   
    Back to #3 but this moment in time is a #2 moment in history, The number #1 moment in history is yet to come.
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    fd67890 reacted to Grimpler in W3C Payment Handler API powered by Interledger   
    This is what I think it means
    If this standard is adopted it means a new standard way for making payments on the web - built into all browsers - will use the interledger protocol for currency translation.  Which in turn probably means a lot of xrp will be used every time a transaction is made between currencies. If this is true obviously the more transactions the more demand for xrp, and the price goes up.  
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    fd67890 reacted to wingfr in W3C Payment Handler API powered by Interledger   
    What ? W3C, interledger, protocol and XRP in the same phrase ? Yes, it could be huge !
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    fd67890 reacted to Grimpler in W3C Payment Handler API powered by Interledger   
    W3C for those that don't know is the group that sets the internet standards - HTML specs etc.
    Then look at Adrians response confirming the interledger use.
    If use of the Interledger is incorporated into the web payment standard it could be huge, or am I missing something here
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    fd67890 got a reaction from corak in Banks won't use XRP... my 2 satoshis...   
    "Banks won't use XRP... my 2 satoshis..."

    How about this. You keep your 2 satoshis, wouldn't be worth a lot anyway. Why don't you put up your 2 XRPs for everyone who replies to this thread that in 3 years, nobody will know about the investments you are shilling/pumping and XRP will be the standard?
  21. Haha
    fd67890 got a reaction from emsemporium in Banks won't use XRP... my 2 satoshis...   
    "Banks won't use XRP... my 2 satoshis..."

    How about this. You keep your 2 satoshis, wouldn't be worth a lot anyway. Why don't you put up your 2 XRPs for everyone who replies to this thread that in 3 years, nobody will know about the investments you are shilling/pumping and XRP will be the standard?
  22. Haha
    fd67890 reacted to nvok in Banks won't use XRP... my 2 satoshis...   
    So when XRP does ‘take off’, will you come back and say hi? We’ll miss you if you don’t.
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    fd67890 reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in Banks won't use XRP... my 2 satoshis...   
    And besides that, OP has left 12 hours ago, never coming back to answer.
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    fd67890 reacted to will4star in Banks won't use XRP... my 2 satoshis...   
    What, did you only buy 1 XRP or something?

    To any other reasonable person, an 18,000% increase in 10 months is not bad.
    It would've taken >700 years for me to make the same sort of profit in my bank's savings account as I did with xrp this year.
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    fd67890 reacted to corak in Banks won't use XRP... my 2 satoshis...   
    Idk man, my charts are showing around 180x return YTD. 
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