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  1. Don't count yourself out! I see you fighting and educating others more than anyone else other than Tiffany and Joel himself!
  2. Korean markets are lagging for whatever reason. XRP volumes dominate other currencies in Korea. So $xrp price is hurt the most by the weighted average. I thought I'd come back to XRPchat after many months to get away from the twitter FUD, but realized it's the same same thing in our own house. We are so quick to write off XRP as "not loved".
  3. Looks like the consensus round is over: It's Peru. the validator node checked, and I was wrong, I flip my answer!
  4. Guys, I see a lot of you heard "Settle in Peru" I just wanted to say that I heard "Settlements approved", "Settle and approve"
  5. @Professor Hantzen I don't know how much my opinion matters but I really really don't like the idea of dynamic reserve. I think will make people feel cheated or jealous or even make people procrastinate. However, having a more or less constant reserve gives people the time and the inclination to 'build up' their decision making muscle rather than wait for stochastic opportunities.
  6. No it's been confirmed, it's just that his twitter account was not intended to the official channel for formal announcements.
  7. After this spike, I was meaning to learn how to use the escrow feature. Maybe you can put a tutorial together for us folks who are not as technical. @Ctrl-Z?
  8. Probably. Not everything is manipulation and 4D chess being played by Ripple to trick everyone.
  9. Thanks Karlos! You should tell the Ripple team this in PM
  10. Because it shows some sort of motivation on their part to insert themselves online into random FUD and clear doubts.
  11. Definitely. 100% much better than Ripple announcements. It's one step beyond that, if companies who are currently using can openly say it's good.
  12. "In my experience costs and time dropped importantly. A crossborder payment between MX and US takes around 2-3 hours with an estimated fee of 30 USD. Through Ripple, it takes around 3-5 secs with practically no fee." This is such a generic answer, it's making me a little skeptical. I thought the xRapid solution would involve API calls to BitSo to source XRP liquidity? I think even @miguel said in the South Korean or Japanese meet up that cross border payments using XRP as on demand liquidity would take 9-10 seconds. I could be wrong though.
  13. His latest tweet. Could be a generic answer.
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