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  1. @JoelKatz .... U r an inspiration .... Crypto world needs the honesty and transparency
  2. i think tying up with prepaid card firm Visa Master Card American express etc etc can also help. XRP holders can benefit for easy conversion to fiat.
  3. I completely agree. It is important that individual investors get some action on regular basis. Reason ICOs are in limelight is their involvement with community. Every investor in ICO feels like an investor. Even credit card rewards program have merchandise to buy. Why cant we have a Ripple Global Mall with products all around the world being sold on it by using Ripple.
  4. Rialto opening the official RIALTO.AI Bitcointalkforum thread and Slack channel. https://medium.com/@RialtoAI/official-bitcointalk-forum-and-slack-channel-91caea6ab02c
  5. I wonder what's happening to Rialto .... Are they making profits in these bear conditions. If they announce great results XRL price may open very high in exchanges
  6. If people can start trading Ripple for currencies at ATMs. Tourists will skyrocket XRP price.
  7. Terms and Conditions may be becoz of this .... http://www.coindesk.com/florida-firm-triggers-sec-suspension-with-cryptocurrency-claims/
  8. I think it's their honesty and modesty that made people contribute. I wish they continue on those paths and supporters will be with them.
  9. Ripple IPO has to break boundaries like its tech. I am not too knowledgeable about the IPO process but i think that Shares of Ripple needs to link itself to XRP. People holding x XRP can be automatically allotted y amount of shares and vice versa. Its just a thought and may be too naive but i think this will make it a win win situation for valuation of company and early XRP investors. It is for company to decide how many XRP makes a single share of Ripple. It will be very interesting if Ripple employees find this proposition ...... logical.
  10. my transfer of ripple to other ripple address takes good amount of time. So that is the exact problem they are trying to solve i guess ?
  11. reading all positive things i transferred some XRP too. I think they should send an email confirmation.
  12. all these calculations are based on views that they will never go wrong. I think that is difficult to digest.
  13. Looking at Rialto.ai it looks promising with lot of PhD guyz working on it. I wanted to know whether this buying and selling off exchanges is based on ai work. We see all the time how charts and forecasting of values fail.
  14. IBM will create a wrapper code around Ripple and sell it for a license fee
  15. I think for retails firms it makes no sense to hold XRPs as stated above but the following scenario can definitely make them accept it 1) Ripple payment gateways - Everyday settlement of XRP to relevant currencies for the merchandise brought 2) Governments approving XRP payments for retailers for tax purposes - Aggressive lobbying required for different countries to approve XRP 3) Integrating seamlessly with online payment banks that have already started in countries like India - PayTM Bank etc 4) Mechanism to stabilize volatility of XRP becoz you may not want to lose money before it gets settled ( it will be interesting to see how this happens as individual traders like volatility and traders of merchandise dont like it ) but with more people having XRPs in their wallets will be more then happy to purchase things even with the changing prices.
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