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  1. What my concern is if recession comes, people are going to take more money out of crypto, and then you never know when the market will recover.
  2. Could it just be that in the wake of the possible beginning of a recession, people have been cashing out to prepare for bigger purchases like real estate?
  3. Ok tinfoil on again! It’s not the shady operators or rogue nations that is the problem. The problem is the US government. I work for a global company that has to do sanction screening and compliance every day. The US government literally acts like a mafia boss over us. “Oh one of your customers accidentally sold stuff to one of my rivals? I will wreck your shop and beat up everyone inside!” We have a large department full of lawyers that deals with the US government for this particular purpose. Anyone could buy XRP before the KYC requirements got added to the exchanges. If, say someone in Iran or Syria owns some XRP when all those global banks and financial institutions start using it for settlements, etc., it is going to pose major risks to these companies, because the US government will wreck you if they find out “the enemies” were using your network. You have some XRPs sitting there. How do you determine whether they belong to one of the sanctioned countries or identities before it is too late? Remember those “enemies” can easily transact within the US mainland, so filtering on geolocation/ip etc. will not work. maybe we will have a kyc vetting process to exchange all our XRPs then? Maybe the sanctions do not apply here? I am not sure. tinfoil off
  4. It has been horrible for them for some time now. All eyes are on Ripple to see if they can get MoneyGram out of trouble. exciting times ahead
  5. Seriously though, if we see MoneyGram moving all of their cross border operations on XRP, and then posting good earnings report, that I think would be real good news to push the price. (Up or down I am not sure..)
  6. Ok... tinfoil hat on 1) You can’t have a gold backed currency. The global establishments literally kill anyone who dares to do that. 2) If XRP does get used globally by the establishments, they will not allow some “shady elements” (translate: us) to get super rich because of it. It will be a new currency they have control over from the beginning, citing national security and sanctioning requirements. “What if individuals from some rogue nation already hold a large cache of XRP?” Companies are not going to risk it which can bring in fines of astronomical levels, as well as prison terms to people. tinfoil hat off.
  7. Good news -> people buying -> whales selling -> price going down = bad news /s
  8. MoneyGram will take quite some time to see some meaningful result. There is really no bad news either, other than the price keeps going down. Super relevant lyrics attached.
  9. Maybe it is because the price has been dropping for years since the last pump and dump, and finally reaching what most people bought it at? And there is no sign of stopping.
  10. They were saying they did not see a cost benefit. https://fortune.com/2018/06/13/ripple-xrp-cryptocurrency-western-union/ According to Ripple SVP of product himself, they will not see a cost cutting benefit until they switch everything to XRP, which to me seems like a tall order. Note the way he described it, and how certain he sounded. It pretty much means it is unlikely for Western Union to utilize XRP.
  11. It is not in their best interest to do that tho. remember Tron? Their office was recently raided by Chinese authorities because people were angry about losing money, calling them a “scam”. (Or police were called to protect their office from angry mobs. There seem to be conflicting reports.) That is in China. In US I wouldn’t be surprised that they would get endless lawsuits if it ended up that way.
  12. Ripponzel 😆 MoneyGram is a big gamble. But you do see Ripple’s commitment from it regardless.
  13. Well if I had made more than millions in XRP I would be selling too as much as possible to invest in less risky assets.
  14. XRP has not made any real progress and of course it is losing ground as people invest in other more active/pre-hype coins. What do you expect? There is no “faith” to lose. The situation is the same as what it was a year ago. It is still trying to crack the cross border payment/settlement sector, and it is not for lack of trying. And nobody knows how much longer it will take, or if it can accomplish its vision. Maybe MoneyGram will get out of the hole it has been sinking from after switching everything to XRP, showing the world its worth. Maybe MoneyGram will sink further and go belly up, greatly damaging the image of XRP in the process. Maybe Western Union will announce a large scale xRapid trial has concluded and they have decided to use it after seeing cost saving benefits. Maybe Western Union will kill its xRapid project saying they never see any benefit even on a larger scale. I share your frustration, but without any meaningful news, it is perhaps unreasonable to expect XRP to perform well, especially now that we are post-hype, especially when there have been some more exciting projects like ChainLink which will make people diversify.
  15. I go to YouTube for entertainment, not for serious analysis which is rarely worth the time. YouTubers make videos only to get your views. XRP has long entered a period of stagnation. There hasn’t been any real progress made on its main use case. They went from “no we do not aim for other use cases” to having been diversifying themselves by dumping money into creating more use cases. By now they probably have realized that the sector they are trying to enter is not that easy to crack especially for a newcomer. Those people move a lot slower too. Western Union is still doing xRapid trials. They spent 6 months to send 10 transactions using xRapid. 10. (And they were not impressed.) Ripple buying a large stake of the struggling MoneyGram is their attempt to fasten the process. It is a big gamble that hopefully will pay off. At this point, it’s true that everyone basically ran out of things to say. Until some real news hit, be it good or bad, XRP will just be doing its usual pump and dumps, or the lack thereof.
  16. We see posts like this popping up from time to time. I just wanted to say, if you are buying only after seeing everyone else is buying, typically it’s already too late. FOMO may work out in the long term but most likely you will either have to take a loss or your money will be stuck there for a long time. XRP has competition. Regulatory hurdles seem mounting. The establishment is coming up with their own competing solutions. Still, it is the “most serious” coin, as you said it yourself. Crypto market is always extremely risky. Try to find the next chainlink/tron etc. if you are able. Otherwise your money is (relatively) safer vested in XRP and BTC for the time being.
  17. It’s not a stablecoin. It is tied to bitcoin and when you look at its chart in satoshi, it has actually been losing ground ever since the crash. With that said, I have a buy order at 35 cents ready to expand my bag.
  18. Damn too many rich people here. I feel inadequate if I made 5 million after tax, i’d buy a few houses to keep generating semi-reliable income. Invest in some other assets as well. Move some assets offshore. Uncle Sam can seize your assets for any arbitrary reason. but then I am sure my wife will “donate” most of these to her family and to other random “projects” by then. Marriage is a *****.
  19. No. I used to do that a lot and ended up paying a lot of tax as in US every crypto to crypto trade is taxable. Now for XRP at least I am holding for long term capital gain.
  20. XRP finally unleashed. Jumped to 35 cents in the past few hours. Let’s see if it keeps its momentum.
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