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  1. Honestly most of these all seem very implausible at this moment. I think the best bet is for the financial industry to pick it up after clearing regulatory hurdles. Visa bought Earthport after MasterCard dropped out of the bidding war. Earthport integrates Ripple in their system. It would seem natural for visa to integrate Ripple with their B2B connect. Are they ever going to use xRapid? We never know. i think we are done with the booming bubble period for crypto (which is equivalent to “Create random website to do XYZ” era of the Internet bubble). The ship has already sailed. The establishments are all developing their own blockchain based technologies now. It will be very hard for these independent crypto projects (alt coins) to compete with these huge companies even with real utility use. Bitcoin (or a derivative of that) and XRP are the only two that have some staying power imo. I expect most of the other altcoin projects to slowly die off.
  2. You are rich when you no longer need the money.
  3. Anything is possible. Can’t predict sentiment. But here are my lower and upper bounds, assuming ripple will be making decent progress like this year. (All prices in USD.) Lower bound: Q1: $0.35 Q2: $0.30 Q3: $0.50 Q4: $0.40 Upper bound: Q1: $0.50 Q2: $1.00 Q3: $3.00 Q4: $5.00
  4. The technology will stay and flourish, but that does not necessarily translate to growth of these community driven crypto currencies. Companies are developing things using blockchain technologies. Existing, established companies like IBM. Those community driven crypto projects may not be able to compete with these establishments in the long run. I think in the long run, the only ones that will succeed (in terms of bringing financial growth) are the ones that have successfully partnered with the establishment, and maybe one or two anti-establishment “darknet” coins used for money laundering and other illegal/gray area/anonymous purposes. XRP is in such a unique position. It has provided tremendous financial resources for Ripple to grow and do what they set out to do. Ripple’s success however does not depend on it. It is the only crypto currency with some substance.
  5. I will wait the market to bottom out before buying. Need money for real life too 🍪🌰🥜🍯
  6. I agree. But this one actually makes sense though. Market manipulation and exit scams aside, most alts cannot cover their bases and will run out of money and die. The big corporations and established players in the meantime continue to develop blockchain technology and their applications. They will eliminate the need (to exist) for many alts even with real world uses and valid business models. Whether there will be surviving ones that canablize the remaining community crypto money and rise from the dead remains to be seen. bitcoin and xrp are the safest bet atm, relatively speaking, but we all know that.
  7. Yes https://ripple.com/insights/q3-2018-xrp-markets-report/
  8. Don’t forget the lasting damage it has done to the miners. Miners in China are closing shop and selling their equipments by weight (according to F2Pool). GigaWatts went belly up and is getting evicted. Norway is discontinuing its huge tax incentive for miners.
  9. I just don’t see how the fundamentals of XRP is correlated to the price movements (or the lack thereof) right now. There has been some decent institution buying but it is still extremely early for xRapid. Bitcoin is crashing which drags XRP down with it. That’s all it is happening right now.
  10. Venezuela got our backs on PoW bitcoins 😅
  11. More mainstream coverage of this today https://www.thepaypers.com/cryptocurrencies-bitcoin-virtual-currencies/santander-launches-onepay-fx-ripple-based-app/773358-39
  12. MUFG has always wanted to use their own crypto currency. but hey they are just a single bank, the biggest bank in Japan, and Akamai is one of the largest cloud content delivery company in the world, as they serve anywhere between 15% to 30% of all web traffic. So it’s normal to be nervous, as they are in the exact same space Ripple is in. However Ripple does have first mover advantage and have already partnered with many banks and financial institutions.
  13. There are always positive and negative interpretations of this. The bottom line is Ripple is sitting on a huge pile of cash and they might as well branch out into other use cases. As with investments it’s always good to diversify.
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