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  1. A danger is if you are in US, you may find yourself unable to buy/sell XRP anywhere legally until some clarity is achieved.
  2. Binance is beyond shady. US based ones like coinbase and bittrex are better. It is still a largely unregulated space.
  3. It really depends on whether bitcoin can have another bull run in 2020, which seems more unlikely than likely at this point. We will get our recession at some point and cryptos will take a hit. I hope they will have another bill run before recession for us to cash out or it will be a much longer wait. Anyway, assuming there is no crypto market bull run and here is my prediction: 1st Quarter 2020 $0.20 2nd Quarter 2020 $0.15 3rd Quarter 2020 $0.10 4th Quarter 2020 $0.05
  4. So both Western Union and Citi messed around with Ripple and both did not really like it.
  5. There are too many haha emojis in this thread.
  6. The elites will never let you. They want control. They will take away the stuff you have, jail you, or kill you if you want to get out of their control.
  7. Crypto has no value. In a crisis people are going to stock up on things of value such as precious metal, guns and ammo. It is such a pipe dream that you think they will allow you to use bitcoin instead of fiat. They want control and they will jail you, take away everything you have, or kill you if you try to get out of their control. remember there was a recession crisis scare earlier this year? Bitcoin dropped a lot in response.
  8. My guess is that they want to avoid potential risky areas considering the current political climate and the fact that Russia is not a willing participant of the current world order controlled by whom-I-cannot-name-here.
  9. Considering how opinionated you are making several broad, extreme claims and how you tend to repeat yourselves, I cannot take anything you say seriously. No offense. You are one of those people who do have expertise in some fields and who are mildly successful, but then become arrogant and start to think they know it all about everything, when in reality their knowledge even in their own area of expertise start to lag behind their competitors. Some of them became Elon Musk, some of them managed to sell their businesses before it is too late, some of them, well.. 🤷‍♀️
  10. I think the I think the forum is far more entertaining during the down times. Maybe it is just me and my sense of humor though 🤷‍♀️ anyway, happy holdidays everyone!
  11. Maybe I am over sensitive but you are referring to XRP right? We are definitely at step 3 patiently waiting for step 4 to happen. 🐛🐛🐛
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