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  1. Unless I need that money before then, I will keep it and maybe put more into it until Ripple stops making progress for some extended time or the environment/outlook changes (for example, regulation negatively affecting its main use case). I hope Ripple can make as much progress as possible before the next recession, as recessions will negatively impact the entire crypto market.
  2. Ripple is still a startup, albeit extremely well funded because of us “idiots” who bought XRP as if it was security. It faces the same risk many other (smaller) utility based crypto projects are facing: the establishment, the big corporations can easily come up with similar solutions and crush them. Ripple is racing against time here.
  3. Shocked they actually responded without a cookie cutter generic answer at all
  4. My gut tells me it will be between 10 to 50 cents.
  5. He should start doing his one month per post again. It was interesting read.
  6. Chart doesn’t mean nothing when Ripple could just increase their dumping of their gigantic XRP reserve. you see it going up? It is only because Ripple et al. allows it to go up. i don’t see XRP truly unleashing its potential until Ripple finishes dumping their reserves to the retail market, if that will ever happen.
  7. I don’t think public sentiment would be this bad if not for continued overdumping by the major players especially during the market uptick cycles. Killed any hype and positive sentiment. they did this to themselves
  8. Thanks for the very informational write up. I do have a question: what is Ripple’s advantage in this over, say, some in house block chain solution LG has? What makes it well positioned to be a dominate player powering China wechat like mobile payments over other more established companies?
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