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  1. No. I used to do that a lot and ended up paying a lot of tax as in US every crypto to crypto trade is taxable. Now for XRP at least I am holding for long term capital gain.
  2. XRP finally unleashed. Jumped to 35 cents in the past few hours. Let’s see if it keeps its momentum.
  3. I suspect it’s not Ripple as a company, but from those early whales who are slowly dumping their vast supply of XRPs, now that the crypto market is defrosting, to invest in more stable assets like real estate. of course I have no proof and this is just speculation. I find it as if there are writings on the wall. We are allowed to speculate right? someone else explain to me why xrp is stuck tethered to 30 cents while most other alts are influenced by bitcoin. meanwhile I find this song super relevant:
  4. xrp should replace tether as the new stablecoin
  5. Anyone who buys XRP now is most likely going to take some quick profit in the near future. They cannot keep suppressing this price indefinitely. Hey, here is some free money if you want it. it has happened multiple times in the past as well.
  6. Forget Tether. XRP can act as the new stablecoin.
  7. The problem with XRP is a few entities own huge, dominating shares of the currency. Sure this is a problem of varying extent for other coins too, but for XRP it’s a lot worse. My guess is this is why XRP has always been behaving like this. The big guys are dumping/manipulating. Good news? Xrp goes down. Market surge? Xrp goes down. Market down? Xrp goes way down. it’s only when they can no longer/not willing to hold the upwards pressure, will XRP truly surge. It has happened a few times in the past.
  8. If SWIFT is good enough then why is it that SWIFT itself is working with R3 to test blockchain with their system? They want to stay competitive of course. https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/swift-to-open-gpi-payment-link-based-on-r3s-corda/ The two “promising projects” you were talking about also just line the pockets of their founders. Hopefully they work out well for you and they will line your pocket too.
  9. XRP has always been acting like this. Some people say it’s manipulation from the super whales 🐳 🐋 etc. it’s only when they can no longer hold it will xrp surge.
  10. As it has been reported before, Visa is building its crypto team https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33553/visa-builds-crypto-team I hope this means they are looking into ways of integrating Earthport crypto stuff (which includes Ripple) into their networks.
  11. Honestly most of these all seem very implausible at this moment. I think the best bet is for the financial industry to pick it up after clearing regulatory hurdles. Visa bought Earthport after MasterCard dropped out of the bidding war. Earthport integrates Ripple in their system. It would seem natural for visa to integrate Ripple with their B2B connect. Are they ever going to use xRapid? We never know. i think we are done with the booming bubble period for crypto (which is equivalent to “Create random website to do XYZ” era of the Internet bubble). The ship has already sailed. The establishments are all developing their own blockchain based technologies now. It will be very hard for these independent crypto projects (alt coins) to compete with these huge companies even with real utility use. Bitcoin (or a derivative of that) and XRP are the only two that have some staying power imo. I expect most of the other altcoin projects to slowly die off.
  12. You are rich when you no longer need the money.
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