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  1. I do apologize, I think I got inspired from things like this: https://newrepublic.com/article/131631/still-okay-make-fun-asians To be honest no one should be mocked, I'm cutting it off now. Not posting about this again.
  2. So far the only crypto that has crossed the chasm, and has a good chance to be adopted by banks is XRP. There are no alternatives.
  3. Asians are not leaders ... Chinese people like to copy others, that's why fake products are made in China. Go to Thailand, you can buy there tons of "Ralph Lauren" shirts. Asians mostly are not born to be leaders or initiatives, starting businesses from the #1 country in the world is a good thing - it means Ripple meets regulation, it's based in an English speaking country, it has reputation (especially if you want to work with banks) and more. Don't get me wrong, the US has been going downhill with over-regulation, too much regulation and way too much regulation - nonetheless it's still a good thing to start a global business in the US.
  4. That is: Google You want another one? Amazon We are almost in 2018, go back 18 years.... If someone would have told you in the year 2000 to invest or look into working with Google - would you take that person seriously? If 18 years ago someone would have told you about Amazon would you get excited?! Google headquarters = In the US Amazon headquarters = In the US Ripple headquarters = In the US (in SF, CA) Why big companies start in the US? Because that's the right move to go globally everywhere ... Does it mean Ripple would open offices in other countries? They already have teams in other countries (e.g. Australia)... So if some trolls feel like talking down on Ripple - point them to this thread. Oh, and just like other trolls here I also bought XRP when it was $0.20 so what .... does it mean I know it all about Ripple? Seriously - where were you 2-3 months ago to talk down on Ripple? Why didn't you come here when it was "stagnating"? Just my 2 XRP pennies.
  5. Yes, I did, I followed the entire procedure, I even tried to tick all the boxes for auto withdrawals, I locked withdrawal for 5 days ... when I tried to login afterwards the login didn't work, it "forced" me to change the password (using the forgot password) and wait another 5 days. Well, they processed the ETH withdrawal already. I knew I couldn't rely on them for XRP withdrawals, I read on Reddit many users with XRP withdrawals got the withdrawals marked as "Completed" but got no funds in the end, it's such a shame! I used ShapeShift to convert the ETH to XRP which was completed in 1-2 minutes, and I got 664 XRP (lost around $35 from this) and it's a good lesson to never rely on Bitfinex. Sukrim, You mentioned "also including Binance" - is Binance giving troubles with XRP withdrawals? Last time I tried them they processed my XRP withdrawal within minutes (and it was a few days ago).
  6. Unfortunately I got funds on Bitfinex which I converted to XRP a long time ago, I have there around 700 XRP. However, I tried to withdraw the XRP to my Ripple wallet and it has been over a week, still shows "Processing", and no responses to my support tickets neither. I have decided today to cancel the withdrawal, convert the XRP to ETH (Ethereum) and try to withdraw the ETH - it's also showing as processing and it feels like they don't process withdrawals properly. By all means if you need to convert or exchange your Crypto currencies please use ShapeShift, Changelly, Binance - these are reliable sites ... Bitfinex cannot be trusted, please avoid using it. PS I will wait patiently for my ETH withdrawal, I would advise if I receive it but I doubt they would process it, they are just bunch of crooks and their "promise to process withdrawals within 12 hours" is just a lie, Binance who's offering a similar site is doing a much better job than them.
  7. It is quite incredible. Feels like Ripple is going to be the next Google, and Bitcoin would be the next Altavista in the year 2000.
  8. My baby is only 2 years old. I opened for him a "small savings wallet" with an amount of 9,000 XRP about 9 months ago ... I can't believe it's worth around $10k, I'm just leaving it asides in an offline Rippex wallet and not sure if there is any way to safeguard the funds. To be honest I've never imagined that investment would be $10k so fast, I thought he would get a few thousands out of it when he would be 18 ... Ripple really did surprise me.
  9. Can you cashout the XRP from Binance to a regular Ripple wallet or it has to stay there in your Binance account?
  10. Can you link to your ShapeShift link?
  11. Should have been done by now. Is it still pending?
  12. Yes, I think so. I used it with high amounts and it all went fine.
  13. ShapeShift.io allows it now, no need to register or send any verification documents, just easily exchange BTC/XRP with it.
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