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  1. Look man, i am gonna tell u what exactly will happen, XRP will keep sleeping for while and may be go down a little then triple or more its value. do not ever sell your XRP. Ethereum is anther story, buy as much as you can, many events on Ether many ICO also ppl will sell their bitcoin for Ethereum in the next period as they see that they can easily dbl their money.
  2. I was guessing if the XRP will continue the success? is it true they can beat BITCOIN? or at least Ethereum? i believe also there is BosCoin coming from South Korea which should be a new good coin.
  3. Yea, now i contacted Poloniex through Trollbox and no respond. I sent a ticket and waiting now.
  4. Ok i will wait. Hope everything is fine, i sent all my XRP to this address. I know that normally Poloniex shows a pending transaction when i should wait. Also XRP should be transferred faster than ETH and BTC
  5. Hi i sent my XRP from Bitstamp to Poloniex and it disappeared. How can i find my XRP? i have the address and i am sure it is correct, Bitstamp shows that the withdraw is finished. more than 1 hours passed and Poloniex shows nothing.
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