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  1. I've never heard of a price falling as more good news rolls in. Can someone explain?
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/CoinBase/ Just take a look at the subreddit. You can't buy bitcoin once the price has increased precipitously. Accounts are being cancelled up the wazoo. IDs cannot be re-verified. If you use Coinbase, give it up.
  3. Great find! Let's just hope price actually breaks $1.00 sometime soon. Really tired of waiting!
  4. "Oh, a celebrity is telling us to buy a cryptocurrency?"
  5. Be humble. Sit down. Let's hope you're right. But let's not become overtly optimistic. Although if Jim Kramer ever mentions it on his show - or if you ever see it regularly advertised on CNBC - then it's game over and we've reached the exit point. That guy sucks!
  6. The thought of Ripple even reaching $1.00 is laughable. The idea of it reaching Bitcoin or Ethereum levels? Hold my beer because I'm about to die from laughter.
  7. XRP's price actually increasing significantly. Lol. Good joke.
  8. If banks never touch a single XRP, I would not be in the least bit surprised. Look at how little the price has increased in lieu of the myriad of positive news stories revolving around Ripple. I would have at least expected the price to be at $1.30 by now. It's not. In fact, the price has decreased. Why? It beats me. I fear that the uncertainty around XRP because of the absence of positive price movements from positive news will only sow further doubt in speculation - although I certainly hope I'm wrong.
  9. If only there was a way to time ETH's eventual fall from grace! Ah well. Maybe soon we'll actually some kind of positive price developments for XRP! One can hope! BIG LEAGUE
  10. Galahad


    Absolutely. It would be a great means of illuminating the darkness of optimism that have people believing XRP's price will go anywhere in the short-term.
  11. Great question. Unsure if they even purchase XRP (Because if we did, we might actually see some positive price movement instead of the continued stagnation we see now. Sad.)
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