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  1. @JoelKatz ? @nikb ? @miguel ? By Chris https:/twitter.com/derosetech
  2. Eth Dodge sia all have unlimited supply and miners dumb to cover their cost yet their price increases It's a battle of perception and marketing Since xrp is backed by a for profit company like zcash nobody bother to hype it on YouTube Just my observation, maybe we need to organize a hype campaign lol
  3. I guess you think xrp will be in demand? However I see there's a conflict on interest as xrp needs to be cheaper than current options for exotic fx pair settlement
  4. Who cares what happened to them, they are ancap we're just want to make ?
  5. Coinbase Lykke Bitflyer Gatecoin Bitmex Whaleclub
  6. I've read freeze feature and fee voting
  7. compare to other projects e.g bitcoin,monero,ethereum
  8. http://hypecoaster.com/ so @Hodor I'm looking at you (build something like this for XRP)
  9. the way i see it ethereum brings us to ICO whitepaper only no product bubble oh the POS migration and the mutable blockchain reverse oh I have mysql for that
  10. wait till you heard about the tezos project LoL
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