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  1. https://thebitcoinnews.com/ripple-technical-analysis-for-07212017-breakout-alert-2/ right now already breakout 0.192, hope we have great week after long journey downtrend
  2. where are you live? why not just buy btc in your country and deposite to poloniex? and then exchange to xrp/btc.
  3. im already do that in last 4 month,its worth charm in this year,my target is 2022 *sorry about my bad english
  4. scan huobi qr code use wechat, click huobi account, click view history, search article number 9 with subject like this : 【投票】火币网要上什么新币?听你的! and vote ripple.
  5. dear XRP holder, this time please do big effort you can for xrp, take time to vote xrp to list in huobi,huobi is one of major exchanger in china,if we can listed in huobi,other major exchanger will be follow (real exchanger; coinbase add ltc,then bitstamp add ltc too!) borrow your parent,your friend,your girlfriend phone too! i already do that! thank you, regards, affandi
  6. btw,im retweet and mantion important people in ripple hoping they are listen
  7. 1 by 1,coinbase and huobi will be great,to many times people asking where to buy xrp right now
  8. after read that pdf,looking very good for ripple,they are mention ILP (interledger protocol). thanks for nice information.
  9. dear member, i looking around about xrp and then im look this one, https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPBTC/tL2cVsOu-XRP-Will-Go-Back-UP-HODL/ how about your opinion? thanks
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