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  1. @Ripley thanks for the response, very helpful. I will look into how Order Books work to get a clearer understanding of what's going on here. Do you really think I'd need to run my own node? What does that entail? And do you know if there are listed rate limits to the ledger? I couldn't seem to find any in the documentation - just that rate limiting is exists and is calculated somehow. @jargoman this is awesome! I'm going to have a look now. I do know how to publish to Nuget, yes - it just depends if you want to publish it to the public nuget feed or if you have a private nuget server somewhere. The documentation is helpful as well. This could be something that gets popular and in that case I would recommend maybe having a Blazor WASM for the docs? I'm building Blazor Server/WASM apps at my day job now so I've got some chops if you need help. Let's chat more, would love to contribute and lean on this for the bot creation. Thanks man!
  2. Hey folks, I'm a C# dev and I want to build a trading bot to work on the XRP ledger. I did some experimenting with the Node JS library (ripple-lib) and I'm able to fetch basic account details and send payments. I just have a few questions - I'm fairly new to the specifics of how trading works on the ledger so please forgive my ignorance: Is anyone aware of a nuget for C#/.NET devs that is similar to the ripple-lib library from Node? Can someone explain what I'm looking at when I see the ledger? I've attached a photo: Under order book, what is the Market Size? What are all the different numbers under market size? What is the USD Spread? What does Aggregation mean? Looking at the browser console I can see that when we look at the ledger, the data on this main page is coming from the public ripple API. Why do we get a list of exchanges back? I thought the ledger IS the exchange? Each exchange has a buyer , provider, seller and taker. Who are these entities in the context of buying/selling XRP or other related tokens? That's all for now. Looking forward to your feedback and thanks for any help!
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