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  1. Enough has already been revealed unofficially to know Codius will wipe the floor with Ethereum in terms of transaction fees, flexibility, scalability, and interoperability. All essential features for smart contracts.
  2. Ripple KYC and X.500 Directory Services

    He was either paid (by blockstream?) to relentlessly spam this forum with negativity, or he's actually Jed, or related to him. I dont see any other explanation for the massive amount of time he has spend on this forum dissing Ripple.
  3. Codius has not been properly announced yet, and gives XRP far superior smart contract capabilities over ETH, with immense larger volume capacity.
  4. Forks Will Put A Knife In Bitcoins Heart

    Miners just follow the money, and do not determine success of any coin. Success is determined by people buying the coins, as that defines the value of a coin, and the profitability to mine. BCH is backed by the inventor of Bitcoin, Craig Wright, his company NChain, a pletora of patents that this company owns, and since yesterday: backed by SBI. Do not form your opionion about Craig Wright until you've at least read this document in full. But ultimately: because the vision of Bitcoin Cash (or rather: the vision as presented in the bitcoin whitepaper) is just way better. Bitcoin Core / Lightning network is a very expensive, corrupt, inefficient and centralized version of Ripple, and will fail.
  5. no i think there will be a fast rise to the next plateau. until there is a clear winner that takes the entire market, and we have one global currency, people will flock from tree to tree. bitcoin is now the entry point of crypto. once in, the birds are free to fly.
  6. a lot of it is fake. but the number of people that are transferring their entire savings account and/or their credit to exchanges must be staggering. banks know the real numbers, they must be getting really scared by now, because what is happening is effectively a bankrun. we all know the dollars are not really there. although... those virtual bank dollars that aren't really there are not gone when transferring to exchanges... they just change ownership. to people leaving the ship...
  7. All those dollars that have been painstakenly transferred from bank accounts to exchanges and are converted to Bitcoin, are now only a few mouse clicks separated from conversion to XRP. I think there will be another epic pump for XRP, once it is absolutely clear that the product is better than Bitcoin in all aspects 1), and is ready for worldwide usage in production. 1) Including a (damn good) wallet.
  8. How Will Banks Buy Xrp

    They can buy up to 1 billion XRP per month directly from Ripple. If this thing takes off, that won't be enough at current price, so price will increase. A lot.
  9. Forks Will Put A Knife In Bitcoins Heart

    I am absolutely convinced Craig Wright is Satoshi (done my bit of research), and also convinced he will cause fireworks in 2018. Really not trying to pump it, I have high confidence in Ripple as well (portfolio is 70% XRP) but my strong advice is to get your hands on some BCH, like this guy, while it's still a bargain, and while most people will say I am an idiot for believing this. My strongest "proof" was poker terms in bitcoin's original bitcoin code (he designed the architecture for possibly the world's first online casino, Lasseter's Online). SBI is onboard with him. The guy is arrogant, awkward sometimes, but wow what a vision.
  10. XRP is one of the most libertarian coins, especially in combination with ILP and Corda, provided that the promise of full decentralization in 2018 is fulfilled. XRP provides more freedom, because a user of the system is free to choose his own validators.
  11. they've certainly disappointed, but you can be sure that many people that have diversified or sold, are eager to jump back in, as soon as some really significant news breaks out. that news can come tomorrow, it can come next year. we just don't know. but you can't put all these big shots on the payroll, and not actually come up with something damn smart. so, they'll come up with something. XRP is their real product.
  12. it would at least double the number of dancing bananas!
  13. there are many fun things you can do when you are sitting on the majority of ripple standard tokens
  14. Totally misses the point of XRP, assumes its only function is transacton fee. What author has merely pointed out is that despite burning of XRP on transaction fees, system can survive a long time without running out of tokens. Excellent, that was exactly the plan.