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  1. Here's a nice article about the advantage of a batch auction system, similar to XRP ledger, over High Frequency Trading systems. I think what you want is only possible in a two phased processing of the batch: collecting, then closing, then validating. And you'd need a service that gives you a public key of the next batch, to encrypt, and the private key of the current batch to decrypt. I don't think that is possible without trusting some entity to not release the private key to anyone, before the batch is closed. But if anyone would provide that service, they could also create that pre-batch service and connect that to the regular ledger.
  2. That depends on the client software. You could create software that gives normal users the same level of transparency.
  3. lucky

    CAN XRP BE forked

    Here's the license for the XRP Ledger software, called rippled: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/develop/LICENSE
  4. I am not sure the transactions need to be private until the batch is closed. If you run your own validator, don't you have the exact same view on yet-to-be confirmed transactions as other validators?
  5. lucky

    CAN XRP BE forked

  6. lucky

    CAN XRP BE forked

    With Proof of Work, if you want to make a change in the code that is not compatible with current block validators, you have to release your new version mining software, and then make sure you get enough support from miners, exchanges and users, for your version to get adopted, and remain secure. As we've seen, this process can be extremely ugly and damaging. With XRP ledger, this works completely different. Prior to activating any backward incompatible upgrade, 80% of all validators need to agree for two weeks on the upgrade. Only after agreement is reached, the upgrade is activated, and all validators need to switch to the new version of the software.That ensures smooth gradual upgrades, without risk of a network split. This is a killer feature, and that is why you've never heard of XRP forks. Read more about Amendments.
  7. lucky

    BCH hash war

    If they really mean business, then they better silence this PR disaster. I think it's already too late for that. By now, even if he would prove he is Jesus, nobody will like him. POW is outdated anyway, so nothing lost. Bye, Bitcoin, thanks but... no.
  8. Yes, with PoW, the deeper your transaction gets buried, the less likely that a longer chain pops up, invalidating your transaction. With each block, it gets exponentially harder. You can stealth mine a longer chain, of say, 100 blocks. What this means is you find a block, but you don't announce it on the network, and use this block to mine consecutive blocks. Then, when your chain is the length that you want, you broadcast the longer chain, effectively bombing it into obliviation. Such attack on the current Bitcoin network would cost a few billion. On coins with smaller market caps, much less. Now imagine that Wallstreet builds a whole financial building on top of Bitcoin with the usual financial hocus pocus, where the actual financial value of Bitcoin will be artificially inflated with a factor X. With nice products that alow you to make money when the coin crashes. It becomes then X more lucrative to blow up Bitcoin. This is why I think Bakkt's plans with Bitcoin are foolish. You can't build a financial framework on a congested PoW chain, that's like building your house in the swamp. Consensus is the way.
  9. It does, once you assume he is only playing poker. All the time. He knows very well that XRP is his biggest rival.
  10. The group of people that believe this pokerplayer actually is Satoshi, is growing rapidly. Myself included. He's not the saint we've imagined, or wanted, that is certain. But one thing concerns me a lot. If I look at videos of him speaking, they are always heavily edited. Hundreds of small, hardly noticable cuts. At least all pauses and hesistations seem to have been removed. Who knows what has been added. I think the impression we have of CSW could be largely synthetic.
  11. He has already blocked everyone that could possibly battle with him on this issue. These are bad days for Proof of Work. He may be having a tough time dealing with that.
  12. He's clearly trying to hit below the waist here. That means he's afraid. He's "calling the cops" on a competitor. I think with this tweet, he completely discredited himself to be the leader in this space. My vote goes to David.
  13. lucky

    Ran NeuNer on XRP

    Well I agree 100% with him. Bitcoin has hashwarred itself to death this weekend. This is a deadlock. POW has failed. What's next? Well ehmmm.... Harmonica Man!
  14. lucky

    BCH hash war

    Yes that was extremely interesting TV yesterday. Particular the accounts of people that have actually worked with him, that was new for me. I closely follow everything CSW does for years now. Seen all the material. It's him. Not the saint that people had created in their mind. But a genius nevertheless. A blocking genius.