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  1. Or naybe they want to market Ripple, not XRP. XRP is a technical name of a technical component of the Ripple network. Regular audience don't need to know about that, all they need to remember is "Ripple". If that is the marketing strategy, not mentioning XRP on the homepage also makes sense.
  2. It is not true that the details of the program will be released soon, or "shortly". Not true. And until then, I think the claim that it is live now on Bitstamp is also not true.
  3. In all fairness, coming soon has turned out to be NOT TRUE and a deceptive statement, that has given many of us false hope, and has cost many of us a lot of money. Ripple owes us a big apology for that. It's time we call coming soon what it really is: a lie. I don't like that. Get rid of it on the portal page today and don't ever do this again.
  5. I consider myself more an early investor, in a project that I think has a high chance to succeed, solving a huge real-world problem instead of a theoretical one (ETH), with an astronomic possible ROI. Time will tell, but my bets are on today being 2012 in Bitcoin time for XRP. Everybody should of course make their own judgment, but I strongly advise against making that judgment based on (probably manipulated) Poloniex charts and (certainly manipulated) Chinese exchanges.
  6. Step out of your bubble and get a grip on reality this was 272 views so far. not CNN.
  7. Yeah, I considered, but HODL is a bitcoin geek joke. Ripple is for mainstream, the instruction should be as clear as possible
  8. I liked it. I was not expecting anything new, but it still gave me new ideas and reinforced old ones. 1. Outside our own crypto bubble, in the real world, crypto with is 20 bn market cap, is still relatively meaningless. Therefore too early to declare ANY coin a winner already. That's a fresh breeze of reality coming from somebody who just left the gold market. 2. The measurement of success of digital currency will not be trade volume vs bitcoin (as it is now in our poloniex casino bubble), but trade volume vs fiat.
  9. "Consortiums are not hard to come by in this industry,...” said CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse. I guess that's reference to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance? The sign here at the dots and we'll put your logo on our website alliance?
  10. That's a pretty cool username you've picked yourself there!
  11. XRP is the first Enterprise Cryptocurrency. That is the primary reason why businesses will want it. Technical properties are relevant for the early adopters (and these properties are superior to any other currency), but the masses will go in just because they like the sound and smell of it. When businesses start moving their capital into crypto, XRP will rise like there is no tomorrow. The most important event to trigger this, is a first, spectacular increase in price.
  12. Thinking a bit more about this, one possible solution to this type of urgent problems, for which the current amendment process is not designed and neither is suitable, is the introduction of an “Emergency” transaction on the network. This can be a regular transaction, from a predefined Ripple account with a predefined set of emergency codes. Gateway operators could listen to this emergency transaction, and either automatically halt the operation of the gateway until manual review, or continue operation and automatically notify engineers of a critical situation that requires their immediate attention. Then as soon as Ripple has released a fix, the gateway operator could either review the fix, apply, build and deploy, or directly deploy the build that was released by Ripple. Ripple is in a situation where it can have the best of both worlds. Centralized has the benefit of being able to swiftly respond to on type of threats. Decentralized has the benefit of being better able to resist other type of threats.