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  1. bought and paid, with intent to frame.
  2. micropayments are the solution to this problem, indeed. The route to micromoney is currently being created.
  3. I assume the case @kanaas wants to make is that the current official forum is making a fool of Ripple. Not applying for a job.
  4. A topic in which two Ripple developers devote a substantial portion of their time to debunk the FUD in the video, and you want to delete those? And leave the video unanswered? Try typing a bit slower... The reputation of mr Toddler is well known within the crypto community. Bitcoin has lost years of momentum, and excellent developers (Mike Hearn) dealing with him and his narcissist blockstream 1MB censored echochamber buddies. I am convinced Bitcoin would have reached 5k already if it weren't for this dishonest and obstructive cabal. The last thing Ripple should do is make the same mistake as Zcash and hire this pos.
  5. When the Big Migration from fiat to crypto gets started, and value starts flooding to XRP like there is no tomorrow, all gates must be open! Patience, young man.
  6. mainly for the user comment section. often that is a real treasure trove. they do have quite a lot of intelligent readers. but newspapers will soon be history.
  7. Funny that you quote the Guardian. I read that newspaper almost every day, for many years. They've totally painted themselves into a corner. I was reading two commentaries this morning about yesterday's press conference, the spin they are trying to put on it is getting hilarious, once you can see it. Yes, leaks can be real, and news can still be fake. Guardian knows this very well, while choosing their headlines and selecting their accompanying photographs. Just look at the photographs. Yes, they are real. It's the one you select that makes all the difference.
  8. Now that plan is slowly falling apart, is it? People are getting more and more direct access to sources, and are less and less dependent on viewing the world through heavily filtered and colored news "outlets". A lot has to be fixed still, but a lot of people are working to fix it, myself included. The idea of directly addressing the population via twitter, bypassing the corporate owned media, is absolutely genius. Instead of bashing it, Silicon Valley should feel proud of that.
  9. I'm currently reading this book. So far, I'm pretty sold on the idea. So far, the book makes a compelling case that a crowd of non-experts has more wisdom than a handful of experts. If you have enough people guess how many yelleybeans are in a jar, it will average to an amazingly exact number. The idea that the crowd is stupid, is provably false, but this idea has been promoted by the ruling elites for centuries. As is being done now.
  10. That system is already effective, through corporate lobbying and corporate media. It has the negative effect that the rich will make themselves richer, and the poor are getting poorer. I do not think the current distribution of accumulated fiat currency is the correct measurement of stakeholder-ship on this planet. It might be that a future distribution of some yet to be released cryptocurrency token is, that is focused on intellectual efforts, representation and reputation...
  11. Anyone having any doubts that the big plan of Ripple is XRP should read that last line ten times.
  12. So now we're allowed to talk politics on this thread: I think a CEO style approach to government might work out very well for a bankrupt country with completely dysfunctional, bureaucratic and corrupt government, with money and jobs flying out of the country at high speed, only benefiting the elite. It's actually a very libertarian idea. Boogieman Trump does not grab your p*ssy, will not sell you to the Russians because Putin has a kinky video, he does not hate the gays, women, blacks. That was spoonfed into peoples brains by MSM in an incredibly clever way. Oh they bought it! He took this job because he wanted to clean up the big mess, and I not only believe him, I think he might even have the right characteristics to succeed in this. I think he is right that the press has been incredibly dishonest. And I also think he is right that previous administrations made a mess of the country, and of the world. And it was only getting worse. WWIII might have been avoided by the election of mr Trump. Now whatever may be, the elections are over. I believe in democracy. Democracy means the outcome of a vote has to be honored by those who disagree with the outcome. Democracy is the best method of government. Wisdom of the crowds. Now make the best of it.
  13. Speaking from the other side of the Atlantic, I see a corrupted MSM working overtime to delegitimize the democratically elected president, by blowing up non-issues to biblical proportions, meanwhile ignoring real issues with biblical proportions. That's called "creating news". Mind tricks. Don't look here, look there! Indeed, they work exceptionally well, even over here. It's clear the old corrupt cabal in Washington is not giving up power without a fight. Good video from Larsen though!