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  1. My impression on Swell

    Yup, roger all that. I'm going off the radar for a while, back in jan. But let me tell you I have serious doubts about Brad. If CEO you can't even arrange professional quality video recordings of ultra hyped event, the board should really consider putting someone else in charge of the circus. What an embarrassing amateur show.
  2. Not very clever to choose a GTLD domain name that you don't actually own as the name for your platform. No problem, they can always use xrp.trade.
  3. No, don't understand, I see it as just another item in a big database of grants, one of thousands and thousands, for a github repository. Maybe not as meaningless as I think. But HUGE, no.
  4. Perhaps Ripple can pick him up in the Ripple Limousine and David Schwartz can educate him a bit about the five properties of Currency. Scarcity: final number of the symbols Fungibility: all symbols are interchangeable, commodity like. Symbol A is identical to symbol B, and vice versa. Divisibility: the symbols are easily divisible, so you can divide them to smaller and smaller portions Durability: the symbols can survive the test of time and weahther and won’t be worn out or disappear Transferability: the symbols can be easily transferred between owners If Tulips would have all these properties, we probably would use them today for payments. Fiat severely lacks the Scarcity (inflation) and Transferability (too slow and cumbersome for modern day commerce on the Internet). Cryptocurrency matches all five.
  5. Here's some nonsense from the project docs: [tear-jerking crap deleted] [rant deleted]
  6. Of course I do! That's the point I was trying to make.
  7. No, it's smoke. The whole idea of "BUILDING AN INTERNET OF PAYMENTS FOR THE WORLD'S POOREST" is completely and embarrassingly misguided. The whole point of Ripple, Bitcoin and the likes is to eliminate borders, and make sending and receiving payments available to anyone, from anywhere. No separate software needed for poor people. Open app, participate. The only good news is perhaps that some money has been sucked out of Bill Gates pocket, and that we can feel good doing something for these poor black people while we're becoming obscenely rich, and the gap between the haves and haves-not becomes even wider and wider. In that aspect, one could argue that projects like this do more harm than good, because they provide an excuse. Have a look at the website. Black people paying black people. So wrong, and stigmatizing. What is needed is infrastructure for people to pay other people, including black people paying black people, white people paying white people, and white people paying black people. This is the promise of cryptocurrency. So Bill & Melinda Santa Claus Fund had better invest in Ripple the company directly, to help them advance that promise. But that would not provide them with photo opportunities with black babies, to make them feel good about themselves.
  8. So far, the only thing that came out of the bag was a rat.
  9. Swanky Swift event sweats as heat applied by cooler Swell

    Perhaps you're right. My strong opinion on things isn't always right. Anyway, on next Ripple event I'd like to see David Schwarz walking and talking on a big stage. He's our Vitalik. Let him, Stefan Thomas and Evan Schwartz explain the fundamentals of Ripple and Interledger. That's massively interesting, even to bankers.
  10. Swanky Swift event sweats as heat applied by cooler Swell

    Thanks @Ripple-Stiltskin! Reading this made me much more comfortable! So hopefully, after market has recovered from the shock that it was a small venue with old junk from @JoelKatz attic on display , we can see some swelling this week!
  11. Photos from SWELL

    This is exactly what I was expecting!
  12. Photos from SWELL

    Excellent point! You're right. But I think you can have your cake and eat it too. Satisfy the industry insider with information (but make sure he can SIT DOWN, and feels PART of the event), while also satisfying your million times bigger audience that is not there. The ones that support your enterprise by buying your coins. I do think however, that most information we absorb, is visual. Even the industry insider that does not care about visuals.
  13. Photos from SWELL

    I was expecting stuff like this. Big stage, big screen, amazing graphics, speakers walking on stage, plenty room, lasers even. FUTURE! Not NOSTALGIA, yikes. The audience of this conference are thousands of people viewing tweeted pics and sharing video's. They are all having a feeling when viewing them. Invest in that. And at least make sure people can SIT. But then again, this is Toronto, not Amsterdam, maybe this was the best that was available, and there was just no time for fancy stuff. In that case, hopefully better next year. Perhaps contact these people, they do an amazing job each year, and certainly know how to swell: from 300 attendees to 12,500 in ten years.
  14. Photos from SWELL

    I agree, very disappointing, missed opportunity. A huge one.