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  1. You start a new thread on this forum and don't even want to spend a few minutes of your time introducing the topic? You expect us to use google to find out what the heck plasma is, and then try to read your mind why you'd consider this a possible threat to Ripple? Then let me be as lazy as you, when answering your question: No.
  2. Afterthought 2: been busy with bitcoin transfers this weekend, but no. Once you're used to Ripple confirmation speed, there's really no going back.
  3. I don't want to edit the posting, but instead post an afterthought. If you are really going after being the hard core of digital finance, then it does not matter at all if your transaction costs $100 and still takes an hour. So, yeah, bought some from these ********. XRP is not sexy, but that's why they created xRapid and xVia. It is XRP with lipstick on. Look how pretty XRP looks now!
  4. The rise of bitcoin is a strong reminder to banks that cryptocurrency is not going away. And that it moves even faster than even crypto enthusiasts held for possible. Banks will realize that they won't have ten years anymore to figure all this out. There's no time for pilots anymore, they've got to move their fat lazy asses and start implementing the future, or be history. Yet a simple calculation on a napkin can demonstrate that bitcoin is not scalable enough (Lightning Network is no solution, and threatens the security model) to serve as a global currency. And has big governance problems. That first bitcoin fork is not going away and will keep reminding to that problem, louder and louder. More forks will follow. Mining is centralized in China, and is bad for the environment. Then there's the reputation problem. Don't let the price increase of bitcoin fool you, Bitcoin has huge problems. Enter Ripple. The best funded crypto company in the world. It's solution is proven, undeniably the most scalable, undeniably the best regulated, undeniably the most energy efficient, undeniably the best governed, they have a phone number, and their solution can be implemented in three months. Don't forget: the world's money is at the banks. That money will decide what will be the new world currency. It's going to be Ripple. I repeat: I will eat John McAfee's **** on national television when XRP is not worth $20 in 3 years. That's being conservative. Make trade, not war.
  5. Hold on tight!

    I'm there with you!
  6. Pump or not, the 3000% rise in XRP price has increased Ripple's budget accordingly, making it the best funded crypto business. In Q2 2017 they've raised $31.3 million through XRP sales. Now they're hiring!
  7. Game on! May the crypto with the best interoperability, the best performance, the best features, the biggest network, the biggest funding, and the best legal compliance win!
  8. Some further reading in this thread.
  9. From https://ripple.com/build/transaction-cost/ To protect the XRP Ledger from being disrupted by spam and denial-of-service attacks, each transaction must destroy a small amount of XRP. This transaction cost is designed to increase along with the load on the network, making it very expensive to deliberately or inadvertently overload the network.
  10. i seem to be alone in finding this "spam xrp ledger with a usecase that it is not designed for" (it is designed for value transfer) a silly and useless idea, that does not solve a real world problem in a sustainable way. if you already have a writable directory on a webserver where you host your html and javascript file, hosting a writable database on that same server wont cost you a penny extra, reducing the cost of messages with 100%. you'll quickly find out why its a good feature to be able to admin the messages when spammers start flooding your chat with links to viagra, ***** enlarger and scam sites.
  11. Ripple has introduced the idea that PayChan has some kind of technical limit, around 50-70k tps, to make a catchier headline for their new scalability features. And that's a pity, because 50k tps is still not impressive at all for the feature's intended usage: high frequency (micro)payments. However, transaction capacity over PayChan is not limited by anything else than the speed at which the third parties can sign and process the off ledger PayChan transactions. That could be 50k per second, or that could be a million per second. Only when channels are created and closed there will be a connection with the ledger. So it is more fair to say that PayChan allows for unlimited scalability, at least not limited by Ripple technology. PayChan is lighting network in production.
  12. Secret Key doesn't match public key

    Please @karlos add BitGo to the list of wallets in the Links and Resources page. Also perhaps mention there, that this is the only wallet that is officially endorsed by Ripple. That means, any other wallet: use at your own risk.
  13. that's why indeed. time is money.
  14. I need your opinion guys

    the sub-dollar days will soon be behind us. load up what you can. ripple's plan is too rock solid to not become reality. i will eat john mcafee's **** on national television if xrp is not worth $20 in three years.