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  1. Good strategy! HODL and do something useful with your life meanwhile!
  2. Changed my travel plans a bit today, I'll be in SF from June 3 - 26, pm me for a coffee or champagne!
  3. If you're serious about not putting all your eggs in one basket you should not put all your eggs in crypto. Buy some gold, keep some real money in the bank, buy some company stock. You should also look at the ethical side of your investments. A single bitcoin transaction costs 140Kwh. Are you really ok with investing in such a system, now that with centralization of mining and software development, the whole concept of POW is rather pointless?
  4. You can't please everyone, and that's OK. Some people are very hard to please. Some are impossible to please. I am very pleased with your posts, keep em coming!
  5. Cross border payments means Internet payments. That is the mother of all payments, that will power a truly global economy. Don't get fooled by Ripples's modesty, they are aiming for the Big Pie. The beauty of it is most of the pie does not yet exist. It will be created when "sending money is as easy as sending email" has become a fact. Trade that currently is not monetizable, like the exchange of information, will become monetizable. Things like you typing about your exprtise in a chat window. Things like me liking your music, article, movie, comment. I expect that the size of the economy that will be created will exceed the size of the economy of today. The possible usecases will be far beyond our imagination.
  6. Yes I will chip in!
  7. There's no denying that thieves prefer darkness over bright sunlight. Similarily, they'd prefer dark payment system over a transparent one. I'm convinced that if the world would adopt transparent money, our government included, the world would become a better, more fair, and more prosperous place.
  8. Articles and Chat are two different levels of communication, that extend each other, but cannot replace each other.
  9. Zerp needs *one* chat, and preferably the best one that is available. I'll do my best to showcase my preferred option before June 5, but of course I will support whatever the majority supports.
  10. Then don't use that argument as an excuse.
  11. That problem can be easily fixed! I'll pm you to arrange a meeting.
  12. Preservation of chat is one of the many problems I would fix. I can't see "people sitting on the chatbox for 10 hours a day" as a problem, other than for themselves. For that, I would offer a "temporary lockout period" feature, in which people can disable access for themselves in order to help them getting their work done. I would very much like that feature for myself. I'd also like to add that, although Karlos is the technical owner of this site, the value of the site is created by the community. That is also why I would not want to pay for the site itself. It seems to me that the community is entitled to have a say in it's future, and is entitled to have a say about what happens with it's past (the archive of articles). To claim ownership and unilaterally close it down, even when others have offered to help, does not feel very ethical to me.
  13. @karlos thanks for reopening!
  14. Could not have been timed at a worse moment! The conference taking place this week is the most important event for cryptocurrency to this date!
  15. Oh and another thing: I promise to keep the site non-profit.