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  1. Is your secret key a ~29 character long alphanumeric string starting with the letter "s"? If yes, then good, it is indeed the secret key, all you need, and you need to use the "Create account with secret key" option in the yxxyun / ripple-client-desktop,which is still listed at that page.
  2. Can you tell us a bit more about this? Does this mean that the Schwartz' stablecoin idea is already implemented in this fork of the code? Any ideas about the timeline and requirements to start using it?
  3. It may be more difficult to distribute $6bn when nobody uses the asset, than distributing $600bn when it is widely adopted. Anyway, distribution of XRP is far less than distribution of BTC, and the difference is that revenue on BTC distribution is wasted on energy and asics, revenue of XRP distribution is used to pay salaries. Novogratz is either a fool or has an agenda to push the "halving will push BTC price up" narrative. To counterweight the other possible (and not unlikely) outcome of the halving: chain death. I think he is a fool.
  4. A decentralized digital asset can only work if the asset is distributed. XRP has no mining process to do that distribution, and for a very good reason: it is inefficient and wasteful. So it has to be distributed by preallocation ("pre-mined"). There is NO other way. The geniuses that created XRP ledger have created a company to do the distribution. All the incentives are aligned: company needs the asset to be distributed (used), and company also wants the asset to be as valuable as possible. To then say: "the company holds a ridiculous amount of XRP" just means you don't underst
  5. The hosting has to be paid, servers have to be paid, and that is not cheap. The only way for monetization to take care of itself is to steal from its users, which is the oldfashioned Silicon Valley way of business. If xSongs succeeds (very unlikely) they will have access to all your content purchases, which of course is worth a lot of money. That's the loot he must be thinking of, when he says monetization will take care of itself. That's what facebook thought, that's what twitter thought, and that is how we got into the mess we are in today. Absolutely dishonest, to present this as
  6. Coil is not dead, they haven't even started yet. XRP is not a worthless token, and coil has 1 billion of them. This is not about easy money, but doing the things you like to do while getting paid for it. You are a troll.
  7. All that money being poured into xSpring, and all we get is this shitty "let me build something in my spare time" project without a long term vision????? XRP is not suited for consumer payments for content. Something is needed to provide privacy and scalability between the client and the ledger.
  8. Archive.org is sitting on a database that is worth billions and billions, if only there was a way to easily monetize content without advertisements or paywalls...
  9. Coming in 2020: the revenge of Aussie Man Bad.
  10. The abridged model is this: 1) Ripple gets banks to use its payment technology 2..10) read here.
  11. But it isn't. And I am saying this as a techie, and someone who has spend a considerable amount of time on this subject. * if I would pay an artist for uploaded noise with an on-ledger payment, there is no way to reclaim my funds. But there is no distinct line between noise and music, so you need to build a mechanism to deal with this. Already paying the "artist" in an irreversible manner before being able to listen to the music is not a good model to start with. * if someone would upload content for which he does not own the copyrights, there is no way for the copyright owner to cla
  12. This sentence illustrates that the author has no idea what it takes to actually build a platform that "allows anyone..". Payments is just one of the problems to solve, before you can call it a platform that can fulfill this promise. And he did not even solve that problem with his flimsly "idea" at all. On chain XRP ledger transactions, with its limitation of 1500 transactions per second and lack of privacy, are unsuitable to be used for micropayments for content.
  13. I don't think this is spam at all. If you look at the transactions, you see many transactions that pay well over the minimum transaction fee. Here's one that burned 0.01 XRP. This means that the sender wants his transaction go through, and is prepared to pay a higher fee to ensure this. A spammer would not do that. 40 tps at 0.01 xrp would cost him one million xrp per month. Still small change in comparison to costs and fees of legacy infrastructure. I think this is legitimate testing of the ledger, for real world usage. Maybe a bank or group of banks testing with it, maybe polysign.io do
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