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  1. Micropayments will ensure that the appreciation for her independent content is spendable at the groceries store. Her reputation is already extremely valuable, but in a value system that is still disconnected from the financial system. That's about to change. Keep up the good work Tiff, I love you.
  2. The fact that you bought Bitcoin does not stop new, better technology replacing old, inefficient technology. My eyes are wide open, but not focused on the pump of the week, but on the problem that is being solved: global value transfer and a timestamp machine. I want to build on that. Bitcoin (BTC) is dead already, this (orchestrated?) pump does not change that. Better spread the news instead of finding bigger fools.
  3. The term "underperforms" indicate a misunderstanding of what XRP and Bitcoin are designed to do: transfer value from Alice to Bob without a third party. XRP greatly outperforms Bitcoin in that task every single time.
  4. Depends on whether you're a member of the sales team or the development team.
  5. XRP connected to (real) banking.
  6. David, give your phone to the DJ and buy a new one when you are back from holiday.
  7. I don't agree with the statement that XRPL transactions cannot be unwound, ever. The immutability of blockchain is a myth. The purpose of a decentralized system is that it will do whatever the majority of users wants it to do, instead of a single entity defining the rules. If the XRP ledger got hacked, and a (super) majority of users want that hack to be undone, that will happen.
  8. I think that is bad advice. You should only invest in projects that you believe in. I don't believe in 1Mb Bitcoin. The project was hijacked by Blockstream to squeeze transactions to their patented sideschains, and that plan is doomed unless they get rid of mining. But then they'd basically have to transfer Bitcoin into XRP. Which gives the real XRP first mover advantage in solving the problem of decentralized currency, without mining. You're like saying if you have Apple shares, you should at least also buy some shares IBM.
  9. Two years ago, David Schwartz wrote: Keep that in mind when looking at that list of banks that have integrated Ripple's payment system into their system. So far, the plan is working.
  10. I disagree, we need more "manipulators" competing with each other.
  11. Oh certainly. And in case of the portfolio manager, the loss of his clients. I had spoken to that same crypto portfolio manager J. on March 1 2017 at the previous Bitcoin Wednesday I visited, and advised him to considerably increase his XRP percentage. Unfortunately I managed to convince him only to increase from ridiculously low (0.5% or so), to double that ridiculously low. Price increased 60x in the next two months. And guess what this "cryptocurrency specialist", who has written the following on his own website: "Nowadays, I devote myself full time to cryptocurrencies, doing fundamental analysis with a focus on the underlying governance models" (nope, not really, because if that were true you would not tell me that you can spin up 10,000 nodes to take over the network), tells me this time: "yeah that was good advice back then. But I'm about to lower XRP holdings right now". Let's see how that works out this time...
  12. I was at the Bitcoin Wednesday conference at Amsterdam this week, spoke to a few people about XRP, and the denial runs deep. You'd expect that people that are deeply invested in crypto, or even managing other people's portfolio, would by now at least have educated themselves about the Ripple Consensus algorithm. But they still come up with logic like "if Ripple would not control the validators, I can spin up 10,000 nodes and take over" (quote from someone that is managing other people's crypto portfolio!). Instead of doing their homework, and educate themselves about how it actually works, they voluntarily lock themselves up in their twitter disinformation bubble, and confuse research with swiping their phone all day with their thumb. Easy prey for fud posters like in the OP.
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