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  1. Not just that, they can also transfer the escrowed funds to another entity (such as the IMF). All of it, of just a part of it. (I assume each escrow releases to a dedicated ripple address). Same with destroying, they can only destroy so much that their stake is below the magic threshold.
  2. Ripple cannot release the escrowed funds, but they can destroy them (by setting the regular key to a blackhole address). This means that if percentage ownership were a deciding factor in declaring XRP a security, that problem can be easily fixed.
  3. His Q2 2018 markets report should come out within two weeks.
  4. I did read it, and I was even going to post a link to it, for what XRP was originally designed for. The keyword in that article is unsustainable. XRP can do everything BTC can do, but in a sustainable and scalable way. Plus some things that BTC cant do. In no way the conclusion is justified that XRP is designed to only do the stuff BTC cant. It’s better than BTC in every aspect.
  5. @enrique11 it’s tough to see an oldtimer spread false information on this forum. No, XRP was not designed for institutional use as bridging currency. That just happens the usecase Ripple is currently pursuing. Picking the low hanging fruit first.
  6. they were absolutely designed for your use, what makes you think it is not? inter bank exchange of value is just one usecase. not even the biggest one: the web payments usecase is much bigger, it will bypass banks (“crypto economy”), and its potential volume is mindblowing.
  7. No it’s not angry logic. This is a completely realistic scenario, and the fact that such scenario is possible, will convince SEC to not even consider ruling XRP a security. Not because of the legal repercussions, but because my thought experiment has demonstrated that Ripple has made sure they are no longer in control of the currency, if they ever were.
  8. arguments instead of insults please.
  9. Or how about this: * A new amendment is introduced by the community that disables the release of the 50 billion XRP escrows from Ripple, thus halving the supply of coins. * The amendment gets 80% of votes (Ripple does not vote), and is effectuated after two weeks on the live network. * David Schwartz, Nik Bougalis and friends leave Ripple and join a non profit org, perhaps founded by me, to continue their work on the code. * price recovers to double it was before the sec ruling, due to halving of supply with continuation of support. * it is now proven that XRP never was a security to begin with, just like Ripple has argued, and Ripple sues the SEC for 50 billion dollar, and wins. * With that 50 bn dollar, Ripple buys back a position of the most scalable digital asset that will change the world in ways we cant even imagine yet.
  10. lucky

    "Here's some cryptocurrency. Now please use it."

    I like that!!
  11. I agree though: XRP can go to zero. Always, even when it's used by banks. That's the eternal risk of any digital asset, and also the beauty of it.
  12. Incorrect. They have made a statement (to their shareholders) that other factors also play a big role in remittance costs, and that they have competitive advantage in keeping these cost the lowest in their market segment. Remittance and open digital assets are a natural fit.
  13. It's value has increased in just 12 months from half a cent to around 50 cents. That's absolutely an unprecedented success from investor perspective. It has funded Ripple with hundreds of millions dollars, and enabled them to more than double their team in the past year, and expand globally. top 3 remittance companies in the world are working with it, and have reported gains from using it. the public strategy to first build the (ILP/xCurrent) network, to create a much bigger playing field for XRP, is *working* XRP has been an incredible success so far. We're not there yet (banks using XRP), but if we're to believe Ripple's CEO, that milestone will be reached by the end of this year. I'll give him some slack, and would be satisfied with first half of next year. No, XRP is not a security, and SEC will not be so foolish to step in and try to stop this train, unless they are determined excluding USA's participation in the third revolution and degrade itself to a third world country.
  14. lucky

    "Here's some cryptocurrency. Now please use it."

    The donation to Ellen was not in XRP but in US dollars, which was live converted to Rwandan Franks. But apparently with the NYT facts aren't allowed to stand in the way of a good clickbait title and an agenda.
  15. So, let's see... The SEC is going to shoot the cryptocurrency minted in the USA in the kneecaps, and declares Bitcoin (minted in China!) the winner of the cryptocurrency race. And it will do so when there are plenty of very good arguments to *not* label XRP as a security, and thereby *not* handing victory on a golden plate to the Chinese mining cartel. I'm sorry, but I'm not buying into that silly theory. It's being pushed forward by people that have invested a lot in Bitcoin, and by people that just can't stand other people's success, because it reminds them too much of being a failure themselves.