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  1. I remember someone with "papa" in his username lose his entire XRP fortune on margin trading, when he was 100% certain the only way was up. It went down. It's playing with fire, you're at the mercy of whales not moving the market against your bets and pocketing your coins.
  2. The moment you visit a **** site on your mobile phone, consider your phone hacked.
  3. There are people, including myself, working on software to not make that a nightmare. As I said, the transformation of payments in big lumps, to streams of micropayments, will be inevitable. And you'll love it.
  4. I bet you would like money constantly flowing INTO your bank account? That will nullify the inconvenience of money flowing out. I see this development as inevitable in a capitalist society, since it will minimize costs. It will also reduce pollution and noise.
  5. I have another logical explanation: we have not yet seen any good news at all. For years already. No certainty about the legal status of XRP in the USA, no proof that XRP will actually be used mainstream. That means that, for all we know, the project can still blow up in smoke. Tried, failed. Still waiting for the confirmation of actual usage, and seeing proof of that on the ledger.
  6. centered paragraphs are also an indicator for: "not worth reading"
  7. You are assuming that you will be paying MORE for your content. But what you are forgetting is that you are already paying for your content, with your attention, and your data, that you are now giving away for free to multi-billion dollar companies. You currently have a very bad deal. Internet money will change that. Advertisers that want you to see their message will PAY YOU to see their advertisements. Why? Because your time has value. You don't want to pay for quality content? No problem, spend some time in your spam folder, sort it by highest bidder first, and earn enough money to pay for the content you really want to see, and can easily afford. That is where we are going to.
  8. I believe that is the big plan, yes. But don't tell anybody.
  9. You can't transfer less than one USD cent over current payment rails.
  10. Attackers should be aware that all XRP wallets are activated by another wallet, which creates forensic evidence trail. And the funds that are needed for the transactions also comes from some origin, creating another evidence trail. And they are cryptographically signing the malicious transactions with their secret key, which is evidence in court. These 'hackers' are risking a very long jail time when their plan has the desired effect.
  11. he would just repeat what he has said before: "I never comment on the price of XRP". that is why.
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