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  1. I've always thought market makers love volatility, the more volatile, the more money can be made absorbing the waves. Am I wrong?
  2. Thank you, thank you!
  3. Samson Mow: Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream, which is currently holding the keys to the Bitcoin Core github repo, is stating on twitter that Bitcoin is not intended for 50% of the worlds population. And defending that statement with that these people are not "computer literate enough" to safely transact BTC. If you ever needed more proof that Bitcoin is in big trouble, this tweet should suffice. Clueless bubblehead, or evil, take your pick, the outcome will be the same: Bitcoin will not be the world #1 currency, with Blockstream on the steering wheel. Chief Strategy, folks! Totally amazing, this.
  4. To my knowledge Soon™ originates from the announcement of the Market Maker Incentive Program, which was displayed as "Coming Soon" well over a year, on the XRP Resources page (don't get fooled by the date of August 23: the announcement actually dates from February 29 2016). The delay of releasing program details was discussed many times, such as here and here. The program has always been considered very relevant in solving the chicken and egg problem of RCL liquidity. But maybe that problem is solving itself now. Although the page with the dreaded and embarrassing Coming Soon announcement is still up, they removed the link from the XRP Portal navigation. I think we may consider that a step forward.
  5. Babysteps. Blockchain is the new mantra, by now everyone has heard about "blockchain". Recently someone (without knowing my involvement) explained to me that blockchain is the new, better version of bitcoin. That is the hype the banks are surfing on. This video is PR. Mentioning XRP will only raise questions. Blockchain it is. Blockchain is cool. You want that. Oh and noooo, it's not bitcoin. Bitcoin is bad.
  6. I believe that is the real long shot Ripple is aiming at: central banks issuing (printing!) directly on RCL.
  7. Use-case is crystal clear and spelled out already many times. No need to repeat those. The strategy to reach that point is first build the network. As you said yourself, TX-id's are irrelevant at this point, they don't mean anything. Once Ripple's ballroom gets crowded, the party will start, and the fat lady will sing like there is no tomorrow.
  8. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Ripple is making so much progress! At base three already!
  9. No it's not. My Ripple address is private until I publish it.
  10. It's just not the strategy they have chosen. The strategy is to build the network first, on which the XRP liquidity pool will be just one hop away. I can understand that, with sensitivities about XRP and cryptocurrency in general. But it really looks this is slowly changing.
  11. Indeed, they don't. Probably related to lengthy contracts signed between the bank and Ripple, with clauses about confidentiality, and big penalties on breaking those.
  12. You really try to twist everything into something negative.
  13. SBI owns 11.2% of Ripple shares.