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  1. Look at the bigger picture. He's going to work for VISA. Why, to do what? Why would they hire such a heavyweight ODL expert? Keep in mind that Ripple employees will have to sign contracts with restrictive covenants that will prohibit them to use the skills and knowledge they aquired while working for Ripple to work on competing projects. Conclusion: he is not going to work on a competing project at VISA, on the contrary. A pity that he has to expose himself to experimental gene therapy for this job.
  2. Make sure to have a look at XRPL Hooks, in particular the light account example
  3. Very good. If you are servicing many users, you should use destination tag instead. Hopefully this price increase will incentivize you to update your system, before the account reserve is lowered.
  4. Or find that little checkbox in the desktop wallet to turn off read-mode.
  5. You could use it to issue an asset with a fixed price in XRP or in any other asset.
  6. You should consider using BSV as your backend. They specifically target usecases such as yours. Higher performance, low transaction costs, infinitely scalable. XRPL transactions will become too expensive for your usecase when the usage goes up, and for messages, 3 seconds is really too long. XRPL gives you transaction finality after those three seconds, unlike BSV (and therefore beats it out of the park for big payments), but that does not seem to be a benefit for your usecase.
  7. Is it really bad that the XRP in Ripple's escrows are a security, and can only be sold in the US to accredited investors on accredited platforms? They'll pay a hefty fine to the but they're sitting on a big pile of gold (Brad invested in Bitcoin) so they can afford it. From what I understood, the SEC lawyer has basically given clarity to the XRP in the hands of Joe Public, as not securities.
  8. Indeed, he completely dropped the curveball question at that one. The XRP ledger had utility from day one, and its main distinction is its energy efficiency and speed, making it more suitable for global payments. He also failed to correct SEC's misrepresentation of ETH as clearly not a security. Before Ethereum existed people could buy the tokens (with Bitcoin), en the entire development was paid from the proceeds of that presale, therefore the investors were completely dependent on the efforts of Butalik and his team.
  9. Knowing the risk you get mugged when walking outside is not the same as knowing you will be mugged. People only talk about 'risk' when something isn't sure to happen. They weren't talking about 'we should keep this a secret, otherwise the SEC might find out about it'. All of this was done in the open. So in this only emboldens Ripple's argument that the SEC neglected its duty to bring regularory clarity in an uncertain regulatory climate in a timely fashion. I think this is all for show, SEC knows it has no case, but they can keep the price down until Jed's last 4 billions
  10. Fees will go parabolic when "7 transactions per second" BTC crashes. Good luck getting your precious "I am my own bank" BTC off your ledger nano: you'll be cashing out last. You may thank the investors in Blockstream.
  11. I don't follow the cartoon bear so I did not know it is a conspiracytheorist, but I certainly am, yes, If by now you still don't see the pandemic was completely orchestrated, flu relabeled, you are either a brainwashed fool or a participant in this hoax. Those are the two options.
  12. Jesse Powel, CEO of Kraken, seems to have said recently that the price of Bitcoin is going to infinite. I'm pretty sure he understands that for this to happen, infinite energy resources must be available too. I agree with that, in fact, I am starting to believe the energy scarcety is entirely artificial, and also think the climate crisis is a fake problem (similar to the fake pandemic). But there are two problems with that: 1. This does not align with the scarce energy & climate crisis narrative which is being sold to us, and for which we are being asked to make huge sacrifices.
  13. Yes the difficulty will increase, but that's not really the reason for the increase of mining power, but rather a mechanism to prevent that the increase of mining power does not lead to more than 1 block per 10 minutes. The reason for the increase of mining power is the increase of the value of the block reward. Every block that is mined earns the miner 6.25 BTC + transaction fees (currently around 0.5 BTC, so 6.75 BTC in total. The next halving of the block reward is in 2024. When the value of BTC doubles, the money that all miners are making collectively doubles as well. And a
  14. I don't think hard working people at desks in layer three have anything to say in these important matters.
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