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  1. he would just repeat what he has said before: "I never comment on the price of XRP". that is why.
  2. I use Bitstamp, they are not controlling my information stream in any way. The problem is the full loop: Facebook is providing you a news and advertisement feed on your mobile device, this feed is constructed by "clever" algorithms. These algorithms can very precisely measure your response to that feed (what do you click, where do you pause, where do you continue to swipe down, when do you engage). This data can be combined with billions of other users, so that the self learning algorithms can optimize your information feed to maximize your screen time and engagement. This already works perfectly. Young people are literally glued to their screen. Even when walking, or biking, the phone is in their hand, and they have to watch every 60 seconds, or even non-stop. They are completely hooked. If you ask them, they will actually tell you that. There is nothing they can do about it: the algorithms are just too clever. They must stare at the device, and swipe through the endless stream of messages, infested with "promoted content" (content over which the algorithms have full control: they can literally change your view of the world with seemingly harmless "advertisements"). The only thing that was still missing: connecting this addictive device to your wallet. And connect the self learning algorithms to your spending behavior, so that the information feed can now be even better adjusted to maximize money sucked out of your wallet, and turn you into swiping and consuming zombie.
  3. A single for-profit company that has access to your full identity, your interests, your social network, your entire personality basically, by scanning what and how you swipe through the content that has been fed to you through your personal brainwash device (a.k.a. smartphone), now also gets access to your wallet, and your entire purchase history. It can not only make you want something, it can let you buy it with a click. The self learning algorithms will make sure you want it, and will make you click. Are we / governments just going to let our transformation into brainwashed swiping zombies that are fed and milked like cows by the server farms of Facebook happen? I don't think so.
  4. Binance lets you transfer 2BTC every day without KYC. Just set up more accounts if you need higher KYC-free bandwidth. But nevertheless, if Gatehubs KYC databases have been compromised, and these documents were not encrypted by these "backed by Chris Larsen" amateurs, then that's the end of this company. And some bad publicity spotlight on Ripple, which will be well deserved.
  5. He is trying to make a joke, obviously. "I remember some whitepaper.." he starts off with. The rest of his presentation is actually very interesting. Also the point he is trying to make here: the key is not your identity. No, code is not law. But you're not supposed to think for yourself. Twitter manipulated groupthink is incredible powerful, scary even.
  6. Hahaha, great answer, I'll think about it!
  7. Why don't you talk about efforts (or absence of efforts) to compensate your clients? Have you talked with your investor Chris Larsen about this matter, who according your own site is backing you?
  8. Patting themselves on the back for retaining 500,000 of the 23 million XRP that was stolen, and NOT A WORD about commitment to return the money to their clients. Many people have lost their life savings! In the future they hope to stop 90% of stolen funds if the situation repeats??? Here's what I read: "because of our stupidity our clients are screwed out of 98% of their life savings. But because we're so smart, new clients that will trust us with their money will only be screwed out of 5% . We hope.". An exchange that deals with hacks this way does not even deserve a future, IMO.
  9. Sure, I understood, just wanted to add that note. The chicken and egg problem can be solved by starting with little chickens and little eggs, slowly growing bigger and bigger as more participants join. The flywheel effect.
  10. using the liquidity creates more of it.
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