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  1. Old China FUD disguised as breaking news to wipe out the gains made the last two days. About average behavior for Crypto. https://cointelegraph.com/news/old-fud-new-btc-price-dip-month-old-china-crypto-ban-sparks-42k-bitcoin-price-drop Don't let them steal your coins. ETH below 3k NEO below $40 these low prices won't last.
  2. Hope everyone is safe after yesterday's crash. Waiting to see where bitcoin finds its footing. Sub 3k ETH and sub $1 XRP looks pretty good to me.
  3. Gonna have to wait longer for the Stock market and crypto market are coming off their lows. Does China bail out Evergrande????? Probably. Options and futures expiration this week for Bitcoin so that is playing into the Bitcoin drop as well. Hashrate continues to recover for bitcoin. https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/bitcoin-hashrate.html#3y Looks like Bitcoin's chart could be setting up a reverse H&S Pattern. The Neckline is around $53k. XRP is particularly beat up today. I'd pick up some XRP today is I could.
  4. Bitcoin is getting close to breaking through again on the weekly chart. On the Daily Chart Bitcoin is looking to turn positive on the MACD within the next two days. Good times ahead. Also looks like Ledger has finally released the N3 app for NEO. Missed out on the 1% bonus for migration to N3 (because I didn't want to move the coins off my ledger) but I'll get the .75% bonus. Probably wait till next week to migrate, like seeing how my wallet is moving up on the NEO richlist as the wallets with larger balances migrate. https://neoeconomy.io/asset?=neo
  5. Bitcoin's price is basically the same as yesterday give or take. Volume has been relatively low all week. Looking to break out of this sideways movement.
  6. Bitcoin is still flattening out. Turning Green at the moment Price has basically returned to where it was the end of August.
  7. Bitcoin's price is above the 50 Exponential Moving Average on the Daily chart and the MACD is recovering. Volume is light but I think this will pick up when the moves become more exciting and FOMO starts to return.
  8. Again Bitcoin's price has flattened out around $46k. Although the price has been getting 6% swings it could really just be considered flat trading for Bitcoin.
  9. $3K swing today on Bitcoin's price. Undoing what happened over the weekend which isn't surprising given how low the volume was.
  10. Bitcoin has broken above the short term down trend line created by Tuesday's drop. LIke I wrote yesterday the price stabilized around $46K. Good news keeps coming for bitcoin. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/bitcoin-ukraine-panama-crypto-b1917270.html Don't let the short term gyrations in price scare you.
  11. Bitcoin's price is under a new down trend line.
  12. Although these draw downs are a good purchasing opportunity for those that aren't already loaded with crypto - my situation is a different, my bags are full. I didn't add at all at $46k. My last purchase was made a few moths ago below $30k and that purchase didn't add significantly to my portfolio. Prior to that I was purchasing in the $3k level. I don't trade I invest, when the price drops significantly I add more. That being said I don't take advantage of every opportunity.
  13. Bitcoin's price is leveling out from the drop on Tuesday. It's been holding $46k give or take. Interested to see if the price is at the time of the weekly close. @Neurotoxin Tuesday might have been my biggest intraday unrealized loss ever. Eh it's the price you pay for owning crypto. Most people can't take the pain - that's the main reason people lose money in crypto.
  14. Yeah still waiting on the big move up. It will probably come when the price breaks though the previous ATH. Eventually, $10K up days will eventually become a common occurrence.
  15. Bitcoin is still going to see a big run from here. Don't get rattled, dips are an opportunity to buy more. Volatility is to be expected but the price will be moving up. If you're trading short term and using leverage you'll get hurt, I don't recommend that. Price will be moving up, not in a straight line, but it will be moving up.
  16. Good buying opportunity. I think price will recover significantly by end of the day already $3k to $4k above the low.
  17. Bitcoin's price broke the Weekly Trend Line yesterday. The price has come under some pressure today but so far the Trend line has provided support so far. Also so far the MACD is staying positive. Today is another watershed day for Bitcoin with it becoming legal tender in El Salvador. Other countries will follow. As far as buying Bitcoin in solidarity with El Salvador - why not - It is always a good time to buy Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin's price will see a gradual increase followed by a parabolic move around Dec.
  18. Bitcoin's price crossed over to the green on the Daily MACD and Bitcoin's price closed above the Down Trend Line on the Weekly chart. We should see a big run from here.
  19. It has been 103 days since I wrote the post above. Today's prices NEO - $58 OMG - $6.94 LTC - $199 XRP - $ 1.275 ETH - $3,964 BTC - $50,650 Looks like ETH was the best buy but you really couldn't go wrong. Bitcoin's price is now above all the Trend Lines. MACD will turn positive on the daily soon. Summer is ending - Bitcoin is gearing up to make this Fall Memorable.
  20. Bitcoin's price is above all of the trend lines except the weekly close trend line which I think it will take out this week. The daily MACD is setting up to turn positive.
  21. Mess of lines on the chart. The upshot is sideways movement around $47k. I think by middle of next week Bitcoin's price will have made it's move above $50k.
  22. Bitcoin's price broke below the support lines and is holding in the $47k ish area. The weekly chart seems to me to be the one to watch.
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