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  1. Bitcoin's price is back to drifting sideways. RSI oversold. I'll buy more if BTC drops below $30k or LTC drops below $100.
  2. Have we seen the low for Bitcoin in this sell off? We've certainly seen a lot of panic. Hashrate is high. Exchange balances are low. https://cointelegraph.com/news/stop-panic-selling-bitcoin-whales-bag-spare-btc-as-exchange-balances-fall Articles are saying that the selling is coming from short term holders that bought in recently. Basically FOMO'ing in then getting spooked and selling. This is the reason a lot of people lose money in a Crypto Bull Cycle. And this is the reason Bull cycles are much more stressful than Bear Cycles. I've warned about this multiple times. If you sold during this down turn you sold to smart money - so that either makes you "smarter money" or something else.
  3. Yes. As far as I'm concerned this recent dip means nothing other than my stack got a little bigger.
  4. Bitcoin is still looking for a bottom. I'm on with Coinbase trying to see why my Buys are not going through. I'm sure there are a lot of people in my position trying to buy. If it keeps falling I'll keep buying (or trying to at least).
  5. Bitcoin's price is still trying to find a bottom. Yesterday was pretty high volume for a Saturday and today's volume is shaping up to be pretty high for a Sunday. So it might be leveling out here. I know people get anxious when the price drops and I understand the concerns. If you have been watching the Bitcoin market for any length of time you have seen that Bitcoin's price can be Volatile (it goes up and down often and by relatively a lot) especially when compared to other markets. Buying bitcoin at this stage is not for everyone. If the price swings are too much for you, you might be over invested in Crypto or you might want to consider putting your money elsewhere - stocks, bonds, cash. Make your own decisions, I'm not telling anyone what to do, I am letting people know what I am doing. Today I'm buying more. I'll be buying either Bitcoin or Litecoin. I don't have access to buying XRP or I would definitely be buying more XRP.
  6. @XrpdudeThe cycles never play out identical to the previous ones, there are always variations. Also the cycle may change or extend dramatically, but that remains to be seen. The last few days have spooked the market but as far as I'm concerned nothing haven't changed anything. I know a lot of people are panicked by the red candles the last few days but I am not one of them. I've made a few buys and plan to make more adding to my stack. BTC & LTC. XRP is a bargain right now.
  7. (Mystical) Cycle - It is no secret that bitcoin's price moves in cycles. I don't have a specific date for when bitcoin will reach it's cycle high, but the bull run should be near to over when the price is around $400k. Owning Bitcoin at this stage in it's adoption is not for everyone. A lot of people cannot take the volatility. The price will eventually become more stable at higher valuations. People will probably feel more comfortable buying bitcoin when it is in the $Millions and moves less than 1% in a month.
  8. Yes I would think if that were the price in July (I assume you mean 2022) that it would mean either: The peak was already reached for this cycle or Bitcoin's price has entered a new phase and the cycles no longer apply. (though I have a hard time believing that the halvings will not continue to have a significant impact on price.)
  9. Down Trend Line is not letting Bitcoin out. I bought more Bitcoin and Litecoin last night. Yesterday there was: a Congressional Hearing on Bitcoin's engergy use. (Which I mainly watched, it wasn't bad) Crypto.com Hack A proposed ban on Bictoin from the Russian Central bank Eh. Hashrate hit an ATH yesterday. I keep buying. I don't have downside prices that invalidates the target for this bull cycle. I think if we don't get the big run in the first 4 months or so of this year the whole model will need to be rethought. Lengthening cycles? Maybe.
  10. I bought a little more than that and picked up some litecoin too. C'mon that's not proof. Obvious? Give me a little more than that.
  11. Just bought more bitcoin. You think so? Why? Let me know, you might save me (and others) some money.
  12. Bitcoin is breaking through the trend line now. Let's see where we "close". I've made a few purchases near the bottom of this down trend "if this is the bottom". I was trying to make another purchase yesterday but Coinbase (ever reliable) was having problems processing payments. Sologenic is supposed to start distributing the airdrop today. I have not checked if I received it yet. I plan on buying some in the next few days or so. I anticipate that the price will fall and I will wait till it settles out before I buy in.
  13. Bitcoin is right up against the Down Trend Line (a little above at the moment). I bought a little more bitcoin yesterday. I might pick up some litecoin today.
  14. $43,700 Gets Bitcoin's Price above the Down Trend Line that Bitcoin has been below for the last 70 days. I'm looking forward to putting this down trend behind us. The price will collide with the line on sideways action in the next two days. If the price continues to follow the line down I will buy more.
  15. Bitcoin Continues to move toward the Trend Line - Bollinger Bands are tightening. Hash rate is near the ATH. @RipleyThe guy in that twitter thread makes a bunch of assumptions. First - Block reward plus fees = security. This is not true. Second - Lower block rewards will lead to less commitment by miners. Remains to be seen but I doubt it.
  16. Bitcoin continues the move sideways in the $42k - $43k range. Hash rate is at the highest ever. Bollinger bands are starting to tighten, MACD is positive and the price is approaching the down trend line. I have been picking up some bitcoin here and there, it admittedly doesn't add a lot to my stack but I have a hard time passing up a discount.
  17. No. Not that much - what do you think I'm a billionaire or something?
  18. Bitcoin continues sideways movement toward the Down Trend Line a "close" of $44,750 , Litcoin is moving up significantly at the moment up 6%+. Picked up some more BTC yesterday at $42,900. I might pick up some more today. Hash rate hit another all time high.
  19. Sell target for Bitcoin?? Not sure I ever want to sell my bitcoin. When I buy alts I add new money. Every time I've ever sold (really transferred from Btc to an alt or the other way around.) I've ended up regretting it.
  20. Bitcoin's price is inching closer to the Down Trend Line. MACD on the daily chart has turned positive.
  21. In lawsuits extensions on deadlines are routinely granted. Once the courts are involved nothing happens fast. It is not unexpected, do not get bent out of shape over it. The case will get resolved when it's resolved. If you still believe in XRP (and I do) you have just been granted an extension to add to your stack at a discount.
  22. Price is moving closer to the Down Trend Line. MACD is turning. $45,500 gets us above the Down Trend Line.
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