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  1. Like I posted, I took advantage of the buying opportunity yesterday. I bought just a little Bitcoin (don't have much cash to buy and my bags are full, but I couldn't resist) but got in at $29,600. That is the highest price at which I ever bought Bitcoin, my last purchase before that was May 2020 when it was below $9k. Still waiting on the BGC which will break Bitcoin out of the $30k - $40k trading range. Over the last month prices have ranged higher and lower but they are generally in the same vicinity albeit a lower on some coins, most notably NEO and XRP. here we
  2. This is my view. There are use cases that don't require the security, un-censorablity and decentralization that bitcoin provides. For some uses you may want to be able to have a centralized authority roll back transactions, other chains will be able to provide those services. I think there is room in the blockchain space for projects other than Bitcoin. Paraguay, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil https://finance.yahoo.com/news/understanding-latin-america-rising-interest-150000174.html https://www.batimes.com.ar/news/opinion-and-analysis/a-crypto-revolutio
  3. Chosen one. LOL Don't worry the BGC is coming and there will be a lot of green days ahead.
  4. Bitcoin has been staying in the $30k-$40k for about a month now, when the price gets to the bottom of that range the crypto community starts to panic (exacerbated by the ALT sell off as well no doubt). I'm actually feeling a little uneasy myself but for the opposite reason. Truthfully right now I'm worried that don't I have enough Bitcoin. The news just looks so good to me. Bitcoin mining moving out of China. Positive Bitcoin mining moving to renewable energy. Positive Bitcoin being adopted by countries in Central/South America. Positive Bitcoin Whales accumulating.
  5. Bitcoin's price has been moving sideways in a $30k-$40k range for nearly a month. Bollinger Bands are flat. Still waiting on the BGC (big green candle) which by the way will turn everyone now panicking (over the death cross) into FOMO buyers. Yes, I would be making daily purchases to average in on my favorite coins at these levels. XRP especially. @Nat99 also thanks for posing the staking video, I hope they win on the staking lawsuit.
  6. Bitcoin has moved back below the May 20th down trend line. The price has been playing around the line and there has been general sideways movement since May 22nd or so. Still waiting on the big move. The daily swings are so volatiles, it just seems to me like the "close" prices smooth out some of the volatility and gives a better representation of the price and that's why I generally use them. Flare token tax concerns have been given attention and is looks like they will end up being structured in a way to eliminate income tax for US filers. I thought this video laid it
  7. Bitcoin's price has now created a new down trend line. Still waiting on the BGC (big green candle)
  8. I agree. I don't know what price FLR will end up opening at but I would guess it would be below XRP's price.
  9. I meant to write the IOU market is "NOT" used. I'm changing it now.
  10. @4Fingers based on the info in the article posted by @JASCoder which is related to the video I subsequently posted. the IOU market is NOT used to establish the fair market value of the actual Spark token.
  11. This video provides some good info. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Css3GzoO4s
  12. More general sideways movement for Bitcoin. I'm still waiting on the $10K+ day. If I had to guess I'd say it will probably go from $42k-$52k. BTW as far as the lawsuit goes the discovery extension was expected, extensions are like extra points after a touchdown, they are pretty much automatic. As we get closer to the Spark token distribution, I'm actually thankful that the SEC suit isn't resolved. I'd rather not sell any Spark, but because distribution is a taxable event here in the US, (as ordinary income, which it shouldn't be) at current prices ( https://www.livecoinwatch.co
  13. I think the XRP chart is unimportant. XRP with get dragged up as bitcoin's price rises and it will move up on positive lawsuit news.
  14. The 5 Day EMA is about to make a bullish cross of the 22 Day EMA on the Bitcoin Chart. This interval seems to be very telling of short term moves (couple of weeks to couple of months). It bodes well for Bitcoin's price over the next few weeks.
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