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  1. I just got a Nano S (haven't unboxed yet) I have a question, Can you send XRP straight to your Nano S - from bittrex or do you need a desktop wallet.
  2. I Don't Get It

    Honestly - The reason I like BTC and most people do is because it is not backed by a company and it doesn't work with government regulators, banks and other FI's. Also Google Ventures put like $150k into this. That's like nothing.
  3. Nano Ledger S just arrived yesterday, haven't unboxed it yet. My question is can I send XRP directly from bittrex to Nano or do I have to send it to a desktop wallet first?
  4. Fork Cancelled

    @Skippy @draisabingot texts from Coinbase last night and this morning that it could happen - I guess it didn't.
  5. @CubanMiner do you mean a buy wall? sell wall looks to be at .000035
  6. @Logchain One of the main reasons it's valuable is because it's hard and expensive to create a bitcoin. If BTC goes down I doubt XRP will survive.
  7. @Naki Half the computing power in the world is devoted to mining BTC - It has an international network of users - BTC has billions of $ invested in it. WallStreet which doesn't yet understand blockchain yet is going to be entering the market and they will be developing funds to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin wasn't just created it was worked for. I mine bitcoin it is not easy or cheap- that is the value. XRP was literally created out of thin air, you can't compare the two. - I own XRP too and I want to see it go up, but bro The price of Bitcoin is going to go up, probably dramatically so, I'd guess 10x or higher. I hope XRP goes 100x. Seriously to say bitcoin has nothing going for it, eh no.
  8. Christ CNBC mentioned XRP - that's like the kiss of death.
  9. I'm about 8% in XRP depending on price. But I'm a big fan of BTC, NEO, OMG too have a little ETH, UBQ and DGB Guys - I'll say this again - you should own at least a little Bitcoin.
  10. Honestly Bitcoin has a tremendous amount going for it. The price of Bitcoin is going to explode up in the next year(s). Funds are going to enter the market next year and they will be buying bitcoin like crazy. Bitcoin created the industry. Central banks don't get it. XRP is a different animal altogether and I do own some but Don't get left out of the Bitcoin move. Believe me, the guys at Ripple own bitcoin.
  11. Well looks like this rally isn't being sustained but this morning was a perfect example of the dangers of being on the sidelines when something happens, and believe me a lot could happen. Among the potential market rockers - China lifting ban, Wider adoption, financial partnerships, FI's entering the market, etc. This market is super "TWITCHY" the slightest whiff of something and price is going to explode up. When it's real if you're not already in you'll be chasing price.
  12. Goodbye to Ripple

    @CryptoGerrie I still hold a bunch of XRP , I had originally planned on using my Segwit2 cash to buy OMG but when that didn't happen I sold some XRP to do it. Not much just like 30% of my position. Just trying to find the fastest horse which has been Bitcoin.
  13. Goodbye to Ripple

    Actually now XRP is below the price I sold it at for BTC Sunday.
  14. Goodbye to Ripple

    @jdimstrnate Ya know what I sold some XRP Sunday night for BTC. Against BTC the price has hardly moved at all - XRP up 25% but BTC moved up 20% so it's not really dramatic. Against BTC this thing would have to move up to $1.5 just to get to where it was last spring.