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  1. Well the excitement continues. The good news is we are still above the downtrend which began June 2019 and the Moving Averages have ascending and we should have a golden cross of the 50/100 Day within a week. The last Day - and a half really just looks like short term profit taking. Thinking of picking up some more XRP.
  2. Well Bitcoin was following the trend line - Until. Price always surprises - well it surprises everyone that is not moving the price.
  3. Bitcoin is still following the Trend Line more or less. @Milly238 I don't really see if following the trend line straight to Feb 8. But I think to compete the revers H&S pattern we should see at least $9.5k to $10k before we drop off. Craig Wright does not have access to 1.1 million Bitcoin. No Kidding. Wright appears to be a psychopath and his followers delusional. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-sv-drops-40-as-lawyer-admits-craig-wright-has-no-private-keys
  4. 15 minute Chart. look at that price wrap around that trend line, If the price continues like this (price always surprises however) we will break out of the larger downtrend That began 12/17 on Feb 8.
  5. Broke $9k and pulled back. At the moment Bitcoin is at about $8,800 up about 1% on good volume.
  6. Still looking for the completion of the Reverse H&S pattern. Again the major price points to watch as I see them are $9,500 and $12,000. On another good note if we maintain these price levels for another 10 days or so we should get a golden cross of the 50 Day EMA and the 100 Day EMA
  7. The environmental impact argument against Bitcoin is something XRP supporters usually cite, but it's not true. https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2018/08/28/bitcoin-drives-energy-innovation/ And No I will not cover your losses or missed opportunity costs.
  8. If the patterns play out similarly to the 2013 and 2017 bull runs - after Bitcoin break the ATH is should see a ramp up in price over the course of above 8-10 months culminating in a parabolic run to around $350,000 give or take.
  9. Well we got the decisive move on big volume, I was waiting on to move above the downtrend line that began in June. Looks like the Reverse H&S pattern will complete at around $9,500 -$10,000. A "close" of over around gets us out of the larger downtrend which started in December 2017 - $12,000. Hash Rate is increasing. Halvening is coming up. Just waiting to see how the drama with Craig Wright plays out. Here is a link for people interested in what has just transpired regarding Craig Wright's Court Case. https://modernconsensus.com/cryptocurrencies/bitcoin/craig-wright-to-judge-bonded-courier-gave-me-keys-to-satoshi-nakamotos-1100111-bitcoins/
  10. Craig Wright has been a nightmare for the price of Bitcoin and the rest of crypto. Basically Craig and his SV coin caused the November 2019 crash. But honestly I don't think enough people care about SV for it to cause too much of a ripple in the rest of the market - regardless of what happens to it's price. If Craig turns out to be Satoshi (doubtful) now that could cause a big dent in Bitcoin's (and ALT's) price.
  11. I don't follow BitcoinSV and I don't own any, but I have been following the Craig Wright case. Seems like the BitcoinSV price rise is related to speculation that the bonded courrier did arrive and thus Criag Wright is actually Satoshi and has access to the 1.1 million Bitcoins he claimed he mined. Supposedly the keys have already been filed with the court. as per Ran Neuner Twitter. https://twitter.com/cryptomanran?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author If this is legit I would think BTC wouldn't be rallying like it is. If this is proven true BTCSV probably continue up, if it is fake then BTCSV would be finished IMO.
  12. Looks like we may complete the reverse H&S pattern which would take us to $9,500 or $10,000. Breaking the trend lines I posted get Bitcoin out of the recent down trends. and price should appreciate. The price does have quite a way to appreciate before bitcoin reaches the ATH of around $20,000. Once we break the ATH we should enter a bull market. For those of you that have never been around for a bull market or just got in at the tail end of the last one, believe me when it starts you will know it. If the cycle plays out as I and many others anticipate in the next bull market we will see bitcoin moving $5k-$10k+ in a day. @RipplingAlong @Baka i understand the high emotions - let's be cool and kind. @Milly238 yes last night and now. LOL
  13. Looking at the chart now bitcoin's price is currently above the downtrend which began this June. We need to hold the 8,002 level today to stay above the trend line. Further bitcoin is still in a larger bear cycle that began in December of 2017 and it needs to break around $12,000 to reverse that downtrend. Bitcoin will not enter another bull cycle till bitcoin breaks it's ATH. @baobeiiiii my timing on when bitcoin would retake the ATH was wrong. But I have not doubt Bitcoin will eventually retake it's ATH and have another bull market and when it does I believe XRP will also go on a bull run as well and both will top out at multiples of their previous ATHs. When? I don't have a crystal ball. Bitcoin has to hold and break certain price levels to signal an upward movement. The price is at a critical level now. If it breaks below $8,000 it could sink further - $3,600 is possible though that is a lot more bearish than most of the bearish predictions which are around $6k. Short might be the way to go right now but Bitcoin always surprises. There are arguments to be made for Bulls and Bears. Good Luck. For myself I have been accumulating all during this bear cycle and don't plan on selling until bitcoin is well into a bull market. In the next bull market I believe any purchase made within the last two years will have been a good deal. Believe me I've got skin in the game too.
  14. So we've been moving around the down trend line and we are currently above it, let's see how long this holds. Looking for a decisive move to the upside. Hash rate continues to increase and longs are deleveraging. 121 days til the halving, and Litecoin holding above $50. I think the people that were calling for $6k are out of luck. Go Baby Go.
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