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  1. Ditto on my post yesterday. Looking on bitcoin to break above the Down Trend line convincingly.
  2. Although there has been a little excitement around Bitcoin's price movement in the last few days, it's still stuck in the same $30k-$40k range it has been in, going on 70 Days. A price of $44,200 gets Bitcoin's price above the Down Trend Line that began with the ATH close on April 13. Still waiting on the Big Green Daily Candle $10k+.
  3. Bitcoin is still in the sideways trading range it has been in for over 2 months but the price is now above the the 50 Day EMA. A price of about $44,600 will break above the down trend line.
  4. Bitcoin's price has been moving up the last few days. Basically at the midpoint between the $30k-$40k range the price has been stuck in for the last 68 Days. Right not the price is right at the 50 Day Simple moving average and it got close to the 50 Day EMA (which is about $800 higher) and backed off. A price of $35,150 will put Bitcoin above the 50Day EMA and a price of $44,900 gets Bitcoin above the down trend line that started on April 13. I'm confident the price will be way higher than it is now,
  5. Bitcon's price is above the recent down trend lines but is still stuck in the $30-$40kish range. Bollinger Bands are tightening again. I
  6. Bitcoin's price is above the daily close and daily high down trends that began on June 14. The price to beat to get out of the larger down trend that began on April 13 is about $45,600.
  7. Bitcoin was able to close above the down trend line which began on June 14, so that's something. Yesterday's price action also moved the MACD on the Daily chart into positive territory.
  8. Bitcoin has two down trend lines to break through, first one at around $32,400 and the second at around $45,200. I'll continue to buy any dips below $30k. I'm not buying any alts. I think NEO is a great buy here and ETH around $1,700 looks good here too - but I'm only buying BTC and I'm not making large purchases. I'd guess ALT will outperform BTC but I'm already pretty much satisfied with my bag of ALTs.
  9. Nothing has changed. I'm buying more. Don't get freaked out when round numbers are breached.
  10. Bitcoin still in the same range. 30k-40k (when it gets closer to 30 people get nervous). Same boring action. If it drops below $30k I'll pick up more, granted it doesn't add much to my position but like I posted before I can't pass up a bargain. It hasn't happened yet.
  11. Looking for Bitcoin to close above $34,000 to get things going.
  12. Bitcon's still moving sideways. Same stuff. Still waiting on the breakout. My purchases of Bitcoin are largely symbolic at this point, I'm not putting a lot of cash in at this point, as I mentioned previously regarding buying XRP earlier in the year, I don't have a lot of ready cash. Prior to this last purchase at $29,600, my previous purchase of Bitcoin was in the $3k area. I just can't resist a bargain. Here's a list of Bitcoin Sea Creatures. I am not a whale. https://cryptonews.com/news/so-you-re-not-a-bitcoin-whale-but-what-kind-of-btc-sea-creat-9112.htm @Neurotoxin the deposition was ordered. A bunch of XRP youtube guys made vids on it, here's an article https://financefeeds.com/sec-v-ripple-judge-orders-controversial-deposition-of-ex-sec-director/
  13. Still sideways movement for Bitcoin's Price. Hashrate is continuing it's recovery. https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/bitcoin-hashrate.html#3m Hearing today at 3pm for the SEC v. Ripple, et al. lawsuit. Determining whether Ripple can depose former SEC Director William Hinman. https://coingape.com/xrp-lawsuit-court-schedules-hearing-date-for-secs-plea-against-hinman-deposition/ Again I am buying on any moves below $30k myself.
  14. @Trentsteel funny. Price is sideways but hashrate is up 13% today the hashrate recovery is happening. https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/bitcoin-hashrate.html#3m Bitcoin bull run over??? Not even a concern. My only concern is whether or not I have enough bitcoin.
  15. I like this Bitcoin is still in sideways movement. The move is coming - Looks like a lot of people are losing patients.
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