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  1. @JannaOneTrick I noticed I really didn't answer your question. When do I expect the run up to begin? Long answer When I started this thread it was basically in contrast to many analysts that were expecting a capitulation moment to occur when bitcoin would break the previous low of $3,200 on huge selling which would eventually be exhausted and as a result a bottom would be made with estimates of price anywhere from $2,800 to $1,200. I in contrast felt that once we broke the downtrend on the pennant that it meant that the bottom was already in and we would move sideways and up from there. So I expect us to move up and sideways from here and reach the previous high this November and go parabolic again in the first or second quarter of next year. Short answer (based on my analysis for what that's worth) Run up starts NOW. Picks up speed toward September goes crazy February - April of next year.
  2. @JannaOneTrick the bitcoin crash from the peak to the bottom this time took less than the previous cycle, so the I surmising it will run up again in less time as well.
  3. @LittleLordFauntleroy Actually not 1/3 the time 3/4ths for the reasons above, this thread has gotten so long I forgot what I wrote.
  4. On Bitcoin's weekly chart the 50 EMA has never fallen below the 100 EMA. The last time they were this close was around May 2016 when Bitcoin was in the $400's which was basically when the move up which Peaked in 2017 began. Last time the lines overlapped for about 12 weeks, expect the line to overlap for less this time, I would guess 4 weeks before the 50 EMA breaks above the 100 EMA, culminating in a run up in 1/3rd of the time the last run up took. In my opinion the action of these indicators in particular look to be very telling in regards to timing of the next run.
  5. @Julian_Williams the point is a coin that represents something cannot be used for settlement because nothing is settled until the cash actually arrives in the account.
  6. Litecoin Chart - the 50 Day EMA is approaching the 100 Day EMA - right now it looks like it will cross to the upside in about three days. Good Sign for the whole market.
  7. And as predicted the big green candle breaking the 50 day EMA is right on schedule. I went mansion shopping this weekend, looking to buy early next year.
  8. @BruceWhale Can't argue with that, If you want to play it safe waiting for the 50 Day EMA to Cross the 100 Day EMA and remain above it for weeks is a good confirmation, but then again if you wanted to play it safe would you really be in crypto?? Also at that point Bitcoin will (probably) be well over $5,500. We have broke out of the downtrend, we are up over 20% from the low, we are breaking through the 50 Day EMA yeah. Those are good enough for me.
  9. I wrote that once we break above the 50 day EMA that people would start saying that the bear market is over. Of Course others will wait until the 50 day EMA crosses the 100 day EMA to the upside (which i think happens within 2-3 weeks). In my opinion crossing the 50 day EMA confirms the downtrend is over and we won't test the lows $3,200's again like some people are/were waiting for.
  10. I've probably posted it a hundred times. - If the coin represents something, Rep-coins as I call them, they are worthless. This is not a trustless system, Transferring JPM coin settles nothing because you still have to move the money into the account or you have to trust that JPM actually has money to back up their stupid coin. Just do a digital transfer then, why even use a blockchain?? JPM coin is a stupid idea. Regarding crypto JPM and Jamie Dimon are as irrelevant as CNBC.
  11. We closed close to the 50 day EMA we are above it right now. 2 17 19 7:45pm us Eastern Time
  12. And just as predicted we break above the 50 Day EMA took 3 days. Didn't hold it but it happened. We'll see where this day ends but the bulls are making a run for that 50!!
  13. 18 days since breaking the downtrend. Been hugging the underside of the 50 day EMA which is proving to be pretty strong resistance, Waiting for a big green candle to break through.
  14. @Ravell Moved the trendline back on the 2013 run and fall back. Lines up pretty well with the weekly 50 EMA and the 100 EMA Topped out Dec 2013 14 months later Broke Trend Feb 2015 moved sideways till September 2015 then started moving up. Very similar Topped out Dec 2017 14 months later Broke Trend Feb 2019 Following the same time line we wouldn't start moving up till September 2019 reach old high January 2021 and we wold top out December 2021. I don't think that it is going to play out that way because there seems to be too much movement in the industry at the moment, however if that's how it plays out we are in for a wait. The story is the same though we move sideways/up from here. Looking at the Daily Chart for the 2013 run and fall - After breaking the trend in February 15 the daily 50 EMA didn't break the 100 EMA until June 15 then it fell below in Aug 15 then it broke up again on Oct 15 and didn't fall again until this bear market. So watching when we cross over 50 EMA/100 EMA may be the most telling in terms of timing. If it plays out identically, we are in for a wait.
  15. @Ravell You are not missing anything my friend. I mixed up the G'D' LInes!!!!!! Farqqqq!!! I see what I did on the Daily the 50 EMA is below the 100 EMA and moving up - on the weekly it's reversed when I switched from Daily to weekly I took it for granted that the lines would be juxtaposed similarly. Sir I am the one that stands corrected. Thanks But hey still looking good on the daily EMA crossovers setting up and the MACD on weekly is still good.