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  1. @kvic I'm counting on the price being $10 by this summer - that's the reward.
  2. @tar Actually you're chart is basically what I expect if you extend it out to $10, prob a cup and handle.
  3. @Hodor bro seriously you think it's possible we end the year at $40 - cause at $20 - basically all my financial dreams come true. I was thinking $ 10 summer.
  4. No doubt - Money is not life - but it usually can improve things. I home the situation works out for you.
  5. Seriously - Nigel Green thinks that this drop has change the attitudes of investors from get rich quick types to investor types. - It is hilarious when anyone pretends they know stuff like this.
  6. First off I am bullish on XRP and the whole crypto market. I believe that eventually we will look back on this time and talk about how much our accounts were down and how we stuck with it and "look at us now" But in the mean time, how are you guys dealing with the stress. I basically at an entire cake last night and also I'm pretty much a daily kratom user at this point. Anyone else got any stories re: coping mechanisms.
  7. Eric123

    Are members here still buying ?

    I'm buying litecoin here - already got enough zerps
  8. Russia - China - India - Would be cool if every country in the world would just come out with their phony bans as once so we could get them out of the way.
  9. Might pick up a little ETH too - If I could buy it with fiat I'd get more OMG and NEO but don't want to trade BTC for it for tax reasons.
  10. Eric123

    Sneaky Soros

    He is 87 years old. What he says doesn't matter. I know my share of old people at that age is you can take a p*ss it's a good day. He has no idea what crypto is, I guarantee he can't use a smart phone and is confused by the tv remote.
  11. I think $10 is still happening this year
  12. You buy low and sell high. not the other way around
  13. Judging the psychology of the community based on the posts it seems we are nearing a bottom. On FB and Twitter everything is so negative. Youtube is making joke videos about crypto - etc. If you post something in a crypto group 9 out of 10 responses will be about the despair and giving up- it sucks, it's a fraud, it's worthless, it's garbage, blah blah blah. People are hating it. Picked up so litecoin yesterday might pick up some more litecoin here.
  14. Eric123

    Wake Up Time!

    You are in for a surprise then.
  15. Can't stand the whole "Love Blockchain but hate Bitcoin" attitude.