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  1. Well Bitcoin's price broke $60k. Like I've written, I think we get that $10k green candle when the price breaks the $64,900 ATH. volume is decent. It will probably pick up when the ATH is breached. Day to day gyrations in price aren't that important price is moving up (it's never straight up).
  2. Bitcoin got a Green day yesterday and it's already above the new trend line. Litecoin Chart is starting to break through.
  3. Waiting for another green day to draw another trend line.
  4. Interesting Trading today. Volume should be on the higher side price has been resilient around the $56k level.
  5. Bitcoin is making a decent move today on ok volume. Yesterday the Neck Line of the reverse H&S held as support.
  6. On the Bitcoin's Weekly Chart the reverse H&S chart is even more obvious than on the daily chart. The pattern is looking good. XRP is working on It's own Reverse H&S chart. Although the Neckline is around the $1.50 price level. @Pterolycus I LIKE IT. @Mountainman Glad to help. Always nice to get a greeting from the alps. What's a "sat" ? Never heard of that. Just kidding. I don't like "Sat" not that I don't want to give props to Satoshi but the name is too far removed from Bitcoin sound wise in my opinion and also at this point pricing Bitcoin in 100millionths is too small. Even with "Sat", there is a need to name the other fractions.
  7. When I started this thread on January 24, 2019 the price of Bitcoin was $3,500. Now $3k daily price swings for bitcoin have become a flat trading day. Since it's basically a flat day I thought I mention something other than chart stuff. Today I wanted to mention, (and I may have mentioned it before) but what Bitcoin is really needs is popularized slang for fractions of Bitcoin. Also Bitcoin should be priced in those fractions, a la the CNBC ticker. The price of a Bitcoin at $50k is just too daunting for some people. I was having lunch with two colleagues last week and when the conversation touched on crytpo I was asked if a fraction of Bitcoin could be purchased or if they had to purchase an entire Bitcoin. Nothing about Bitcoin is common knowledge, certainly not that practical any fraction of a bitcoin can be purchased. Given the price I think Bitcoin should really be priced in hundred thousandths or millionths of a bitcoin. It would make Bitcoin more accessible to the public. It's much easier for people to buy 1 blob (hypothetical and admittedly stupid name I jut came up with for a 100,000th of a bitcoin) than to buy .00001 of a Bitcoin. If there is anything we have learned from the pandemic, it's that people in general, suck at math. 1BTC $50k 10th $5k Beng 100th $500 Bong 1,000th $50 Brak 10,000th $5 Bab 100,000th $0.5 Blob 1,000,000th $0.05 Blib I can't think of any names that don't suck. I think the term Satoshi for a 100,000,000th of a bitcoin is too cumbersome. Anyway I'm obviously not the only person with this idea. Here's an article https://privacyfight.io/your-money-and-the-milli-bitcoin/ Any thoughts.
  8. Not much going on today after yesterdays move. I'm thinking we will see that $10k candle when Bitcoin breaks through the ATH.
  9. Maybe 1.96. I don't think technical levels are really helpful with XRP. The Lawsuit is basically the whole story at this point, once that's over it will quickly put it's previous all time high in the rear view.
  10. Bitcoin's price is moving pretty strong on decent volume. Party is getting started.
  11. Bitcoin's price is over $50k which is something I guess. Still looking to break the neck line which is at $51,500ish. Chart is playing out nicely.
  12. Bicton's price action is looking good, now just looking to break the neck line. I see the neckline as the next important level to break, $51,500 isn't particularly significant, the neckline is about there now but the line continues to move down so the longer Bitcoin's price takes to break it the lower it will be. After that level the pervious ATH is significant, after that we're in new territory. I imagine the talking heads on CNBC will be talking about how $100k is an important level. (although I don't see $100k as holding any significance, (not at this point anyway}) The price level I'm really looking forward to is Bitcoin's price eclipsing Berkshire Hathaway Class A price, currently $415,000. I hope Warren Buffet 91 and Charlie Munger 97 live long enough to see it.
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