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  1. Isn't it profitable to own an exchange???? Why is coinbase the only game in town (in the US).
  2. If I find any nymphomaniacs - Well I'm keeping those for myself.
  3. Again if Bitcoin is destroyed no blockchain projects will survive.
  4. If XRP gets to $100 - I'm going to find the addresses of all the plaintiffs and attorneys in these lawsuits: then I'm going to buy the houses right next door to where they live and I'm going to move in a bunch of homeless drug addicts and let them live there for free.
  5. @vsyc why today? think we're going lower?
  6. Eric123

    You will make your first million with XRP

    I always want to punch him when I seen this scene.
  7. Eric123


    Seems like it is always something. Think we'll be stuck in limbo for a while but Bollinger Bands are narrowing. I'd say we got another week of sideways trading before anything happens. That anything will hopefully be up.
  8. Had enough buying opportunities - Want some selling opportunities!!!!!!
  9. From what I remember when the remaining XRP was put in escrow only 1billion XRP are avaiable every month to be dealt with - those XRP that are not supplied to banks are reentered into the escrow. so basically Ripple even if they burned the remaining XRP the most that could be moved out of escrow is 1billion a month since 55 billion was placed in escrow - theoretically Ripple could be below 50% ownership now.
  10. To me it is clear that XRP is not a security and I believe it will be so proven in court. But I think we have to look deeper into the motivations of the lawsuits. First of all what are the Plaintiff's suing for? Money Damages? That we fell from $3.60 to .47 as if Ripple could control this and also XRP will be way above $3.60 by the time the cases are heard essentially making them moot. Other than that the only reason to bring a suit other than purely to profit off a settlement would be to hurt Ripple or the XRP. Could these lawsuits be motivated by competitors of Ripple? Hmmm. Either way I think everything will be cool and doubt these lawsuits will affect the price..
  11. Eric123

    Are we back?

    We've just been beaten so bad for the last six months that being down looks like up. Just wait - we are set for lift off.😎
  12. Eric123

    Rough future for XRP?

    @The_XRPLove Did you see who Ripple hired to convince the SEC that XRP is not a security? https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2018/06/134528-ripple-hires-big-guns-former-sec-chair-mary-jo-white-and-former-sec-enforcement-director-andrew-ceresney-to-defend-unregistered-securities-claim-in-sale-of-xrp/ I think we are gonna be ok.
  13. Eric123

    Ripple to $6 or $589 ANAlYSIS

    @Ripple-Stiltskin Actually I take this back. Price increase isn't the only factor in creating liquidity but it is a critical one, obviously we need wider distribution of the XRP token. It would be beneficial to the whole community if someone would develop an XRP based exchange or bank. Just an idea for any entrepreneurs out there. I'd do it myself but I am not in that industry Will look into it if no one has done it by December.
  14. Eric123

    Ripple to $6 or $589 ANAlYSIS

    Couldn't disagree more. If XRP is .01 and you want to transfer $1 billion it wouldn't be possible if xrp is $100 that transaction probably become no problem at all. In regards to Bitcoin it isn't nearly where the price would have to be to create a liquid market the float is way too small and ownership is too concentrated. someone with 10k bitcoin can move things and that shouldn't be happening. Once these markets mature I believe liquidity will come with price increase. prob 100x to 1000x where we are now