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  1. Bitcoin has been above $10k for49 out of the last 56 days and has currently been above $10k for 12 straight days. Bollinger Bands are tightening. Hash Rate is 4th highest ever. Progress continues. If Bitcoin breaks to the upside after this consolidation $10k will be set as the floor.
  2. Bitcoin got a little bit of a move to the upside yesterday and now a little bit of a move to the downside yesterday. Still is low volatility mode. Bollinger Bands are tightening. Waiting on the move. There were a few bigish dumps on the one minute chart which were eaten up but moved the price about $100. If I had to guess I'd say we end flat today.
  3. Looks like Bitcoin is consolidating just under $11k. Bollinger Bands are tightening, low volatility now you guys know the game after these periods there is always a break out one way or the other. $10k looks to be a pretty solid floor though and Bitcoin has had 8 solid days over $10k. Also the hash rate is the third highest it has ever been. Also NEO is killing it.
  4. Bitcoin's price is taking a breather from the run up the last three days, but I'm not totally convince the day won't turn green for Bitcoin. XRP is up which is nice and ETH is making a 4% move. I've been saying it for a while like ETH below $400.
  5. Bitcoin's price is still looking strong, looks like the price should hit $11k today.
  6. Bitcoin's price is looking strong. There doesn't seem to be a ton of resistance between here are $11,100 ish. Once that price is taken out $11,400 and $12,500 seem to be meaningful price levels to breach short term. Long term the price looks to be right where it should be on the 4 year cycle.
  7. There are three Trends for Bitcoin as far as I see it. The Long Term Down Trend which which began Dec 17 2017, which Bitcoin is above. The Medium Term Down Trend which began August 17, 2020, which Bitcoin is above. (the head of the head and shoulders pattern) The Short Term Down Trend which began September 4, 2020, which Bitcoin is currently breaking. Looking Good. Bitcoin's Hash Rate hit another All Time High.
  8. ETH had a 5x run Feb 2017 to March 2017 XRP had a 60x run March to May 2017 NEO had a 10x run March to May 2017 The old alts are recovering the new DeFi coins are the flavor of the month, but I'm sure some will break though and be here to stay. The ALT runs are obviously an indication of renewed interest and investment.
  9. Bitcoin has stayed above $10k for two days now. The hashrate is high and it has broken out of the immediate down trend it has been in.
  10. Bitcoin is riding just under the short term down trend line. On a positive note Bitcoin spent the entire day yesterday above $10k.
  11. Bitcoin is breaking through the down trend it has been in since the Break down which occurred on Sept 2/3. the 300 Day EMA will cross the Long Term Down Trend line is about 3 Days.
  12. The only way to increase hashrate is to add more computing power to the network. You can't fake hashrate. Hashrate is only increased by investment/improvement in hardware.
  13. Bitcoin's hashrate just reached it's ATH, honestly I can't see it crashing to $3k when it costs $6.8k to mine.
  14. Well Bitcoin's price has not managed to stay above $10k for an entire day yet. Still building a base.
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