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  1. @RoboC I wanted to avoid foreign exchanges, but yeah I guess I will have to use them.
  2. Bought more Bitcoin yesterday. This is just too juicy to ignore. I'd be buying XRP with both hands but I'm a New York resident and New York (the center and defender of the old dying system and the worst Governor ever) has made it nearly impossible to buy XRP. For those that don't know. NY residents can't buy XRP through Coinbase and Bittrex just stopped NY residents from trading anything last week. I'm thinking of moving to Connecticut just to buy XRP.
  3. @dr_ed Bitcoin is breaking it's 350 Day EMA as we speak and Litecoin is up over 4%. I would think Craig Wright has already done all the damage he can do with his SV move, him and his coin are getting left behind. I'm not worried.
  4. My last posted noted the daily chart was bounding up against the 350 Day EMA which is currently at 5,307 - looking for a close above this level to indicate a further move upward. On a longer view and to compare where we are now against the last cycle, below is the weekly chart with the 50 Week EMA showing when Bitcoin broke though in October 2015 when the price of bitcoin was $282 and where we are today. The chart speaks for itself.
  5. Is it though? As far as I know, Insider trading applies to the sale of securities. Again as far as I know (and I could be wrong, please let me know the state of the law if I am wrong, it does happen) the rules don't apply to XRP (at least not yet) or any token for that matter.
  6. Still waiting for the price of bitcoin to break back to the $6.5k level then resume a gradual increase back to our previous high. The price stalled at the 350 Day EMA - this is the level I'll be watching. The 100 Day and 200 Day EMA's are moving up and the 350 Day EMA has all but flattened out. Just playing the waiting game now.
  7. Price has been under assault all day and has been holding up shockingly well. It seems the floor has been set at $5k. Attached is the one minute chart. Last night at about 1/4 to midnight Eastern US time or 3:44am local time for the exchange (I was watching) someone dumped 2,795 bitcoins in what appears to be one trade dropping the price $200. As far as volume goes, this volume is 10x the volume of any other minute today. Litecoin is getting the worst of it with the price even dropping the 100 Day EMA below the 200 Day EMA (which had previously moved above hours before). If i hadn't already bought into Litecoin at lower prices I'd be picking some up now. Wonder if this has anything to do with Bittrex halting all trading for NY residents starting at close of business today? Anyway, I think we might have an equal reversal tomorrow based on the price action.
  8. We have been moving sideways/up since the big run up last Week. I'm still expecting another big move (and I'm expecting it soon (less than a week))to bring us back to where bitcoin (and most of the market) was prior to the November breakdown. Thinking we'll end up somewhere in the $6,000's before we quite down again and start a gradual moving up/sideways with major volatility happening when we reach milestones (Moving average crosses and Popular price points, $10k, etc) until we reach the prior all time high, which I suspect happens in November. Litecoin is looking good, as @TheXRPNinja discusses above. Litecoin's 100 Day EMA will Cross the 200 Day EMA later today. We are looking good.
  9. I don't know anyone that is making money on mining unless they have upgraded all their equipment to the new 28 TH machines and even they haven't made their money back yet. So you're plan was to invest with someone who is stealing tens of thousands of $ in electricity. Why not just rob a bank then, no investment and very high return and just about the same odds you'll end up in jail next to the guy with the AMG.
  10. Bitcoin's 50 Day EMA just crossed the 100 Day EMA to the upside - Litecoin's 100 Day EMA should cross the 200 Day EMA in less than 3 days. All good signs. Things have quieted down a little but I still think we can see a move back to $6.0-6.5k in the next few days. Things are looking good.
  11. @Milly238 Day to day movements are really hard to tell. We will have some pauses in the run up, but I see nothing holding the price of bitcoin back from regaining the levels we had in November so around $6,500, if it plays out like suspected we should be there by Monday, Tuesday? Something like that.
  12. Well we all saw what happened, i was actually up at 1am staring at the chart as it was happening (yeah I know, my life isn't that exciting). As I've been writing I was expecting something along these lines, big candle on big volume. As I wrote before, there was very little support on the way down in November, so popular thought is there will be very little resistance on the way up. I thought we could see $6-$6.5k by the end of March. I might end up having only been off by a week or so. I wouldn't count on a dump (but who knows) Check out that litecoin!! Right now I'd think everything is gonna go up for a while, but for my money XRP seems like the best buy, daily buys to average in with any price below $.40 being a good entry point. After a long winter - damn a big green day feels nice.
  13. $100 Million buy moved the whole Crypto Market $15 Billion - a 150X move per dollar. If someone wanted to buy $10 billion worth imagine what that would do - or if it would even be possible. (and bare in mind Bezos has about $150 Billion himself and there are 2,208 billionaires in the world) Also looking at the supply - there have presently been 17,623,813 bitcoins mined, assuming about 2-3 million lost, there is about one bitcoin for every millionaire in the United States, (14,814,453 millionaires in the United States estimate) and there are approximately another 21 million millionaires in the rest of the world (estimate). So there is about .388 bitcoin available for every millionaire in the world. Once demand picks up - we're looking at some crazy prices.
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