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  1. @Baka @Milly238 I know it's frustrating to watch the price of other coins appreciate while XRP remains stagnant, I remember feeling the same Summer and Fall of 2017, but if there is anything I learned from that time, it's that XRP usually more than makes up for it with a shockingly violent move. From May 2017 to December 2017 the price of XRP basically remained stagnant at around .23 - then in a 2 week period it went up 15X. I'm loading up and waiting for the ride. @Kiwi don't really know when the run will start but I am confident that it will happen some time this year and if you are not already in when it starts you will be chasing price. @Viggo the guys over at Ripple own more XRP than anyone. No one has more incentive to raise the price of XRP then those guys a Ripple.
  2. XRP chart looking good. Got a W chart pattern going (good news) and the 100 Day EMA is going to Cross the 200 Day EMA the day after tomorrow. (Both good signs) I'm continuing to buy.
  3. @Johno TA is just part of determining where price is headed. News good/bad can have a much more significant impact on price.
  4. Looking at the XRP chart - God does this look juicy!!! I'm probably gonna pick up some more today. If this plays out again like it did, I'd say we are roughly in the same place chartwise as we were April 24, 2017 when the price of XRP was .03. So roughly we go up 120x from here putting XRP at a price of about $51.00 in the next 9-10 months. Might be a little optimistic but crypto always surprises.
  5. Lots of good things coming up - Bakkt -Litecoin's halving, Fidelity offering trading, Facebook's coin (which will introduce a lot of people to the space, although I have mixed emotions about stable coins), not to mention XRP continuously adding banks to their networks. The positive developments, the positive chart set ups. Crypto looks like it's ready to explode. Very excited about where this is heading.
  6. Doesn't always happen like this, but it's nice when it does.
  7. Still expecting a big move for bitcoin - big day on big volume - that brings it back to the trendline - and as I previously posted - I thought it would have happened already, maybe by this weekend. XRP seems to be impervious to good news and stuck around .38-.40 - Litecoin is still chugging away.
  8. So Bitcoin's 200 Day EMA was battling with the 300 Day EMA back and forth all day, on decent volume too (almost as much as the last two days combined (but not quite)). Of course we moved across decisively (and hopefully for good) when the day changed. Litecoin had a good day and the pattern it's creating is one that I think bitcoin will be following so I am not concerned we'll see a "head and shoulders." XRP moves (or rather doesn't move) to the beat of it's own drum, defies TA and everything else. To me XRP looks like a huge coiled spring. I keep throwing more on the pile just waiting for the explosion. Things are still looking good.
  9. Well the cross over of the 200 Day EMA and 300 Day EMA didn't happen today, We'll have to wait for tomorrow. Thanks to the last two days where we dropped nearly 5% (cumulative on both days) on low volume. If you're a stock trader you know down on low volume is not a bad sign (but yeah this ain't a stock). Anyway, if you've seen my previous post (I think from last Thursday) I highlighted how we moved around the EMA crossovers (Golden Crosses) 100/200 and 100/300. Anyway, like I wrote we have to wait for tomorrow. Think in a day or two we get pushed back over the trend line that takes us to 20K by end of November. I'm still a buyer of XRP whenever it's below .40, so I'm picking up some today and everyday that occurs.
  10. Honestly I think you guys have lived through too much to spook this easy. Down days on such low volume are unimportant. BTW, Not enough people are involved in crypt for it to be a social experiment. Also I don't think Bitcoin is setting up for a head and shoulders because I think Litecoin is leading the market and Litecoin has already broken that pattern.
  11. BTC 200 Day EMA and 300 Day EMA crossover - Will be occurring on Sunday 6 9 19
  12. The amount you don't know is staggering. Free statements, that are not specifically directed to anyone about whether something is going to go up or down in price is NOT Actionable as Financial Advice. If it were every guest on CNBC as well as the hosts would be able to be sued. (as well as every other financial program). No you don't have lawyers on retainer. I think you need help.
  13. Once there is enough liquidity the price will stabilize, but to achieve enough liquidity the price will have to increase dramatically. The whole space is going through growing pains.
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