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  1. I'm still with Ya

    It is, like I said in the very next sentence - XRP WILL BE $10 THIS YEAR.
  2. I haven't sold any. Don't plan on Selling anywhere before $10. which will probably come around this August
  3. Guys last January I literally sold 100's of ETH at around $9. Even with this crash ETH is above $750.00. I have no doubt Bitcoin, XRP and Crypto in general are the future. These markets are still small and the float is tiny so you get wild swings. Not every crypto will survive but believe me XRP is going nowhere. I stand by my statement XRP WILL BE $10 THIS YEAR. Don't worry - I'm actually about to buy some LTC right now. Remember - You buy when there is blood in the streets. If there is a a quality coin you want to buy - In my opinion, I'd say now is the time!!!!
  4. C'mon

    Well let's face it regardless of what happened in the initial drop and recovery. XRP has continued to fall - so there was more to it than just manipulation at least where XRP is concerned. A lot of other coins recovered
  5. C'mon

    @teddybear no - A stop loss is an order someone puts in that who already owns it.
  6. C'mon

    @teddybear No. A stop loss is to prevent against losing a lot of $ on a coin or stock. Say you buy a t a stock at $100 and want to make sure if it goes to $0 you get out only losing 10%, you would put a stop loss at $90. If it falls below $90 your account would automatically sell.
  7. C'mon

    @teddybear a sell order. Stop losses are very dangerous in crypto.
  8. @sjmusic3 I completely agree. Or it could be an exchange moving around coins - Bittrex caused a similar crash a few months ago when I think they were moving BCC around.
  9. @DrWhoAmI Yeah something like that or could be exchanges moving around Coins. This is not natural trading. These are still very thinly traded markets - The FLOAT IS MINISCULE - a few billion moves the whole crypto space 10-20%.
  10. C'mon

    First pic 10:07 second Pic 10:24
  11. @DrWhoAmI The $4mill sell wall on Bittrex just evaporated and went the other way. This is probably the 4th or 5th time this has happened with all cryptos getting crushed then recovering in a matter of minutes. First pic 10:07 second pic 10:24
  12. This take down was ridiculous, manipulation used to trigger stop losses and accumulate more.
  13. That tidal wave of selling on bittrex is not natural. No way everyone in the world just decided to sell. These are stupid stop losses being triggered on purpose so someone can accumulate more.
  14. Ok Yeah this dip sucks. But we will still be at $10 by summer.