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  1. I think the price probably turns around here.
  2. Well Bitcoin got a bit of a dump this weekend. Once some momentum starts to the downside whales piggy back on that and drive the price down further. Like I say crypto always surprises to the Upside and the Downside. I am not worried the Bull Cycle is still in effect and I still expect to hit that $400k price target in this Bull Cycle. Bitcoin's liquidity remains low and leveraged trading is high, volatility is to be expected. The price broke through the support line I drew a while ago (drawn none too carefully I might add) but we are currently above the line and I expect Bitcoin will "cl
  3. Bitcoin's price has been stuck in the same price range for weeks. When the price is at the bottom of the range (like we are now) the crowd becomes despondent, when we are at the top of the range (like a week ago) the crowd becomes euphoric - so basically everything is normal for Bitcoin. Still waiting to break out of the range which it will - to the upside. Maybe all I know is I don't own them and I looked up their price action because of your message and now I'm depressed that I don't own them. I wouldn't be chasing their price action. I think he did. I"ve been a
  4. Bitcoin's rebounding. Whenever the price of Bitcoin falls the crowd that has been wrong for years starts cheering, so funny. Hope you guys took advantage of this buying opportunity.
  5. Yes I am still expecting $400k. @Trentsteel no I'm not going to block you for reposting a quote from @Moonraker
  6. BTW Bitcoin hash rate is hitting an All Time High.
  7. I don't think this extends the bull run which we are in which may carry into 2022. I did think that Bitcoin was going to start on a run to a new ATH in a few days - that's what I think may take longer.
  8. Even with the "crash" Bitcoin is still just basically moving in basically boring sideways action. The price broke below the support line but has rebounded above the line. Looks like it will take a little longer than I thought before Bitcoin makes it big bread to the upside.
  9. LOL. Elon Musks vacillations on Bitcoin are really of very little concern. Musk is an impulsive wild card. The irrational impulse in this case was not originally buying Bitcoin but his Idea for Tesla to stop accepting it due to environmental concerns. The idea that Bitcoin is environmentally damaging has been debunked over and over. The environmental argument is an argument used only buy the haters or the uninformed. If you think energy consumption = bad - you are a fool. Musk is no fool, so I assume the tweet and the turn around on Tesla accepting Bitcoin was some sort of personal
  10. I cleaned up the chart removing the Bollinger Bands and the other lines. I left only the support and resistance lines on the daily highs and lows. These look line the import lines to me. I think Bitcoin's price breaks resistance soon, if I had to guess I'd guess within 4 days. We'll see if I'm right.
  11. Low liquidity is one of the reasons we see so much volatility in the crypto markets, even Bitcoin is subject to this to a lesser extent, but you are right the situation is exacerbated with XRP especially since much of the US (except DeFi) is locked out of trading XRP. Large swings can happen especially on the smaller exchanges but they are short lived because traders will arbitrage off other exchanges and correct the imbalance, but bargains can sometimes be picked up. I think it was a few years ago ETH hit like $30 or maybe even $3 on an exchange for a few seconds. So it's not a bad Ide
  12. I don't think we will see strong volume in XRP until the lawsuit is resolved. The big players that were involved with XRP had to stop buying XRP do to the SEC lawsuit. When the lawsuit is over this will all reverse, honestly I'd be buying XRP now. Depends on the ALT ETH might continue to run even though it is at an all time high, LTC might continue to run (I think it will). NEO I think is a good buy regardless of what Bitcoin is doing. So I guess the answer is maybe.
  13. Haven't posted for the last two days which is something I don't think I've done since I've started this thread. But actually nothing new to report on Bitcoin. Still sideways movement looking for the break out which is coming. (any minute now) Bitcoins Hash Rate is at an All time High. ETH is at an All time High. Litecoin broke it's All time high. Bitcoin is getting ready for a run (hope it takes XRP with it (it probably will)).
  14. Bitcoin's price - More of the same. Basically everything I wrote yesterday. Still waiting on Bitcoin's breakout.
  15. Bitcoin's price is continuing it's sideways action, Bollinger Bands continue to tighten, average hash rate hit an all time high yesterday and ETH continues to break new ground. Like I've been saying, it looks like Bitcoin will break out anytime now. XRP had a nice move and has somewhat pulled back. I normally don't look at the XRP chart but I did today and it is looking bullish.
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