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  1. The good news is we are getting that big move. Bad news is it's to the downside. If this level round $7,400 doesn't hold looks like next support is in the $6.8- 6.5 then 5.7k-5.5k area. On XRP we have support around .23 and then like .18-.16. If we fall to those levels I'll pick up some more.
  2. Looking at the bitcoin moving averages you can see the 50 day broke below the 100 and is moving toward the 200. Admittedly these do not look good but I am still looking for a reversal. The Moving averages and the XRP chart look a little more promising.
  3. As we all know Bitcoin's halving is coming up in 7 months May 14. 2020. https://www.bitcoinblockhalf.com/ January 3, 2009 Bitcoin's Genesis block (Bitcoin is a Capricorn, just like me) no price until October 5, 2009 at which point $1 = 1,309.03 bitcoin so about $.00076 November 25, 2012 First halving price $12.46 July 9, 2016 Second halving price $663 53x price of first halving May 14, 2020 Third halving. ? 53X the price of the last halving gives a price of about $35,000, which seems about right to me. The price appreciation is decelerating but to what extent is uncertain. We certainly won't see 53x continuous growth otherwise in three more halvings we have a prices of $100 million then $5billion per coin which is beyond even the most unrealistic estimates. But we are still early enough in the adoption to see robust growth for the time being.
  4. Waiting on the reversal which should start moving us back up. Might pick up a little more bitcoin before it happens. @Baka I don't think anything happens slowly but surely with XRP, but I don't think we see .25
  5. Depending on which support line you use Bitcoin is either bouncing on it or below it. Bollinger Bands loosened up based on the price drop and we're hovering below $8k. Do we break down through support? Lots of people on the $6k bandwagon, but I doubt it. XRP is holding around .29. XRP looks like the chart might have broken though the downtrend on the monthly chart but as @Molten correctly pointed out the trendline is somewhat arbitrarily drawn. One of the things that has me worried bout XRP is the community behind it, if Youtube and Twitter posts regarding XRP are indicative of the community as a whole it is frightening that I own the same thing as these people.
  6. Digital Currency is not the same as Crypto, but without getting too much into the Virtues of the latter and the evils of the former, The Monthly chart on XRP is looking interesting.
  7. @Julian_Williams I think most XRP supporters share your opinion. But I don't consider centralized, infinite, digital national currencies to be crypto currencies. So no, I don't consider the the digitization of the dollar or yen to be crypto's succeeding. The way I see it, everyday for the last 8 years (like Bitcoin) Litecoin has moved form unfamiliar and dangerous to trusted and secure. .
  8. Bollinger Bands on Bitcoin spread out a bit yesterday they should be tightening today. I'd guess we tighten more before the breakout. Does anyone think XRP's chart is making a reverse head and shoulders? @Claddy I've address litecoin before. Yeah I think it will survive. Transactions and hash rate continue to rise. Hopefully something positive will come out of the Litecoin summit. https://litecoinsummit.org/ https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/litecoin-hashrate.html https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/litecoin-transactions.html National linked stable coins?? Is that something someone wants??? Everything bad about money now with the added ability to track all your purchases.
  9. Another down day for Bitcoin 2%+ at the moment. Volume is on track to be higher than last 5 days so this could get interesting/ugly as of yet no trends have been broken and tension continues to mount. The bolinger bands have flattened out and the trend lines are narrowing so a big move is brewing. @Baka I think Litecoin will move with the rest of the market. Either Crypto will succeed or crypt will fail. If crypto succeeds Litcoin will be one of the ALTs that also succeeds. Coin Market cap has 2408 coins listed - maybe the top 50 will survive maybe more but I bet Litecoin will be among the coins that succeed.
  10. I don't think BTC surpassing the ATH will exhaust anything, in my opinion that's when the bull market will begin. If trends follow there should be a gradual increase after that ramping up into a parabolic move to dwarf the last one and the bull market should last over a year. During the bull market I think most alts will appreciate along with Bitcoin. Although I think XRP will move up when Bitcoin does, I don't think that XRP has to wait for Bitcoin. XRP can really move at any time and I wouldn't be surprised to see a 10x XRP move ahead of all the ALTS.
  11. Again we're playing the waiting game. Bitcoin just moving sideways on low volume till we reach that large volume move. I think it will be up, I still think Bitcoin retakes the ATH by end of November. XRP should follow along when it happens. I've watched a lot of stock traders comment on Bitcoin, but as I say Bitcoin is not a stock and the rules don't (always) apply.
  12. @baobeiiiii I was thinking the actual event in my head but I wrote "around swell" and you are right there is a run up.
  13. @baobeiiiii Swell 2017 first day of swell 10-16-17 price .263386 day after swell ended 10-19-17 price .218229 Lost 17% + first day of swell 9-30-18 price .568045 day after swell ended price .517220 Lost 9% +
  14. @baobeiiiii Have you watched the price movement around SWELL??? The price has fallen each time. That's not cynicism it's history.
  15. XRP broke through, the short term downtrend - looking at the long term chart this is really insignificant though. SWELL is happening in less than a month - November 7-8 - I don't expect any positive price movement around SWELL as usually the contrary occurs but I doubt we fall this year as the price is already in the toilet. Bitcoin keeps moving toward the end of this pattern which will occur at the end of the month if not sooner.
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