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  1. Bitcoin is looking to establish short term support. If I had to guess I'd say over the next 5 to 6 weeks bitcoin develops a pattern that appears to be leaning toward a H&S pattern before it breaks out to the upside. I haven't been posting it for a while but 123 Straight Daily Closes above $10K
  2. The last week is the perfect recipe to wreck a newcomer. They see the prices going up so they FOMO in then a massacre (Thanksgiving Day Massacre as I'm calling it for those in the US) like today happens and they get scared out and sell at a loss.
  3. Similar movement to January 2017 when Bitcoin rocketed to $1,128 nearly it's previous ATH of $1,163 in 2013 then fell to $764 a few days latter before resuming its move up. Will it play out the same way again??
  4. This spike is not consumer driven, it is driven by institutions. Check out the Google Trends during the 2017 run and today. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&geo=US&q=bitcoin
  5. @captainjack The answer to why this is happening could fill a book. Certainly Macro Economic Factors, Government spending related to the Pandemic and general state of the Economy. the Lax Fiscal attitude of the Central Banks, adoption of Bitcoin as a reserve asset by public companies, Governments moving into bitcoin, etc. Also Bitcoin is on a 4 year cycle related to the halvings and we are entering the bull phaze and ALT's are getting dragged along. As far as XRP specific I don't know what Dec 3 is. December 12 is the the date that the Flare Network is using to take a snaps
  6. Yesterday Bitcoin had the Second Highest Daily Close Ever and the Second Close above $19,000. When we Break $20K any thoughts on where we go before a pull back? I'm thinking it goes straight to maybe $22, Max Keiser has said $28k. Hopium? It's a mathematical certainty.
  7. Bitcoin is poised the make it's highest daily close ever. Highest close on Bitstamp was $19,187 on December 16, 2017 and the highest price ever on Bitstamp was $19,666 on December 17, 2017. The highest price ever for Bitcoin of all exchanges was $19,783 on December 17, 2017. Will this close signal the start of the Bull Market or do we have to beat the ATH price? I'm gonna round up. The bull market starts at $20k. Maybe we even get that today!!! Winter has lasted 1,073 days so far but spring is about the start.
  8. Would post about about how good Bitcoin is doing. Or how ETH is over $600 or how LTC is almost $90, but XRP is stealing all my interest. Up 22% - as I've always said - it moves out of nowhere and if you are not already in you will miss it. Would be nice if this run results in a 10x then consolidation before another 10x run.
  9. On the Weekly Chart Bitcoin is poised to make it's Second Highest Close Ever. On the monthly which still has 8 days left so anything can happen, Bitcoin is looking to make it ATH Monthly Close!!!. The bull run is nearly on. Expect volatility. I am expecting days when Bitcoin will routinely make/lose 5k-2k a day. @xrp_seaagreed. I'd say we have a 12-14 Month Bull Run which will dwarf the previous one.
  10. Got a bit sidetracked today with the XRP run up but Yesterday Bitcoin Closed at $18,687 4th highest daily close ever only beaten in the height of the last bull run on December 16, 17, 18, 2017 a close above $19,187.78 the ATH close and the bull run has begun.l
  11. Just woke up and noticed XRP's price. Like I've been saying nothing that BAM makes a huge move.
  12. Bitcoin hitting another high for 2020. Eth is over $500, LTC over $80, Even XRP is joining the party, Kinda at .31+ Looks like Bitcoin's Bull Market might start this year (maybe even this week). I'm sure we will see pullbacks and a lot of volatility but I'm also sure in a year from now people that buy at these prices will be very happy with their purchases. I think this is December 2016 all over again.
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