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  1. I invested in this coin so stop spreading FUD I hope and think the Chinese people will continue to buy. The technology supposed to be great. The whole cryptoworld is irrational, so I think people are better of with this ICO then a lot of others. If even Dogecoin can exist there most be a place for EOS. I think that this ICO has got a far better futer and technology according to the experts.
  2. @ muratcolakdemirci I like optimistic and positive people, but please keep it realistic or take medication for bipolar disorder. The same applies for Hodor. If Ripple ever goes bankrupt, he still is preaching to hold and buy more. Just kidding Hodor, I like your positive spirit! I also believe in Ripple and it frustrates me that it does not get the spot it deserves... And ofcourse muratcolakdemirci
  3. I think it was a good move $$$
  4. I am half in IOTA and the other 50% in Ripple. I was also in Ethereum but sold them last week. Hope it was a good decision? Good article zerpdigger!
  5. "See how much intellectual capital these guys" Why are you so negative? Strange!
  6. Here is another link to a price chart with IOTA prices before the launch on Bitfinex.
  7. Here is another inspiring song to keep hope up, enjoy!
  8. This song is in my opinion, also referring to Ripple in his own way!
  9. Because of this, please listen to the speech. I think he is also referring to Ripple...
  10. This is it, it won,t go any lower. Only UP UP UP from now on!!!
  11. The large upward price movement is starting already! Ripple is now at the lowest price you can buy them, after this it is to the moon!!!
  12. The large upward price movement is starting already! Ripple is now at the lowest price you can buy them, after this it is to the moon!!!
  13. If Ripple won't gain in value this weekend, I am out of Ripple and in Ethereum! But, I know its gonna make us lots of $$$
  14. This is my first prediction and you will see lots of extra Ripple Dollars this weekend!!!
  15. Don't know why, but Ripple is going up big time THIS WEEKEND!!! I can smell it I mean it, you will see!
  16. There is a limit to most people's patients, when it is reached they will sell. Then they will look at coins with a good profit and buy them. This will effect the price of Ripple... People are here for the money nothing else!
  17. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ripple-members-will-attend-money2020-europe-euro-banking-association-events-month/
  18. As soon as possible with these price drops, just kidding.
  19. Even Dogecoin is giving more profit at this moment... Mabey Ripple needs to change their logo also in a cute animal, something like a little Panda Bear . I bet Chinese people would love it, perhaps then they start buying Ripple
  20. @cap I am here to stay and I believe in Ripple! I see myself in the near future reading this comment, and thinking thank God I kept my Ripples back then!
  21. @ PeteWisdom "I have lost my life savings on XRP !! My Wife is going to kill me !!" This is my first post here on this forum. I also bought at a high price (0.25). I did not buy that much, but enough to make me nervous at this moment. I am holding and waiting for a better day. I believe in this coin and the idea and technology behind it. In the near future you can probably laugh about this situation. If all does go south, I see a trailer park and lots of cheap liquor in my crystal ball. Now on a serious note, there are gonna be better times, till then i wish you all the best and good luck!!!
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