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  1. Released a day before SWELL. That can't be a coincidence. Alright Ripple, let's see what you got!
  2. Ya very annoying... Kraken has dropped the ball big time. I haven't done the math but it may be better to exchange CDN to USD at your bank and wire that to Kraken, compared to the inflated bitcoin price at Quadrigacx. For withdrawals at least, what about getting a US$ account at a Canadian bank? You could sell for US$ and wire to that account. Or exchange to bitcoin and sell at Quadrigacx.
  3. An epic and tragic example of this just took place. Someone paid $6 per XRL instead of 60 cents. They spent 31 ETH for 1500 XRL. Hopefully it wasn't the OP.
  4. Winnipeger here. I've tried to get my family and friends to look into XRP but I've had no luck.
  5. Good idea, I was wondering the same thing. It's fun to think about, let's hope it will be a dream realized.
  6. Great PR move, posting that after the recent ETH hack. I'm liking what I'm seeing from Ripple's social media presence lately.
  7. As someone new to the cryptocurrency world, what has really given me extra confidence and trust in Ripple has been the community involvement of JoelKatz (Ripple Chief Cryptographer). I've been addicted to reading up on all things Ripple/XRP. I follow him on the Ripple reddit group, and of course here on XRPchat. I've seen him on bitcointalk.org calmly explaining things, even when facing hostility. When I've introduced XRP to friends I've linked them to JoelKatz' posts, where he explains things far better than I can. Thanks for taking the time JoelKatz. I'm sure this joke has been made before, but I couldn't resist:
  8. Maybe I'll pay for my care in around 60 years with my XRP. I'd like to visit Nova Scotia eventually, nice looking business and website. Good luck!
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