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    WillGetThere got a reaction from Cesar1810 in A short reminder   
    Hallo, any changes to your assumptions given .58 has been easily taken? Or things just go parabolic from now on? 
    Many thanks for your input.
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    WillGetThere reacted to Wandering_Dog in A short reminder   
    Different use of the term. I'm talking about assassinations of political figures, burning down parliament/central banks/treasuries, and domestic involvement of the military in their primary role (killing people). 
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    WillGetThere reacted to tar in A short reminder   
    There is a war between the globally active, homeless (war-mongering, border-destroying, SJW, transhumanist) upper class and the locally invested and anchored (conservative, upholding the rule of law to protect local capital) middle class, which is pushed by the former (through de-industrialization, climate policy, strengthening tax burdens and unilateral property policy) into the lower class. The destruction of the middle class is accompanied by the abolition of democracy.

    Worth reading:
    https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/12/can-history-predict-future/616993/ https://anacyclosis.org/2020/08/31/anacyclosis-act-3-the-rise-and-fall-of-democracy/
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    WillGetThere reacted to tar in A short reminder   
    Good luck!
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    WillGetThere reacted to tar in A short reminder   
    Little update:
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    WillGetThere got a reaction from Sotong in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
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    WillGetThere got a reaction from Cesar1810 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
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    WillGetThere reacted to jargoman in Anyone tried this out?   
    It's better I link to the proof rather than you take my word for it
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    WillGetThere reacted to jag216 in Nexo and Flare have done it - Nexo will support Spark airdrop   
    Nick (Nexo Help Center)
    Oct 22, 2020, 16:47 GMT+3
    Hi Jag216
    We are reaching to you with news concerning the Spark airdrop.
    Kindly be advised that after weeks of discussions with the CEO of the Flare Network we decided to support the event. We confirmed that by announcing this news via our Twitter account.
    We will provide more information at the beginning of December as mentioned in our tweet.

    The official snapshot of the XRP ledger for the #Spark distribution will be taken on December 12th 2020.
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    WillGetThere reacted to jargoman in I made a massive mistake entering orders this morning   
    I meant to buy 24 XRP for approximately 0.000045 BTC:bitstamp IOU. What could possibly go wrong?

    I accidentally entered an order to buy 24 BTC

    The next part of the mistake baffles me because I still have the intended price of 0.000017488 in my calculator

    Somehow I managed to enter an order to buy 24 BTC for a whopping 76,116,445,445 XRP. In my panic to cancel the order and sell as fast I could. I accidentally bought more !!!! I remember thinking. No more trading when half asleep but I still had to undo the damage. 

    I had 110,000 thousand xrp in the account and I'm very lucky. I bought 1.4994014 BTC for 93,425.89 XRP. I have a sell order up to sell the 1.4994014 BTC for 62,990 XRP per BTC to cover the xrp I spent and the fee's. I doubt it will fill unless BTC continues it's uptrend and XRP stays stagnant. Which could happen so I'm trying to take it in stride.

    I coded all morning to add a safety check into my wallet so any order higher than 1% above market will throw up a warning. 

    check your inputs !!

    for anyone that wants a good laugh
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    WillGetThere reacted to Baka in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    I'm on many forums , and a good % of investors don't like XRP .
    so , maybe if new investors put money in it , but I 'm not buying XRP anymore .
    Made much more $ with 2 other coins , and much faster.
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    WillGetThere reacted to Baka in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Btc looking good , hoping eth and XRP will go up in the coming months
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    WillGetThere reacted to Baka in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    I'm here , rebought at lower prices I sold.  but still have $ to invest at lower prices.
    let s see where BTC will go in the coming weeks 
    It broke 12500$ so it may turn bullish again , wouldn't think it would broke that price before we see at least 9k$
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    WillGetThere reacted to Muellhart in EU moves forward on crypto regulation   
    The EU has drafted a proposal for crypto regulation, it seems to be pretty comprehensive.
    For bullet points / an overview check out the coindesk article. For more details see the press release or the draft.
    I personally would be very much interested in more detailed statements of people with more legal expertise. Any links are appreciated.
    Coindesk Article
    Proposal Draft on politico (leak: 09/17)
    Proposal Draft from 09/24 on EU servers
    Press Release from the european commission
    Some more Info:
    conclusion of the consultation process on the digital finance strat of the EU
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    WillGetThere reacted to BillyOckham in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    I applaud your effort to quantify it but I seriously doubt it is possible to achieve a sensible result of any prediction in this area.
    It is almost a binary thing I think.  
    Either XRP will wallow like the present and dribble out till the world loses interest,  or it will at some point experience exponential growth and the whole landscape changes.  At that point any trends predicted using the pre growth data will be obsolete.
    So to me any escrow analysis at this stage is pointless and fruitless.
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    WillGetThere reacted to Flintstone in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    But when you are......
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    WillGetThere reacted to Baka in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    I would wait , we may see 0.16-0.18$ really soon.
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    WillGetThere reacted to SteveOlivier in xrpnet.ch   
    Hi to all,
    I am very new here but I am Swiss resident. See your discussion and couldnt pass without putting out my comment, hopefully it will be usefull for everyone. 
    First about Bitnuk AG (platform Bitnuk.com). There is no need to spread information wrong when you can find all in the internet and very easy.
    1. Bitnuk AG is a registered company in Switzerland, ZUG. It has the address, phone number and people on the board. You can check this at moneyhouse.ch 
    2. Bitnuk is a company which is regulated and licenced for it activity by SRO ARIF, FINMA member. Finma is the main authority in Switzerland to licence all financial entities. To prove that Bitnuk AG is licenced you can search their name at : 
    Type name : Bitnuk AG and you will see that it is there in the list. 
    By only having these facts - there can be no moe discussions if the Bitnuk AG is legitimate or not. Its obvious even looking to the mentioned websites. 
    3. Fact number 3 , you can check various articles online about Nitnuk AG activity and there are no negative references. 
    4. Bitnuk AG is not open for worldwide registration, this is premium type of the service , first for the qualified investors and do not hold the open registration for all internet. You have to request ability to be registered. That would possibly explain why they have so few downloads on Appstores. 
    5. Bitnuk AG has nothing to do with Ripple and XRP. Its exclusively for the Bitcoin and Quantum coins. 
    Now to go back to the second part of the question:
    Company XRP2CARD OUY seems to be also licenced and regulated company. You can check this at:
    The company is licenced by Estonian Finance Institution for the crypto type activity. 
    Its obvious from the infomation in the footer they provide that they use Bitnuk AG as a liquidity provider for theire crypto operations. Which is absolutely normal and legitimate.
    All this information could be foundin the internet and front-top search engine pages.
    Hopefully my information was helpful guys

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    WillGetThere reacted to Jotaro in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    @Master_of_Brain i know you're @Molten , admit it.
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    WillGetThere reacted to baggy23 in Thoughts on Cinnamon Video?   
    In my opinion Cinnamon.video has absolutely no chance to compete with Youtube. They must be naive to think they can grab a significant market share. Maybe they know that... However, It's a great example to demonstrate how to implement micropayments into a content creator platform... I hope Youtube is watching, and will implement this in the future.
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    WillGetThere reacted to King34Maine in Thoughts on Cinnamon Video?   
    I don't think Ripple missed the DeFi boat at all. Ripple's approach to DeFi, in my opinnion, will be completely different than what's currently going own right now. DeFi, as we know it today, primarily represents only retail investors dabbling about aimlessly trying to find their footing. David Schwartz touched (47:52 - 49:08) on this in a Fireside chat with CoinTelegraph this past June. Through RippleNet, Ripple will/can offer many services like the XRP-denominated loan product (already in the works) as well as DeFi services and offerings to INSTITUTIONAL clients. This is where the REAL money will be made in DeFi. The few billion locked-up in DeFi is chicken shit compared to the money that will be generated with institutional players. As David stated, through RippleNet, Ripple is able to instantly integrate new products and services into the "financial flows" of their customer-base. This is why adding new partnerships and building out the rails of RippleNet is so important. Each new partner/node is another user for the many financial products/instruments they have in the pipeline. Ripple isn't a company that blindly enters into a new and emerging trend like DeFi haphazardly like we've seen happening with Ethereum. Ripple has been very deliberate and meticulously strategic about how they enter into a new/potential area of growth. DeFi will be no different. DeFi as we see it now is not how it will be in the future. REGULATIONS will come and are coming like a wrecking ball to destroy all that is not AML/KYC/CFT compliant. Yes, the process is slow when trying to be within the letter of the law, but Ripple's clientele are regulated entities who are not going to stray from the straight an narrow and risk the ire of regulators. With respects to DeFi, Asheesh Birla, Ripple's SVP of Product and Corp. Development tweeted something this past Saturday that perked my ears up a bit about how "an ILP (Interledger) based Uniswap that provides cross-chain interoperability and liquidity is going to be a big thing." Now, he doesn't come out and specifically say this was something they were working on at Ripple, but when you have the SVP of Product from Ripple throwing out a statement like that, one can only assume/speculate that there's some work being done behind the scenes to bring it to fruition either from Ripple or more likely Xpring.
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    WillGetThere reacted to xrp-pat in XRP Profit Calculator   
    A registration date on a forum has zero bearing on when someone first bought xrp. 
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    WillGetThere reacted to Dogowner5 in Flare networks - Spark token to XRP holders   
    Because so many people seem confused about this whole claim process I am going to write a short explanation of what happens and why.  It’s not a how to...  others are doing that.  It’s a ‘what happens and why’.  I won’t explain why all this is so good for XRP... that’s another topic.  Let me know if any of this is badly worded or needs more explanation.

    Flare want to do Smart Contracts 2.0.   Etherium is slow and expensive and has some potential governance/security issues even as it changes from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake.  Also, POS is an inefficient use of capital.
    So they are taking the Etherium smart contract engine holus bolus and putting it on a newly created consensus network.  This would enable Etherium smart contract users to simply copy paste their contracts over to Flare so they are faster and cheaper than when they ran on Etherium.
    Because the smart contracts use Etherium type addresses, so too must the Flare network.  Flare want to interact with all networks eventually,  but the one they are starting with is the XRPLedger.  So their network is XRPL aware.  It can read the XRP Ledger and monitor it.
    Any new blockchain needs a distribution strategy for its native token (in this case: Spark).  It’s not a trivial thing to do.  It’s been done badly many times.
    Flare decided to distribute Spark to any interested XRP holders (except for Ripple and Ripple Founders).
    So how to do that?

    They let XRP holders express interest by advising their desired receiving address.
    They need the interested XRP account holder to nominate a Flare address to send the Spark to from the Flare genesis account.  They could do that in some convoluted way,  but they wanted the distribution to be handled without any intervention by a smart contract running on the Flare network that will run for six months after the initial start on snapshot day.

    It needs to know what Flare address to send the Spark to.  So they have asked the XRP account holder to set a (mostly unused) field in their XRP account with the desired Flare address.  This does four things.  First it lets the contract know that this person wants Spark.  Because it can read the XRP balance it knows to allocate a corresponding amount of Spark.  Thirdly it proves the owner of that XRP is the one giving the receiving address (only the owner can make account changes).   Lastly it tells the contract where on the Flare network to send the Spark.
    So after this is done they have two separate blockchains: Flare and XRPL.  Some (maybe most?) XRP holders will have tokens on both.  The XRPL is unaffected. 
    They set a “snapshot” date of 12/12/2020.  Any XRP account that sets that MessageKeyField with a valid Flare address will receive Spark to that Flare address.  For the next six months after the snapshot,  any XRP account that sets the address (and hasn’t previously) will be allocated Spark.  The smart contract will be watching every ledger close over that six months and will send Spark when it sees a newly and correctly set MessageKeyField.
    After the six month grace period expires any remaining unallocated Spark will be burned.
    So I hope that makes thing clearer for any wondering about it.
    Some key points:
    Setting the field wont affect your XRP.  That field can be cleared later if you don’t like it being there. If you set it before snapshot you will get Spark on day 1 If you don’t have it set at snapshot, but set it In the six months after, then you will receive the Spark immediately the contract sees the ‘set’ transaction on the XRPL  If you self manage your XRP you need to do this address set yourself If you are on a participating exchange then they will claim them for you and advise you how to access them If you are on a nonparticipating exchange you won’t get any Spark (but they might claim and keep them)  
    If you do this yourself you should make absolutely certain that you have control of that Etherium/Flare address.  It’s not enough to just have the address...  you must have the related private key also.  
    There is no guarantee that Spark will be worth anything While you have that field set it allows others to know what address your Spark started to live at.  No biggee but some (me) will remove it as soon as it’s been allocated just on general privacy principles.   EDIT:  Of course, anyone interested can always traverse the ledger to find your set tran and therefore you initial Spark address.  Again, no biggee.  
    Hope this has been helpful.     
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