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  1. I haven't come across with such an interesting discussion here for quite a while. It smells like politics a bit and this is not what I'm here for, but thank you all anyway. Well..., I rather agree with those who think that crypto can be a gamechanger for the poor as it enables them to get themselves absolutely different life with rather tiny investment and i agree that this (crypto revolution) is what society needs and it (crypto) is actually a reflection of all those problems society has when it comes to a citizen - authorities relations. In terms of proper/democratic enforcement by the authorities given crypto's status/desing i think the decision/procedure will come. We are too early to see it (decision/procedure) now.
  2. It just doesn't make a lot of sense for market/price/people to wait 8 months after BTC halving again (for third time on a row) in order to react to it. I mean can't we have BTC reacting on halving faster than 8 months past halving? Or even prior to halving?
  3. Confirm me if i'm wrong but i tend to disagree with you here. This quote relates more to XRP.
  4. I understand you, i've been to this situation. Do your best to finance your purchase from other sources as further down the road you might regret selling XRP or other crypto at these prices. Just saying and good luck to you anyway!
  5. Well.., not trying to accuse anyone / not pretending to be a smartass but non of the chartists has forecasted anything even close to what is happening now. Remember - you are not taking a loss unless you have exited your investment.
  6. Its definitely good news as it should bring closer an acme of XRP being or not being the whole industry game changer. I have said it many times here that 2020, max 2021 might be/should be a decisive year for XRP use case verification. I personally would be OK to see a clear picture: either XRP fail or succeed within next two years or so. I hope that the waiting game is due to regulation uncertainty and not due to lack of demand for XRP/doubts in its use case.
  7. Hi @tar . There are two different scenarios that chartists here believe will happen: 1. XRP catches up with BTC in terms of satoshis to reach say 10000 sat due to BTC dumps. 2. XRP and BTC prices increase more or less in parallel (or BTC stays where it is now) with XRP still reach same 10000 sat. In other words - do you think XRP/BTC will increase because BTC will tank or not? Thank you.
  8. Hi Eric. What are the odds of BTC ATH being delayed (say to the end of 2021 or later)? On another point - You stated couple of months ago that the bear market is officially over. Do you still think so? Are these sideway moves we have been experiencing for quite a while are part of a bull run? Or these sideways moves are some sort of accumulation phase within a bull run? Many thanks.
  9. Im not following BTC development really hence can't say what has changed since 2017-2018 ATH technology wise, but the ATH itself might or might not have been a result of backlogs and high fees. It (ATH and network slowness) could or could not have been a coincidence. What im pretty sure it that it will be very hard to pump BTC past previous ATH in case its network faces the same problems we saw during the previous bull run. How can you simply transfer BTC in and out of the wallets/exchanges if it takes ages and costs a fortune? It will impact BTC price if BTC developers haven't done much during last two bear years.
  10. You have asked Doc, but let me share my take - all you get if you decide to sell now is 40% loss. Why sell now then? Are you really desperate to get some money? It looks like things are getting juicer day by day..., i'm rather positive on crypto in 2020 and 2021. It looks like a crypto investor has suffered through all (or almost all) the bear market as now so in case such an investor sells now he will just take a loss on a brink of a uptrend. My take only, this is crypto and it all go to zero or the bear can stay with us for another 2-X years obviously... you never know...
  11. Hi @Eric123 is this correction something you have anticipated thanks to your TA? Is it possible to anticipate, within TA, these kind of things at all? How long will BTC (and alts) get smashed for, based on your TA?
  12. So this chart implies that BTC's price won't increase, right? Or that alts growth will be that huge that BTC's price might increase but with no influence on BTC's dominance, right? In 2017, if i recall correctly, BTC had reached several ATHighs during its run before it picked at USD 20ths circa which is not the case this time (what i mean is that no ATH has been reached by BTC yet for it to start loosing it dominance). Thoughts?
  13. I guess this is also reflected in the increased number of transactions which have been up since the end of June - https://coinmetrics.io/charts/#assets=bch,btc,eth,xrp_log=false_roll=7_left=TxCnt_zoom=1561528766313.4316,1564120766313.4316 If the above link is not working try this and just set up your own filters - https://coinmetrics.io/charts/
  14. Thank you for your comment, Julian. I have never asked Hodor to work for me, have I? The purpose of my original comments to Hodor's blog was to provide my personal opinion/questions on his blogs which I read. As a reader i feel thankful to Hodor for what he does, but i feel like having even better content. Its as simple as that. I appreciate your opinion, Julian, but please respect mine. Thank you.
  15. I've meant this specific section (i have actually quoted it in my previous post) : "...the companies in the XRP ecosystem are continuing their steady progress in building out the necessary liquidity, software, tools, and applications for XRP to thrive and grow. Ripple has super-charged this trend with enormous investment from Xpring, its initiative that plows massive amounts of capital back into the circle of companies championing XRP. These companies are using XRP for a variety of immense new use cases." So, can you please specify which "companies" are you mentioning that "are using XRP for a variety of new immense use cases?" I expect your blog to be more judgemental and versatile. For example, it would be great to have your opinion (and believe me i personally value it a lot) on things like Ripple/Chris Larsen/Mr X selling their XRPs. Is it smth you worry or not? Why is it happening? My opinion is that Ripple and/or its shareholders should be free to make whatever decision on XRP they want. I'm absolutely calm about it and i presume they sell XRP for a reason and this is well though strategic move. I also expect you to back up your thoughts or assumptions with data on a best efforts basis. It is always great to have specifics (see me comment above re Xpring). When i have asked you to share some analytics on how your audience grows or shrinks all i wanted to see was if there was a pattern beetween FOMOed 2017 crypto market and the number of ppl reading your blog. And the same for 2019 - number of your readers or "reads" vs 2017. It is not a secret that Google search on "Bitcoin" is nowhere near to what it was during 2017 FOMO, hence less retail interest in crypto, hence bears still have power to pull the market down. My last question you have answered, thank you. General comment - i felt your response was a bit harsh. I wasn't meant to have you on, just felt like your blogs becoming more analytical with your opinion on both XRP/Ripple development and drawbacks or smth you don't like or see as a threat. Thank you.
  16. Thanks for your efforts and consistency, @Hodor In your blog you mention: "...the companies in the XRP ecosystem are continuing their steady progress in building out the necessary liquidity, software, tools, and applications for XRP to thrive and grow. Ripple has super-charged this trend with enormous investment from Xpring, its initiative that plows massive amounts of capital back into the circle of companies championing XRP. These companies are using XRP for a variety of immense new use cases." Hodor, have you had a chance to go through this thread? It seems like Xpring developments have not progressed that well contrary to what you mention in your blog. Can you advise please? Am i missing something? Do you have any data to back up your positive sentiment re Xpring? --- Another question i have is as follows - can you please share with us analytics as to how often (how many times) is your blog read in 2019 vs. 2018 and 2017? Another bit i'd like you to elaborate on please is this: " The market continues to behave in a way that doesn't punish individual investors for making the incorrect choice; most of the trading occurs on exchanges, where people can instantaneously trade one crypto for another at the speed of a centralized database, not understanding that proof-of-work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum could never support such real-time settlement. These new investors, if their crypto never leaves the exchange, are not exposed to the failings of these obsolete cryptocurrencies."
  17. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2878000.0 Courtesy of Lucky who has posted the above mentioned link the other day.
  18. Counting and analyzing all these wallets and txs is a complex issue as we do not know all nuances. What we seem to forget is demand. Is it right to say that the demand for XRP is not that high (and is not growing) hence Ripple's (or its shareholders) XRP sales suppress the XRP price? And the XRP demand is not growing due to progress of XRP implementation is being slower than needed. Plus regulatory concerns that haven't been resolved yet.
  19. Just to make sure I'm following you: the high risk / high reward (which i agree crypto investment is) balance tips over into very high risk / low reward due to XRP progress being slower then it would need to be to keep high risk / high reward ratio balanced equally? Is that what are you saying..? Many thanks for all your inputs.
  20. Hi Eric there is a bit of hysteria with Ripple and/or Mr. Larsen selling XRPs Does it influence your view on XRP price or you are purely TA guy and base your assumptions mainly on TA and crypto assets speculation (due to utility driven demand is not here anytime soon)
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