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  1. Hallo, any changes to your assumptions given .58 has been easily taken? Or things just go parabolic from now on? Many thanks for your input.
  2. Can i spend all my LIKES just for this post? This is brilliant, @tar and i do hope there are enough educated people, with the same way of thinking, in Germany - country which has been disappointing me lately.
  3. This is how market works and this why there are money to be made. Thank you for selling, mate, well done. BULLISH.
  4. I doubt $300 mln would fuel the market by completely changing it overall sentiment, esp long term. It can impact a short-term price spike, but even most important drivers for a bull run to start are: 1. consistent demand, incl from an average retail investors (not happening ATM); 2. less selling, incl. by miners (seems to be happening).
  5. Whatever happens i want to see a full stop in this case.
  6. I think that BTC will keep on showing sideways movements until Kleiman/CSW hearing early July. I know that you Eric think that CSW is a fraud hence you might not want to connect BTC price with a fraud but this is a gut feeling i'm having. Edit: i'll be happy to be proven wrong and watch BTC breaks out asap.
  7. Hi, Nicolas @Nicolas would you mind to comment please?
  8. Look, i hope you understand that in order for you and me as well as any other retail investor in XRP exited with decent, for crypto space, ROI we would NOT necessarily need to have Chris Larsen and Jeff Bezos at the joint press conference announcing that Amazon in absolutely full in XRP promising huge liquidity as a result of billions of transactions. What an ordinary retail investor needs is typical cycle to repeat with new money coming in as a result of whatever news/rumors/manipulation/speculatio - exactly what happened late 2017. An average retail investor needs to have its strategy and adhere to it. Blame yourself if you are either too fearful or too greedy. Don't get me wrong - I'm here for the technology and i still am XRP believer (however in 2016 when i invested i thought things would looked a bit better by 2020) but i somehow realize that i need to clearly distinguish my investor sentiment/focus with my 'XRP is the best technology to rule the world and tear them all apart' sentiment. Simply speaking (sorry for sounding very pragmatic and cruel) i dont mind if XRP fails fully or to some extent but i will be able to make money on it. I think its possible.
  9. Absolutely and I agree with you and this approach will work time and time again due to tiny % of population know what crypto/XRP is. Existing investors always exit their investment because new investors get into the game. Psychology of investing. Watch BTC or even ETH takes off and watch other crypto...
  10. I don't see it that way. For me this news is not that dramatic. SME's corresponds to about 80% of GDP (depending country by country) and they need an enormous number of payments on a daily basis. Isn't it what XRP has been aimed to deal with? Next thing is there can definitely be some behind the scenes politics be it connected with possible WU takeover or not. Next thing is that this news, in my opinion, will not impact XRP price in view of the next cycle which is rather coming than not. Once BTC breaks 10500/12000/14000 level it will lift all boats. Moreover it looks to me (pure guess) that Ripple keeps some tasty news in their pocket and will release them once FOMO has started - just to make sure XRP skyrockets. Next cycle - next (new) retail investors - next possibility for existing investors to exit an investment. This is way it has been working so far. DYOR. Cheers
  11. Isn't it because weak miners die out as as result of the halving? This is temporarily if so.
  12. Said before and will say it again - I absolutely agree with you. You might see on a chart what's coming in say, 15 mins (which not that important/valuable), but you would rather not see on a chart where is crypto price heading mid/long term. Nevertheless i'd like to thank Eric for his dedication and consistency in this thread. Well done!
  13. This thread has been very helpful for me to be actually established in the position that TA for crypto simply don't work. This space has been sooo hugely manipulated that it just laughs at TA. Okay, a guy doing a TA can draw a conclusion as to where BTC is heading on, say, 15 mins chart, but definitely not any further. I appreciate your input @Eric123 and please dont take this message personal. Cheers and stay safe everyone.
  14. [off-topic], bit highly recommended - P.s. pls read comments from 77 old guy who has been taking 30 tablets of 1000 mg Vitamin C PER DAY FOR 40 YEARS.
  15. Guys, it takes a reasonable amount of efforts and patience to hold XRP as it trades sideways most of the time. XRP is probably the most boring DA out there. However you better get ready for epic appreciation and when (not IF, but when) it happens XRP will leave all (majority for sure) other DA behind in terms of % price growth. Its difficult to say when exactly will that epic XRP price growth commence, but my gut feeling tells me that it will be close to to BTC reaching its ATH (my guess is late 2020 - 1H2021). If you have a look at XRP price behaviour it was only once, in 2015 i guess, when it appreciated not linked to BTC run for its ATH. I agree with @Julian_Williams that adoption goes quite well, but it does not matter yet if we talk about XRP price rise. Jed's dumping will not matter during the next epic XRP price rise. What matters, as of today, in this wild market are: cycles, psychology of trading/investments and BTC ATH. That is it. When the next XRP price rise kicks in no one will moan about Jed or Ripple IPO or supply or adoption being slow or fast. Everyone will be nice and smiling here wishing good night to one another or asking how did you sleep at night, etc. I saw that in 2017 here. Stay calm and patient or sell otherwise. It looks like XRP investor has suffered the worst during the last couple of years. And yes: DYOR, do not invest more than you can afford to loose, have your exit strategy ready and stick to it. And yes 2: make sure your mind is not obnubilated by XRP price rise - i.e. do not wait for XXX pricing, don't get caught. Not a financial advise. DYOR. Cheers)
  16. Interesting discussion, very rare thing in here recently. My thoughts (sorry for being chaotic): 1. I have become much more convinced to get almost fully out of my XRP stash in the next bull run. I could do so in Dec 2017, but no regrets YET, as it was a part of my investment strategy i adhere to. I always wanted to hold my XRPs through 2020 hoping to benefit from use case driven demand. 2. Adoption/use case driven XRP price rise is far away (at least 3 years from now) or may not happen at all. 3. I might increase my XLM stash to get almost fully out of it in thr next bull run. 4. An opinion of 1 person (even though with some insider knowledge and good understanding of the topic) should not be smth you dramatically change your investment decisions based on. Just to echo what @Caracappa has said above ^ re hierarchy in a company. 5. The next bull run will, again, be 100% speculative manipulation. Nothing to do with use cases whatsoever. Cheers
  17. I would agree with @SquaryBone's post above ^. I also find it a bit childish/desperate for an investor to draw conclusions (mainly positive) given what company (Ripple), what product (XRP) we are talking about. I mean that the company and the product are mature, healthy, wealthy enough to show decent progress/news themselves. I might be wrong but it looks very artificial to me.
  18. Hi @tar any updates given we have almost! touched 0.16?
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