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  1. WillGetThere

    Ripple In Ukraine - What Do We Know?

    I had to google a bit and I'm sorry but this is false again, min pension in Ukraine is about USD 50 - https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-economy/2479700-pension-fund-minimum-pensions-to-grow-from-july-1.html which is tiny but its 3 times more than you have indicated. I'm sorry to hear you uncle's experience but i have somewhat different one (and things have definitely improved post Maidan). I have been to Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro as well as several small towns) multiple times so i quite understand what I'm talking about. Cheers
  2. WillGetThere

    Ripple In Ukraine - What Do We Know?

    I'll give it a go once again and report back. But yeah, if we have any native speakers here (Ukrainians) it would be good if they could investigate please. Cheers.
  3. WillGetThere

    Ripple In Ukraine - What Do We Know?

    I did ask my Ukrainian partners couple of weeks ago, but nothing confirmed yet. Ukraine is quite a large country with solid diaspora sending money from the USA, Canada, the UK and the Eurozone so Ripple and XRP should be used there soon or late.
  4. WillGetThere

    Ripple In Ukraine - What Do We Know?

    This is 100% false. These days have gone (partly thanks to Maidan being tremendous milestone in the country's history) and I'm telling you this as someone having business in Ukraine and with Ukrainians. Yes, Ukraine is still more corrupt than some of the countries in the West, yes serious work needs to be done as @AgamemnonUA stated, but its absolutely biased, short sighted, unpolite and disrespectful to refer to Ukraine like some members did. I could not agree more with @AgamemnonUA posts, well done and hat off to you Sir.
  5. WillGetThere

    Ripple In Ukraine - What Do We Know?

    Many many thanks, @Pablo ! Looks like pro-Russian propaganda has got even here and looks like these guys know their stuff...)
  6. I was saying what i was saying based on the assumption that BW is RW and that 7 bn XRP owned had been granted to them (RW) by CL. This is different story. And if that is the case (CL -> RW) it impossible (from transparency, audits, regulation point of view) that they sell to buy the dip.
  7. 7 bn XRP or 6 bn XRP, the bag is still big if u ask me...)
  8. I agree in principle but the difference here is that BW is most likely not a private person-investor but someone who has much more insider knowledge on Ripple/XRP development. Hence, if such BW knows/forecasts that XRP goes to zero tomorrow and that's why BW sells XRP - fine. But i can't find the reason to sell XRP at current prices otherwise. Probably contractual things as @Atomic1221 suggests but then again why would Ripple/CL oblige BW to actually sell 1 bn XRP and why within certain, quite short time horizon? Whats the logic behind?
  9. @Atomic1221 thanks for your time, appreciate it. I have already commented in this thread as to why would someone just poured all those XRPs so badly given real XRP price could be/should be much, much higher? So I'll just echo what has @KarmaCoverage said: I have also considered what has @jcdenton said: but you can always prolong the agreement. So still, i'm not 100% convinced as to why would someone (and that someone is close to Ripple/CL/insiders) just liquidated his/theirs XRPs... Look, even if its RW how do you think CF would feel like knowing they (RW) sold such a significant portion of his/Ripple donation at these prices? What, RW will be able to solve all the charity problems they face with XRP sale proceeds? No more money they would ever need? I just can't get it across in my head really.
  10. WillGetThere

    CasinoCoin SandBox Update!

    Appreciate your sense of humor @T800 ). Could you please elaborate on the impact. Thanks!
  11. WillGetThere

    Mojaloop, ILP & Coil

    Ppl are debating on Twitter whether this is Miller Abel's true account, but it looks like it is his genuine account indeed. Great find, thanks!
  12. WillGetThere

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    @Plikk I'm sorry to ruin your parade but I guess you say so cause you entered in Jan 2018. I think (personal opinion only) those who entered USD 0.5 plus will have to wait quite long to have meaningful returns, which are at least x10 given what kind of crazy/risky/stressful space crypto is. If someone is looking at x2-x5 return in this space i just feel sorry for them. No offence. Just my opinion if i may please.
  13. I have the same feeling i had back in the autumn 2017 when XRP was boringly traded in USD 0.25 range for a while. I recall other cryptos were mooning at that time making some XRP members nervous/stressed. We do remember what have happened afterwards (late November and December run)... There is one 'but' - speculation only and/or FOMO was behind that 2017 run. Now those recent 2018 XRP developments are those developments which lay the groundwork for so called demand/usecase driven price (XRP price) increase. And if we add FOMO to that we should be alright pricewise... Fingers crossed!
  14. @ADingoAteMyXRP i want to believe your option )). Only time will tell...