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  1. Julian, you seem to be a bright and positive person with solid contribution here but i'll tell you what: i've been hearing "BTC is dead, old, dying technology" song as well as "XRP/BTC decoupling" song from about the end of 2016. We are half a year into 2019 and BTC is still here, its still has well over 50% of total crypto market cap, its still have strong backers - whales, its still being used by ppl to convert cryptos, its still presented on hundreds of exchanges, its still has powerful community behind, its still has a number of developers, etc. Yes it has its issues (scaling, electricity use, China's exposure into mining, 51% attack to name a few) but its still a King irrespectively of whether you or i want it or not and irrespectively of that there is enough logic for it to be dead by now. Disclosure: 80% of my portfolio is and has been XRP with 0% of my portfolio is BTC, but i used to own some) Thanks)
  2. I kindly ask you to double check/back facts and/or refrain from posting contradicting facts/assumptions going forward. This will reduce a number of straw man arguments. Thank you)
  3. Hi @Hodor i haven't mentioned those copy/paste bits are from your blog, have i? I have neither pinged you in my last post, have i? I have pinged @Julian_Williams and first copy/paste bit belongs to him (Julian_Williams) while second copy/paste bit belongs to @WuWei and such copy/paste bit was initially used by Julian_Williams' in his original post. I hope this clairifies and I'm wishing you a nice day ahead)
  4. @Julian_Williams thanks for your positive and forward looking opinion, as always. I had just somehow read mixed messages in the Hodor's blog hence i reacted. But that just me... My opinion is that this rally has nothing to do with XRP's utility driven demand and it still remains to be seen whether: "...opportunity for the "pent up" energy from XRP's constant stream of partnership and tech announcements to come into play". Having said so i sincerely do hope that : "these massive increases in liquidity that are being generated, are going to be like rocket fuel for when all of the xrp corridors start launching - I expect that's going to occur very soon - especially with SBI coming up." Thank you)
  5. @Hodor you say explaining the rational behind the current rally: IMO the statement above absolutely contradicts to this quote off your blog: 'the ongoing rally is instead an unavoidable release of pent-up pressure from XRP's continual growth in utility-driven sources of demand.' Do you agree? The XRP demand coming from these sources is very low at the monent and has nothing to do with the recent rally, this i understand is your position too. OK, so what is the background of the rally then in your opinion? I believe its speculation with no utility driven demand yet plus (to lesser extent) institutional news - BAKKT, etc. My take on this statement is that its rather general one. One could have rephrased, anytime within last 6-9 months, it as follows: 'I believe that the market (speculators) HAVE been recognizing these sources of future demand and feel that XRP is far undervalued.' Nothing have dramatically changed for XRP, as of today, to show use case driven demand IMO.  BAKKT/SBI/xRapid/Omni/Coil news and/or developments have been here for a while, so why has XRP started moving north only when all other have started? Where is that game changer for XRP, as of today? Where is use case XRP driven demand coming from? I cant see it. Thanks for your time!)
  6. @Hodor i refer to the same quote @dr_ed has referred to: 'the ongoing rally is instead an unavoidable release of pent-up pressure from XRP's continual growth in utility-driven sources of demand.' So my question is where exactly do you see 'utility-driven sources of demand' for XRP? I do agree with @dr_ed that this crypto rally is mainly BTC driven (not ONLY BTC driven, but mainly). And i think this rally is rather no XRP utility driven demand. Not yet unfortunately. I do agree with you @Hodor though that the rally has started in the West. Thanks!)
  7. What if USDT never collapses? Or at least not in the foreseeable future? Whats next then? What implications, in your opinion?
  8. Interesting, very different opinions ppl express lately. Looks like someone wants to kick the next FOMO wave off - I don't think Barry would start this campaign if Bitfinex/Thether case was a serious threat. This is just my opinion of course.
  9. Tether fiasco is a healthy thing for crypto market and its good it has began. I think it's interconnected with regulation and institutional engagement. I'm not sure its been priced-in by crypto market, but i don't expect significant drop in prices if it hasn't yet.
  10. Do i get you correctly: 1. USD 4190 is the downside support BTC should not brake? 2. If BTC brakes USD 4190 level and reaches Dec low (USD 3400-ish) you think it'll be smth serious with price not to recover for quite a long time. Right?
  11. Sooner or later i must happen and i think its a good thing to happen
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