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  1. Interesting discussion, very rare thing in here recently. My thoughts (sorry for being chaotic): 1. I have become much more convinced to get almost fully out of my XRP stash in the next bull run. I could do so in Dec 2017, but no regrets YET, as it was a part of my investment strategy i adhere to. I always wanted to hold my XRPs through 2020 hoping to benefit from use case driven demand. 2. Adoption/use case driven XRP price rise is far away (at least 3 years from now) or may not happen at all. 3. I might increase my XLM stash to get almost fully out of it in thr next bull run. 4. An opinion of 1 person (even though with some insider knowledge and good understanding of the topic) should not be smth you dramatically change your investment decisions based on. Just to echo what @Caracappa has said above ^ re hierarchy in a company. 5. The next bull run will, again, be 100% speculative manipulation. Nothing to do with use cases whatsoever. Cheers
  2. I would agree with @SquaryBone's post above ^. I also find it a bit childish/desperate for an investor to draw conclusions (mainly positive) given what company (Ripple), what product (XRP) we are talking about. I mean that the company and the product are mature, healthy, wealthy enough to show decent progress/news themselves. I might be wrong but it looks very artificial to me.
  3. Hi @tar any updates given we have almost! touched 0.16?
  4. What is the time horizon for this in your humble opinion?
  5. IDK what they want to achieve. And i did not say that they want to achieve low XRP. What i said was that XRP price behavior looks a bit strange in a way that was rather stable even if other market was not (incl BTC).
  6. Wow. I would have given all my 'likes' allowance just for that post if i could. Thanks
  7. No, pure manipulation ONLY, just like XRP. But the ways BTC and XRP are being manipulated are different based on what manipulators/whales want to achieve.
  8. Exactly. Why XRP has been very close to 0.3 for a long time fluctuating to much lesser extent than absolute majority of the market? My guess is that there is a reason behind. Im not saying XRP is not just being let to reach and go through 0.3 suppory, what im saying is that XRP has been behaving like stable coin recently (well not exactly like but it was much more stable than other coins.) Why is that? Im not seeing utility based reason here as Philippines and Mexico volumes are way too low.
  9. It seems like XRP is artificially kept within .29-.30 cents price range for a reason. Purely manipulated coin, as is the whole crypto market. This is just a reality. The good news is that the longer XRP stays "dormant" by not reacting to other coins growth the more rapid XRP's price increase will be. So i'm fine with what im seeing. The same behaviour XRP had back in 2017 until some point in time and then it just literally exploded. Patience and We Will Get There...;)
  10. I haven't come across with such an interesting discussion here for quite a while. It smells like politics a bit and this is not what I'm here for, but thank you all anyway. Well..., I rather agree with those who think that crypto can be a gamechanger for the poor as it enables them to get themselves absolutely different life with rather tiny investment and i agree that this (crypto revolution) is what society needs and it (crypto) is actually a reflection of all those problems society has when it comes to a citizen - authorities relations. In terms of proper/democratic enforcement by the authorities given crypto's status/desing i think the decision/procedure will come. We are too early to see it (decision/procedure) now.
  11. It just doesn't make a lot of sense for market/price/people to wait 8 months after BTC halving again (for third time on a row) in order to react to it. I mean can't we have BTC reacting on halving faster than 8 months past halving? Or even prior to halving?
  12. Confirm me if i'm wrong but i tend to disagree with you here. This quote relates more to XRP.
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