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  1. WillGetThere

    A great silence?

    Let me disagree with you @peanut56 And agree with @Void-Induction - Ripple team has been doing amazing job in 2018 with soo many developments. Probably the question you @peanut56wanted to ask was WHEN MOON? Patience...
  2. WillGetThere

    Will there be any profit in running a Codius host?

    Agree with @PunishmentOfLuxury Would be nice to have rough calculations: investments vs. return for someone willing to run a Codius host.
  3. WillGetThere

    It's goodbye, kind of

    Let me agree with @nvok first post in this thread. And it also looks like @Graine decision is emotions driven which is not a good thing in investment management. Only time will tell... Good luck to us all...
  4. Decoupling is under way indeed - have a look at XRP/BTC volume here https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/Ripple-XRP
  5. WillGetThere

    The Final Phase of Desperation

    @JCCollins thanks a lot again! I Don't want to look like a dump/blind follower but can't help asking: what are your # 2 and # 3 crypto bets are (provided XRP is the # 1)? And what do you think is a better way of diversifying: into property or into gold if you must chose only one option? I have my own strategy i follow but i'm just curious to check it against what other smart people like you think... Thank you again!
  6. WillGetThere

    The Final Phase of Desperation

    @JCCollins thanks a lot for your article and i do agree that this thread has become a proper brain teaser. Having in mind your USD devaluation feeling what other fiat currency would you chose should you have to in order to diversify your portfolio? EUR or JPY maybe? I won't take your answer as an investment advice and I always stick to DYOR approach.
  7. @DanB "I don't know what else it is that the doubters need to see." - THIS! I'm tired of preaching and explaining to my friends what crypto is (with focus on XRP) and i'm even more tired to calm them down when XRP price is lower several cents from what they had purchased such XRPs for....
  8. WillGetThere

    Twiiter stirkes again aganist XRP !!

    I was banned on Twitter too about 10 days ago. I had about 100 followers, just nothing. Dont know what to do now
  9. It sounds like Coil and IOTA to some extent. And I agree that payments (any type) business becomes more and more competitive
  10. WillGetThere

    Institutions Coming Into Crypto Very Soon

    Absolutely agree with @Javim777 they have been here for long time. Do not be naive gals and boyz...
  11. WillGetThere

    How low will XRP go?

    I remember the following quote but i can't recall who said it: "If you think you know where this market is heading you are only fooling yourself."
  12. WillGetThere

    Mastercard’s Homesend

    @tulo Hi Tulo, sorry for offtopic - just wondering how's your life with 9 to 6 schedule is now in the past?) Are you enjoying it..?)
  13. WillGetThere

    Lending Through the Ripple Network

    Very good idea and intro @Mercury. In terms of what should be eligibility criteria/reasons for a community member to take a loan i think it would be reasonable not to be that harsh here as brick and mortar banks are. It all comes to community members trust each other. Say, if any trusted XRP chat member wants to take a loan he/she shouldn't be questioned as to what is the purpose of a loan. But when it comes to possible reasons to take a loan @buckor and @brianwalden have named quite a few of them.
  14. I think the reasons Brad says he is long on BTC are: 1. He understands that BTC is NOT XRP competitor; 2. Hence he kind of behaves politely - what's the point of blowing upon BTC given p.1 and given issues BTC is currently facing; 3. I agree with @lucky that most likely he means the real Bitcoin - BCH which adoption and development has been amazing within several months.