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  1. On 1 hand i recall a lot of pessimism back in 2017. Middle of the year and especially autumn was very depressive. Many shitcoins were mooning while XRP was staying in .25 range for months. So i say to myself stay calm and strong, XRP fundamentals are still there. On the other hand i think XRP/Ripple should get more mature with time. Competitors won't wait for years. Nothing serious/positive have not been happening really. Another thought i have is I agree that this chat has degraded. Less and less thoughtful materials/discussions with many folks disappeared (cashed out??). Given I've been here (in crypto space) for a while I'm in green. Well in green, so I'm not panicking. Just getting a bit tired. And yes - since early 2017 means you @Bmatt44 have been lurking here for 1, not 2 years..:) Happy investing guys, no stress!
  2. WillGetThere

    Get MemberBerry back!

    It's true. @MemberBerry has been quite arrogant / sarcastic for a while. I can't recall anything meaningful from him on the forum lately. Not sure about the zerpbox though.
  3. Why would a Ripple partner / investor vest at 0.4 circa? A Ripple partner / investor owing such a stake should be better (than an average investor like me) positioned to know / forecast fair market price of XRP. Hence, as I see it: option 1 - this Ripple partner / investor is so rich it doesn't care about XRP price; option 2 - no XRP price increase anytime soon because current price is smth close to the forecasted market price; option 3 - this is NOT Ripple partner / investor; option 4 - ???. P.S. I do not believe in option 1 TBH. P.P.S. If this guy/guys is reading this tread he/they are having a good laugh at us here..:)
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    Thanks! Sorry for false alarm!
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    Hi all, Have you come across with @luckyrecently? It looks like he has deleted his Twitter account and i haven't heard from here for quite a long time... A bit worrying as i got used to his unbiased and fundamental posts and opinions (those who's been here for a while know what i mean...)
  6. WillGetThere

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    XRP Chat you say...? SOOO much more value/information/opinions/insights it gives me compared to YouTube.
  7. WillGetThere

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    Could not agree more, @zerpdigger, very well said! Alex Cobb is a joke, with my all respect. He seems to just plough the sands... Galgitron, Hodor - supercool guys. I like the way DM explains everything, agree with you @Coretex But i dont watch youtube often, DYOR...!)
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    @vsyc it does not really matter, as of today, whether a coin is mature or not (no use case driven demand) so feel free to continue that list further... All about speculation. BTC goes up, all other folks go up. Decoupling is on the way but still some work needs to be done.
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    My take is that XRP is not mature enough (even with successful SBI) to go north leaving BTC/ETH/LTC... behind. SBI launch is not what XRP has been created for, so no use case yet. Im not selling anytime soon as i do realize this (XRP) is my probably once in a lifetime opportunity... Patience, confidence, belief...MOON
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    The more i analyse/observe crypto market the more i think that no-one really knows smth which can be used for forecasting. Probably several whales which can influence the market, others are just spectators. I can't recall whom does this quote belong to but i adore it:' If you think you know where this market is heading to you are only fooling yourself..." It's still loooong way until we see crypto/digital asset prices driven by a usecase. Speculation only. So, @Zerp_Legend you might want to hold on with liquidating your XRP stake as there will be another wave of speculation until the year end. Mark my words. P.s. No one really knows smth...:)
  11. https://cryptoslate.com/biggest-mileage-system-in-korea-okcashbag-with-35-million-users-will-use-cryptocurrency/amp/
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    SBI is going live next week.

    Can't agree more with @Arized Nothing will happen to XRP price after SBI going live. We would need either superpositive news SEVERAL banks/households will use XRP in transactions hence increased demand in XRP. OR just another speculative bull run similar to what we experienced at the end of 2017. Sorry to disappoint those desperate ones...
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    A great silence?

    Let me disagree with you @peanut56 And agree with @Void-Induction - Ripple team has been doing amazing job in 2018 with soo many developments. Probably the question you @peanut56wanted to ask was WHEN MOON? Patience...
  14. Quite a bullish article as i see it Cheers
  15. WillGetThere

    Will there be any profit in running a Codius host?

    Agree with @PunishmentOfLuxury Would be nice to have rough calculations: investments vs. return for someone willing to run a Codius host.