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  1. So much positivity in this thread. I hate both sides of the extreme if we're being honest. Although I like certain things about Ripple, XRP, ILP, anyone who's talked to me for more than 20 seconds understands that I don't like hype. Hot garbage is definitely the word I would use too. I don't ascribe this to bad moderation though, I ascribe it to manipulative users. Unlike forums like this one, there already exists rings of bots on Reddit and manipulative users, quite frankly the bar to participate on Reddit is so much lower that we usually are left with much worse content. I find it hard for subs like ours to manipulate (for what gain even?) discussion when we run a transparent shop. All our mod logs are publicly viewable: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/wiki/index Please feel free to use a PM to me to discuss any ban. It provides a secondary level of recourse to what some users consider unjust punishment and is also a good way to prompt discussion among the mods around rule changes. Just quoting this to show nvok's response. Nvok is the most active mod and doles out a lot of the punishments. Without him the Ripple subreddit would have good content on it... but you wouldn't be able to find it in the heaps of FUD and ****. Can you confirm which account is yours? Is it the one that you dm'd me on? Do you want me to continue looking into the ban? I'm always open to discussing new ideas and points of view. I promise I don't bite! The unfortunate side of Reddit is that it is what appeals to the majority. It is also where a majority of users get their XRP and Ripple related news. This forum as of writing this has 21,035 members. The subreddit has almost 200,000 subscribers. We had over 20million pageviews during peak bull run. It is faster paced discussion, with a lower bar of entry, with a much more tantalizing target of new/newbie users for scammers to hit. ^ - We wouldn't be held liable since it's a public board in essence, but we still try to remove scams or potential scams when we see them.
  2. Can you mention who is leading the charge on the decentralization effort right now?
  3. Just expected more pomp and circumstance. Sukrim's points about it being very opaque as well make it a bit disappointing. I'm also a bit disappointed at the lack of notoriety that the first validator has... and now the second mentioned above. It feels like at this rate we will end up seeing validators run by data-centers, since they're the only ones with the technical know-how and care to do so.
  4. Pretty much a dead post at this point, but wanted to chime in. I'm the head mod on /r/Ripple, every individual who gets unjustly banned is encouraged to reach out to me in PM in order to sort and arbitrate the issue. There are a ridiculously small amount of arbitration requests sent to me for the amount of subscribers on the subreddit. nvok usually gets a lot of complaints, but that's also because he spends a lot of his spare time moderating. More potential cases, but he knows the rules and enforces them. The rules were a community discussion about what people wanted to see on the subreddit. We always welcome community discussion if the rules need to be changed. Feel free to start a post and if the community wants to discuss rule changes we're more than happy to consider, but the end result is usually a happy medium between too much post removal and not enough.
  5. Still waiting on some assistance from Ripple's team. Also I've been busy so no ETA
  6. Through the validator list feature which is new and exciting. I'd definitely publish my research into the validators I'd include though, but at this stage it would only be a replication of the Ripple list.
  7. I want to eventually provide something of this manner, it's all voluntary though of course.
  8. Not if you transfer the tokens to another hot wallet first. Transfer all existing tokens to hotwallet. Blackhole the originating account. Just use the hotwallet for distribution of the blackhole'd account's tokens.
  9. Just move the tokens to a hotwallet, run it out of there, and blackhole the original account. Also when is the Initial Distro ending?
  10. Hey, approved your post on /r/Ripple. I'll try and add you to the whitelist for posts but Automod gets aggressive sometimes.
  11. JonHolmquist

    Why are you here

    I just want to meet Tiff, tbh
  12. Trying to think of the most boring announcement after their last one... "Coinbase is making physical branches!!"
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