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  1. Another interesting take on Consensus 2018. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2018/05/16/the-crypto-gold-rush/#25587b582d43
  2. I can agree with that, and I realize with hard work, sometimes you have to release all that steam built up, and just have a good time, done that myself, but privately.
  3. Thanks to everyone in giving their personal opinions, it has been highly enlightening and rather comical.
  4. My apologies for the mistype of the "D with the Double GG"
  5. Everyone needs a release, just don't do it in front of the press, crying out loud.
  6. Yes, better than to be affiliated with that. To me that is never a good thing, but when it is quoted in the article: "The smell of marijuana wafted through the half-filled space in Manhattans Meat Packing District", that doesn't look good for you CEO to be present, and for him to slide the blame on someone else for the event, that's not good either. Look, to each their own, I am not arguing the fact of what took place, and I am not that naïve to think that people involved in high stakes finance don't do these things, as well, my point is if your going to play in the big money (sand) box with the rest of the world, you definitely need to better think out the perception of your company that you want to portray to the rest of the world.
  7. It doesn't matter whether or not the author is biased, the fact is that Bloomberg has a worldwide footprint in the business world, and any bad press in regards to Ripple does no one any good. Isn't it bad enough with all the negative press Ripple has to deal with already? Why invite the press in the first place? You can call my comments part of the collective criticism that is posted on here, (that's fine, and at this moment, that is true), but label me as a usual suspect as I haven't posted often on this forum, is a bit much. I guarantee I've been holding this asset a hell of alot longer than you have, and when I see any asset or company I'm invested in make mistakes such as this, make me wonder the after effects on my investment. It should make you think as well. Snoop may be a popular rapper, but my educated guess is that most people that follow him and his career, are not thinking about a long term investment that has the possibility to change the entire banking industry around the world, and whoever decided on having him perform there most likely just wanted a front row seat for free at the company expense, and possibly ours as well.
  8. Your comment made me laugh pretty hard, humor is a good thing.
  9. To me this is not good press you want to have, especially when your trying to work with big banking, and for Brad G to say he didn't have the final word on who preformed at this event doesn't go over well with me. Some may think that any press is good, I beg to differ. www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-16/snoop-dogg-helps-ripple-s-crypto-community-get-high-at-xrp-event
  10. Just saw a sign for MoneyGram in the front window of a CVS store last night. Never seen one before. They have over 9600 stores in US.
  11. Can you transfer any crypto they carry onto their platform? That is one of the questions I had for them before I apply.
  12. Also one big thing that sticks out big to me in Ripple's Lawsuit is on Page 14 of the First Cause of Action, #61 - fourth Bullet point down: "just as they had done the Ethereum"... shows past and repeated behavior... who knows, maybe they can join in the lawsuit as well and we can sue their collective asses together....
  13. My post from September after first hearing of lawsuit: Member 19 23 posts Report post Posted September 9 It always befuddled me to read that R3 was developing Corda, which appeared to me to be similar in function to the Ripple ledger. Now it seems to me that R3 never had Ripples interest in mind but had their own agenda realizing the enormous value that Ripple represented. It lends one to believe that there was the possibility of R3 infiltrating Ripple by virtue of this contract only to undermine them, make discovery of their processes and use them for themselves. Only speculation here, but ever since they made the supposed contract, I never felt any of the press releases concerning R3 and Ripple together benefited Ripple and only benefited R3. Did any of the consortium have any part in this as well? Did they enter this contract just to slow Ripple down to do their own thing, I don't know, but for Ripple to make their case, I would subpeona everyone, including Banks to get this all in the open, period, then we can make discovery of collusion or not, or just a plain failure of contract obligations by either of them. I guess my intuition wasn't far off after reading Ripple's Lawsuit. Hopefully something good can come from all of this.... maybe this is why the man from Ethereum is speaking at our conference, just saying.....
  14. Stuff like this will be the standard in the future
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