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  1. Depending on how conspiratorial you want to get, this could very well be the ultimate bait and switch. Hinman's speech being ruled "not the official SEC stance and just his opinion" could set the stage to pull the rug out from under Ethereum and maybe even Bitcoin. Pair this with the case resolving in a favorable way for XRP... and it could be the ultimate double dip against the average retail investor. Food for thought from crazy town... maybe...
  2. This is a bit of unsolicited advice, not financial advice from me personally but just what I understand and have done well using, If your goal is to make quick money off of XRP or any crypto for that matter... vs hold long term through ups (and downs)... If you have a long-term goal of eventual payoff, then I think you need to completely invert your thinking. Actually either way, I think you need to change your thinking. We will start with the long term hold. If this is your play, then you need to purchase an asset when you believe it is supremely undervalued in comparison to what it will one day be. Then you need to completely ignore the noise of price fluctuations until you reach your goals. Certainly you still need to reevaluate if you made the right decision initially or if the long-term outlook has changed, but ultimately price movements should not not be impacting that decision emotionally. If you are constantly dwelling on price up or down, you are going to make foolish and emotional decisions to buy or sell (or even hold past the point you initially intended)... decisions that are not based on your long term goals. Even if you plan to trade in and out of a currency in shorter windows to turn quick profit, you need to invert your thinking to the market. When the price is low and has just taken a beating and everyone is screaming die, this is the time you should be considering a big purchase. When you start to thinking wow this thing is doing well and expect it will just have to keep going. When you expect it will go even higher than you thought it would, and everyone is saying it's sure to go up further... this is when you should be dumping it... I find it best to learn to distrust and often act counter to your emotions. It seems to me, from reading your posts over the last little bit, that you are playing right into the emotional highs and lows.
  3. 1BTC $50k 10th $5k Eric 100th $500 Erikson 1,000th $50 Enrique 10,000th $5 Rik 100,000th $0.5 Ricco 1,000,000th $0.05 Rikki
  4. Has broken the pattern (lower trend line) that has held up till now. My guess is that it will either consolidate sideways for a while before moving up again or it will break down to a lower support. That said, nothing is a guarantee which I think we would all agree on.
  5. The ones who can do it with a great deal of accuracy might want to get their blood pressure checked Sorry, couldn't resist. But yes, it is possible to make a god out of rationalism and put the world into scientific box as defined by oneself or others... When we consider that we can't possible know or understand everything individually or collectively, I don't think this is actually the rational way to look at things.
  6. I don't think this is divination or made up lines and numbers... This is a clear and notable pattern that can either continue or can break out of the pattern and tell us that something is changing.
  7. This has certainly been my experience. I had been doing some trading with my main stack of money trying to increase it when I expected pulldowns etc... but I was losing more than I was winning. Back in December I created a separate margin trading account with $50 to give myself the freedom to play around with trading strategy and hopefully learn a thing or two without the stress of emotional attachment to the money. I wanted to challenge myself to turn that $50 into as much money as possible over a long period of time while using low risk trading strategies. I also figured it would give me a nice distraction to keep me from wanting to play with my actual stack. Since then, the account is sitting at a 2284% net gain and has been slow incremental growth the whole time. I obviously lose trades sometimes, but it's flipped to winning more than losing. The lack of emotional attachment has definitely taught me to be a better trader. I'm certainly no pro, but I highly recommend this as an exercise. ... If I had made the exact same trading decisions with my whole stack, I'd be sitting on a nice pile of money! But that's the thing, I can almost guarantee you that I wouldn't have made those decisions with the pressure of a more significant pile of money.
  8. Nope I'm not, I'm a wannabe, a Canadian. I wasn't intending to disparage your remarks if that's how you took it. My use of the word pure was not in the 'untainted/wholesome/unadulterated' sense of the word. It was mean in the 'not mixed with anything' sense. 'Direct democracy' may have been a better description. I was simply trying to make clear the intent of the US system whereby it's supposed to be more than just "ignorant people voting for things they don't understand" It's why I believe Senator Cruz has a point when he argues that topically ignorant politicians should not be charting a course on issues they don't begin to grasp. That said, I can certainly see that the current state of things is nothing like what it was intended to be.. but like I said, I'm a wannabe, your guardrails and fail-safes are better in my opinion than what we have in the commonwealth.
  9. However the states not being a pure democracy and rather a democratic republic would suggest that the elected representatives who are to decide these matters have some level of understanding. At least that would be the aim.
  10. Not to derail this thread too much but...for honest/reasonable individuals, stopping the rich from getting richer isn't/nor shouldn't be the motive. (That would simply come from a place of jealosy/ulterior motive.) It's more about making sure the system isn't rigged and everyone is playing fair. As Ripley stated, state intervention in many cases has simply served to implicitly and often explicitly rig the system... so trusting even more power to the state to fix it... tends to backfire. Very difficult problem to solve when all of us are so susceptible to giving in to corruption and dishonesty.
  11. Thankfully I actually use NDAX for the majority of my holdings and long term spot trades/moves. Almost all of my XRP was on it for the snapshot. I chose NDAX because it seemed to be very much on the up and up and seems to be playing nice with Canadian regulators. That said, NDAX doesn't offer margin trading which I like to do with a small side pot for fun. That was what I used Binance for. Will have to consider another exchange like wealthsimple (that seems to be fully approved for crpto trading in Canada) or bitrue (which gets back into the grey area again). Dodged a bullet here.
  12. Been lurking for a long time, this post actually made me finally sign up just so I could commiserate with other Ontario residents. What is wrong with this province?!
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