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  1. Could you post a XRP/USDT chart with icki cloud at all?
  2. Outstanding sir. I wish to christ I could blog like you, always amaze me. Haraldo
  3. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSDT/WlsxCem6-XRP-USD-Sell-40c-Inverted-Head-Shoulder-Pattern/ More tea leaves, I dont like chart patterns but maybe one to keep an eye on lol. Haraldo
  4. We could have a run to 26c today, we could be close.
  5. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/2S9VHVYq/ I published it for a laugh, but boy do we need some buyers to step in soon lol....
  6. Those that know me are aware that I look for entries on breakouts of ranges, former highs and lows etc and have a tendency so spot very fast scalping moves calling some of them on the Zerpbox. So we have been in a range since the high @ 42c and the swing low of that high at 12c featured below, the low generated a good support level at around the 21/22c area and the high a good resistance area at around 31/32c which day traders might look to make entries on. We needed to break up of 32c a couple of weeks ago some of you might remember people talking about that level as being key. Whats happened since is the main range has created a couple of smaller ranges all visible in the polo screen shot below. Now I hate chart patterns but all these smaller ranges failing to break have generated a symmetrical triangle which has a high probability of a break upwards (apparently). Just an insight.... Haraldo
  7. Two weeks like in the film "The Money Pit" ha
  8. Love how Dillip breaks it all down bitesize, get a warm feeling when he speaks.
  9. The only certainty is breakouts or breakdowns of ranges. The extreme range is now like 12c - 40c.
  10. X border remittance businesses looking to gain a competitive edge and business to business X border trade looking to increase payment speed.
  11. Yeh Karlos remove his warning lol. What are you, ignorant?
  12. @karlos is the boss, does what he likes.
  13. Prob didnt want to end up in a f@g show like Miguel had the other week.
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