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  1. okay so now it will not let me check my other nanos- it acts like it wants my first one that I verified- do i need multiple accounts in XRP Toolkit because it would not let me add any
  2. THANKS so very much- this helped greatly- yes we have multiple nanos with XRP accounts so now I will check each one- thanks
  3. Okay so if I have that symbol I am okay-- which I do on the 1st Nano - but I have to double check all of the different Nanos to be sure correct?? thanks so much for your help
  4. thanks Billy Ockham - that helped a lot- but question- do I need to do that for each NANO? I was trying to update the message key but it would not allow me to maybe because it is already there? I appreciate your help and would never hold any one accountable for misinformation
  5. okay making some progress- i understand a little better now- I do not need MetaMask since I have Ledger Nanos - I tried to paste the message key like the toolkit page says but it will not let me update - the update button is grayed out and not clickable
  6. Okay so I am super confused now - I read through your answer twice (Thanks BTW) and clicked the link and it tells me what I assume are all the steps I took back in December for my ledger nanos to receive the FLR and back then they said Ledger would support it and now do not?? I have 4 nanos but only one metamask wallet that I guess I set up back then but am unsure as I never use Metamask and know nothing about it so where do I go to " claim" the FLR before the 6/11 deadline???
  7. I am trying to figure out how to claim my airdrop off my Nano- I know Ledger is not supporting FLR so I want to move it to an exchange that it is and I am at a loss even after reading and watching a dozen things on how to do it I cannot figure it out to save my life- I feel so stupid!!! Can someone please help me ??
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