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  1. zeketorrence

    Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Nope. I did get an error that there wasn't enough space. I had to delete a couple apps (including the xrp app which was scary). After it was done though, I re-installed btc and xrp apps and everything showed up as it was supposed to.
  2. zeketorrence

    Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    I did it today. Everything worked perfectly.
  3. March- $7.80 June- $26.30 September- $93.45 December- $336.55
  4. I sent two separate transactions from Polo to my Gatehub ETC wallet- neither one of them showed. Both have hundreds/thousands of confirmations. I have not heard back from support- I'm not sure what to do- can someone help? Wallet 0x350bf25691f77c6fa9b1f89d443a423913037088.