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  1. Depending on the platform you use, you might trade without being a professional. Some platforms like forextb.com provide charts that are especially easy to understand for beginners. You just have to be very disciplined at analyzing all the changes. This way, one can anticipate changes, as increase, or decrease in value of stocks (or crypto) and decide buy or sell. I know some platforms that provide broker assistance for a small percentage. One can subscribe and copy the buying behavior of the broker. In this case, you don't even need to analyze and take decisions. Just read some reviews of pop
  2. To play poker, you need stress tolerance, stability, and math. Since I am an experienced poker player, I have to gamble a lot. Instead of going to local casinos, which are no longer relevant, I play online casinos with bitcoins. Have you played with this method? Personally, it's much more convenient for me because the reliability is higher than when playing with cash. That's why I feel more comfortable playing in such establishments than in local casinos. I'm more than sure it will be helpful to someone else in your case. Just try it here http://casinoexpressindia.com.
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