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  1. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPBTC/M3mOPwEV-Finishing-up-5th-wave-on-XRP-BTC-right-now/
  2. Rumor is Amex is teaming up with ripple "There are many rumors about Ripple including a partnership with American Express. Swell is starting on Oct 16th. 리플은 아메리칸 익스프레스와의 파트너쉽 등 다양한 대형 호재들이 발표될 것이라는 루머가 있습니다. 스웰 이벤트가 10월 16일에 시작합니다."
  3. OneFrY

    Whats causing the fall

    They did, I keep trying to update everyone on this as well
  4. when xrp goes its going to slingshot.
  5. OneFrY

    Open Letter to Brian Armstrong

    Being a member of coinbase, I had wrote them regarding this week actually... "JUL 05, 2017 | 12:00PM PDT Coinbase Support replied: Thanks for the feedback! Most new features and improvements to Coinbase come directly from feedback like yours, so it’s very valuable to us. We’ve recorded your request so that it can be reviewed by the product manager when planning which features to build next. While we can’t offer any specific timeline for the addition of new features, we are constantly working to build products our customers will love. JUL 05, 2017 | 11:20AM PDT Original message Hey big coinbase fan here Just suggesting you guys add XRP (Ripple) thank you for your time, hope you guys get to list and take advantage of xrp trading soon. "
  6. OneFrY

    prenounced dead

    If alive means down, I'd rather xrp be dead, lol
  7. OneFrY

    XRP is vibrating!

    that's the spread
  8. OneFrY

    What if..

    IMO there will always be central banks, unless revolution. Even then those people go underground after funding both sides of wars...
  9. At .25 cents ripple is way undervalued. Price will double soon imo
  10. OneFrY

    XRP to USD

    You have to check to see if gatehub has an option to link to a debit card or checking account like coinbase does. Poloniex has a usdt/xrp pair but that's still not USD a and Polo doesn't deal in US dollars. I heard bitstamp you can exchange USD for xrp can anyone who has used that vouch for it?
  11. Makes sense, I've been hearing the incentive to use ripple would be that it's cheaper all around verses banks using a clone.
  12. because you can't wrap your head around the fact people jumped xrp ship to get cheap eth?? Considering the situation with eth at the time that high volume sell is a healthy correction, cheap XRP. Time to grow up, XRP will follow.
  13. These people??? Look at the charts, zoom out. Learn how to read charts and ta before you post. Haha. Look me up, I've been in the scene since 2009 mining BTC/ltc/dark/eth at 1.50 and I come from NJ derp lol
  14. any of those fee requirements can be adjusted based on inflation, they could even be variable. if ripple were to get to 100 it would cost .002 ripple to make a wallet (just going by what I've been reading correct me if I'm wrong)