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  1. @Danny, @peanut56 Thank you, I always enjoy valuable formation :-)
  2. Hi there, Has anyone ever said anything about how XRP price might change when being utilized by the Ripple ledger? My common sense tells me that XRP price must be stable, read low, to conduct the business without any obstacles. So Ripple will make as many XRPs as needed, keeping the price low. Was there any comment from Ripple about that? Thanks
  3. Hi all, Just missed 11 June, Flare claiming end date. Is it really not possible still to claim it? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Just simple question please. Which factors in your opinion will influence (increase) the XRP price? Can you just give a few examples as I am not so sure that the price will go 10+ in years. Being commonly used token it must be cheap, so where these optimistic (10+) are coming from? Appreciate your opinion. Thanks.
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