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  1. Interesting response to a letter I wrote about the recent legislation. Seems he is in our corner. also posted as a response in a different thread, but thought I’d create it own thread here.
  2. https://financefeeds.com/sec-v-ripple-xrp-is-not-subject-to-sec-under-pending-bill-said-attorney-thien-vu-hogan/?fbclid=IwAR1hCglDmDUb65qpwkcaWVY1WkS60VlSuCTCv22ZfPDfcJmTrd3POzdlW7U
  3. I so appreciate the differing opinions of everyone on their investment philosophy, but my stomach turns at the accusations from person to person because they disagree. I’ve seen a few “that’s a great point, but have you considered this?” Type conversations- and love them, but most turn into a “you’re a f’ing idiot and all of your thoughts are invalid- I’ll prove it by quoting past posts”.
  4. Damn… aren’t we all here for the same reason… to make $? This thread, to me, just proves that humans will never agree on anything, and the internet sucks.
  5. Is there any scenario where delisting xrp from bitmart is a positive for xrp?
  6. Now that I have transferred my tokens to Nano ledger, how do I quickly sell them when the price hits $100,000 USD tonight? but for real- do I have to move them back to an exchange such as uphold and sell from there?
  7. Aside from the volatility we are seeing, is my xrp at risk if it’s in Uphold? Sorry for the noob question, but is my xrp on the xrp ledger if it’s in Uphold, or are those two different things? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  8. Is there something I’m missing on this? Xrp seems to lag BTC both up and down. Other than having the ability to closely pay attention to when it happens, why isn’t this just as simple as selling when BTC starts to drop, and not re-buy until you are sure BTC is rebounding? Xrp seems to lag in the rebound quite a bit, so there is often some time to make sure. Maybe someone has done analysis on this and showed why it’s not accurate? Clearly I have not, but just seem to notice this trend in the last few months since I entered this world. maybe this changes with the end of the lawsuit and Xrp breaks away from btc (maybe it doesn’t), but help me understand where I’m wrong (and I’ll fully admit I likely am).
  9. I kinda feel this is all my fault. Sadly, I bought in two months and 2 days ago 🙄
  10. Damn… my apologies. The very next thread discusses this exact scenario.
  11. @paym8 but… in this circumstance, I could convert all (or whatever amount I wish) Xrp to spark, hit the next snapshot, then buy back my xrp with the spark? And just hope nothing crazy happens with price during that time. Is it that easy, or am I missing something?
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