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  1. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    For those that have not developed and hence supported software products... the first rule is... the user... the person who is experiencing the problem... is never wrong repeat the first rule... The point is that either there is a bug or the user interface/semantics are problematic. The challenge for the organization is to: ensure that problems do not get to the field, and if they do... be responsive and fix them sooner than later, as the cost to the company is much greater when bugs go un-identified and un-fixed. get the developers to become critically aware of the fact the developers INTRODUCE the bugs lastly, ensure the testing group is given significant visibility so as to raise issues the rest is up to management to decide how to allocate resources. -- Ok, this thread has gone on long enough for me.
  2. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    @PaulKim Hi.. I was an early adopter of Ripple... I used the Ripple Trade system. I use those addresses and I use Kraken. I also like Quoine/Qryptos because they are in Japan/Singapore where crypto is accepted by the government and hence there will be adequate funding for the difficult work in maintaining secure systems.
  3. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    This is the situation that Ripple placed itself in... The following is a URL to five (5) pages of unhappy Ledger Wallet - Ripple users... citing precisely what I have stated in my posts. Five (5) pages is about 100 posts. Notice that neither Ripple nor Ledger Wallet people have done anything about this. Missing in Action https://www.reddit.com/r/ledgerwallet/search?q=ripple&restrict_sr=on&sort=relevance&t=all&count=75&after=t3_73glwe -- This is the reference to the Ledger Wallet - Ripple repository. Notice, that Ledger people dismissively 'Close' the problem report about connecting to Nano S. https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledger-wallet-ripple/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aclosed
  4. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    Hi @Edm22 Not being difficult, but this is the only site that Ripple pays attention too. This is a Ripple problem. :-)
  5. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    @Sebastian Hi... You are exactly correct... Ripple can not... and therefore they are in a difficult spot. But it is one of their making. I continue to hold them accountable until there are competing products on the Ripple Network. -- There are a lot of things that Ripple could do, that I would value. Please let me belabour this point: If the developers of Ledger Wallet can not provider better Quality Assurance than this... then the conclusion is that WE should not be buying their products. It sounds to me like there are 'kids' developing products and do not have the experience with 'bugs in the field'. I can not state clearly enough... that this should have been caught really early on in testing... and if it did get to the field, as reported in the Ledger Wallet thread on Reddit... then Ledger Wallet should have fixed it immediately. I have looked at the Ledger Wallet on Github and it appears that 'they' do not take feedback but rather simply Close Issues... and make the problem report go away. Additionally, there are not enough problem reports to appear real. I think there are eight (8) only, if this is the case, then no one was thinking about the product... hence no issues... out of sight, out of mind. The fact, that they changed their security model... is the biggest issue for me. I say this because, if they had a Chrome security model, there must have been a good reason for it. They, Ledger Wallet, people used their Chrome Security model for all cryptos EXCEPT Ripple... why?? I would bet they were incentivized to get the 'product' out early. Hence, the change to the security model. Windows is not known for its security. These are rather technical issues which I mostly understand, but do not have the hands on skills with debugging/reverse engineering tools to crack. But there are lots of guys in foreign countries who do, which is why I worry most about the security model issue. The lack of signing the executable/installer is just silly. I do not understand this. Maybe they outsourced the installer to another company. -- Friends have been bothering me, this evening, about what to do... re: this issue. I am thinking the following un-popular thoughts: I do not trust the competency of the Ledger Wallet company, after this. I do not know anything about Trezor, but they have a silly small device. I like the KeepKey but they (and I have inquired) are not working on a Ripple version for the near future. I do trust the competency of Eric Voorhees, so if I were Ripple et al, then I would cause ShapeShift to implement Ripple support in KeepKey. Further, whoever is the product development company or a significant recipient/client of Ripple... they should formally contract 3-5 hackers/developers at a reasonable salary to find and report design and runtime issues on the say, the KeepKey device. They would be further rewarded for stuff found. I would want the people to compete amongst each other. They would know that they were competing with others, and they would not know who the others were. There would be a reasonable NDA. One would need to avoid collusion. I think this is the only way to get a product that is well tested... and trustworthy.
  6. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    @Sharkey I have no interest in being motherly... I expect companies and individuals to do their jobs. I have no interest in belabouring issues here in a public forum, but as open source has yielded open responses, and these companies are clearly failing to function as if. we paid money for their products. I expect the products to work. I am not naive. All software has bugs, but I expect developers to be attentive to fixing reported problems... and not expect designers to design 'quick and dirty' implementations which lack common sense security features, I have stated each of my issues clearly. It is up to you, to deal with it. :-)
  7. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    You folks are not developers... you won't get it... please carry on, nothing to see here. -- This is Mike Novogratz speaking about Joe Lubin of Ethereum... and the Ethereum Eco-system... and why Bitcoin Core developers exist and can work for free in their Eco-system. Time is tight for Ripple... The Herd is Coming... Mike Novogratz
  8. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    Of course, I will... but security is big deal, almost as big as corporate direction, and day to day management of the company. :-) I am gone, not much more could be said.
  9. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    @MoneyShot Hi.. The problem with guys like me, is that I see problems quickly, but I am not funded or motivated to do deep analysis. I have friends who purchased the Nano S and they ask me the same question. This is NOT advice but these are my thoughts: I continue to stick it to Larson because the issues you are experiencing are entirely related to Lack of Eco-System... and no... to some of you, I am not going to define the term. People without wallets (software or hardware) are by definition compromised. I hate that position. We know that the exchanges will be hacked because that is where the money is. We know the value will increase, and that is why we hold the crypto. i do not know enough about how to manually create Ripple Addreses. I expect that there are people who do, on this forum. I expect that manually created addresses are the safest, as they can then be used to create a paper wallet. I know what testing is about. Testing or Quality Assurance protects a software company from both the push from marketing, from sales, and from over zealous developers. Developers are the source of most bugs. I have referred to Ledger Wallet people as twits, because non-twits take their business serious enough to FIX and ACKNOWLEDGE bugs. From what I can see from various sources, Ledger Wallet does not. It would appear that they are working on new stuff. i have friends who are asking me similar questions... what to do? I don't have any good answers. My sense is that Ripple SHOULD be offering guidance... in the absence of a competitive and healthy Eco-system. -- The real irony here is that we know the Ripple folks all hold XRP personally, and as a company. Further, we know that Ripple does not have any wallet 3rd party software. BUT! We know that the good folks in Ripple will be using 'some form of wallet software' for 'personal' and 'corporate' use. So, I would put it to Ripple, just as the banks would/will put it to Ripple... What do you use? Can we have a copy of that technology? Why not? -- I know that software that has easily found problems will equally have complex problems. From experience, problems manifest themselves when two (2) or more events present. So the QA guys have to spend the time to introduce combinations of issues. -- My sense, is the following: we listen to any guidance that Ripple will offer on this topic we use manually created addresses and secrets. Fortunately, I still have a bunch from the Ripple Trade days. I worry, that like the Ethereum Parity wallet that recently locked up millions of Ether... bugs are a problem. Extensive testing and fixing is the only solution. What I find egregious is that Ledger Wallet changed their security model for Ripple release and did not cryptographically sign the installer. This makes no sense to me.
  10. LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    @JoelKatz @nikb and the Rest of Ripple, I had planned to do a more informed investigation of the Nano S, but this is your problem. The problem in general, is that Ripple no longer has a hardware wallet, and to a large degree this should fall into the lap of Ripple and not the pseudo-developers at Ledger Wallet... after all, it is the clients of Ripple that will experience the problem. Observations: Nano S - Ripple implementation does not conform to the security model, that Ledger Wallet has defined using secure Chrome and Chrome Apps. I could say more, but you guys know by now what the issues are. The real question is... why? Who pushed for a quick implementation? Nano S - Ripple implementation has SIMPLE bugs that even a co-op would find, which leads me to conclude that Ledger Wallet is not testing. Specifically, when the Ripple software (and it is Ripple because it uses Ripple-Lib) is installed on Windows 10 (I reproduced this on two machines, not clean machines) does not detect the Nano S USB device, while Bitcoin and Ethereum apps do. the Ledger Wallet implementation for Ripple does not used a signed and therefore trusted installer. Why? If I were going to hack this device, I would look at the communications between the Ripple Native Windows app, and the Chrome Ledger Manager app. I mention this because, it appears to me, that the implementation was rushed. I refer to this as quick and dirty. The question, at a future date, may be raised as to which company pushed for the quick and dirty implementation. Like the BitGo software, the Ledger Wallet software sucks. Lastly, only the desperate would choose a hardware device with 9x5 pixel characters at a resolution of teeny-tiny. The guys at Ledger Wallet are twits. -- So to you folks on the forum, many of you will be saying... it works for me... no problem. That is not the issue, at ten (10) miles high you can not see much of what is happening internally. The points here are two (2): if Ledger Wallet can not find and fix the easy problems, then they will not find the nuanced problems. Ledger Wallets know that there are problems, in fact, they knew in August that there was a Ripple USB device detection problem, but have done nothing. See Reddit. if the Ledger Wallets can be compromised, then as John McAfee says, you will not know until, one morning when the price of Ripple is 5$ and then a bunch of Nano S devices lose funds. The point here is that a hacker will go for maximum return. Very disappointing... again. -- If Ledger Wallet does not fix this, I will write a more detailed version of this problem for Medium.com platform.
  11. New Agreement Terms with Jed?

    The issue is... Larson created this mess when he pivoted the company towards the banks. Today, we see Ripple as moving to a corporate private source code product - in-house or cloud service - while Stellar is a foundation developing open source software, so far. In fact, Stellar needs open source to compete, and Ripple needs a Swift like permissioned service to compete. — As for XRP valuation... it looks like a real problem, as Jed will ‘twist the knife’. I had thought this was behind Ripple. :-(
  12. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse in Fintech Festival Singapore

    My real point about AOL and Yahoo, is that they as organizations, are not able to attract the top 2 or 3 quartile of any graduating class in business or in CS, and thus any employment experience, in these organizations will not be a learning experience but rather, a coping experience... not what you want for leading an innovative and disruptive company. The author of this thread is struggling to create positive spin his own interests, and hence these silly posts.
  13. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse in Fintech Festival Singapore

    Like AOL and Yahoo are not going to die? Or like, AOL or Yahoo can attract talented people? ... please... Garlinghouse got lucky when he was invited, by Ripple, to leave a dead business sector. I still receive SPAM from people who had their Yahoo accounts (millions) hacked... and these twits continue use Yahoo.
  14. New Agreement Terms with Jed?

    Hi Robert, Did Ripple think the majority of trading WOULD be on their network? If Ripple is seeking liquidity, and if this liquidity is to be achieved by getting exchanges to support XRP, then I would think the majority would be off network. Interesting question, you have raised.
  15. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    The partnerships were fluffy... anyone can join, subject to credibility. Getting them to do anything real is the challenge. I am mostly interested tracking traction with operational services. Further, I am not sure the software used by XRPchat supports row item lists, as opposed to unstructured text. From an XRPchat perspective, such a list, if meaningfully accurate would draw eyeballs and other stuff could be hung-off this core tracking feature. -- I guess if someone has a Microsoft Cloud account it could done in Excel and exported to a cloud table. I guess Google must support this as well. I do not use Google much.