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  1. Really?? i thought Buterin was negative on Ripple. This will be interesting.
  2. That is not the point. Ripple has poorrrr track record of dealing with negative news. Ripple can not even manage their own forum/blog and their senior people can not stay on topic in interviews. Their management is challenged. Ripple did not benefit from R3 funding Todd to do this work. Ripple will have to pay moreeeee attention because people listen to Peter Todd and Tone Vays. Tone Vays et al are killing the alt coins. When alt coins reset there will be renewed focus on Bitcoin. Ripple is veryyyy fortunate to be have been audited by FinCen and submitted to regulation. :-)
  3. If anyone knows Jeffery Tucker, he would have an informed opinion, but it might not coincide with Ripple's interests. Not sure how he sees Ripple in the ecosystem. Relatedly, I have been reading Peter Todd's paper, Ripple Review, funded by R3. I have not seen a defence of the Ripple technology related to his comments. His comments appear fluffy but he has the ear of R3 members, and I expect that this review has affected Ripple adoption. This paper is over a year old, but Tone Vays and Peter are rewinding the discussion. Ripple should be prepared to deal with this... as it will affect XRP valuation.
  4. Very useful Mercury. Do you have suggestions? I have looked... it is not trivial in Canada. I did look at CX, but not convinced I wanted to park more credentials at yet another exchange. Plus, I they do not think they have the revenue streams to adequately handle security. It is tricky business. i should add that TD Canada Trust and Scotiabank work.
  5. This thread should be 'pinned' and further enhanced for global regions... advice. -- Hmmm... I wonder if the folks at Ripple XRP Markets have suggestions on how to buy? I would bet they don't - as they would probably be seen by some FinCen rule to be either offering advice, or biasing some market vendor, or operating outside of their regulated space. This is crazy... one needs word of mouth advice on how to purchase a companies' product. Or maybe, if we sought a loan from the IMF, we could get advice on how to buy from Ripple management.
  6. Easiest method is the following... but will require the card to use Interac Online (debit): - max daily is $1,000 -- requires registration with email and phone # - max daily is $100 -- The problem is that the QuickBT system (probably a bot ) works only with an old technology - "Interac Online" protocol - a debit card protocol. The banks are trying to kill it off. If you get your debit card working don't let anyone at the bank 'update' the card or give you a new card because they will disable the protocol in favour of "Visa Debit". Took me two (2) months to recover from the actions of a friendly teller. Took a friend four (4) months to a card with this functionality to work. The bank support staff at every level will say "Interac Online" is not supported anymore. If you go to your branch and find a persistent human you will get the card configured correctly. The advantage is that the service is fast and does not require an account. I have never heard of a problem with them.
  7. @tomxcs i have listened to every episode of LetsTalkBitcoin with Adam Levine, Stephanie and Andreas. I have also listened to the rest of the folks speaking at Lets Talk Bitcoin platform. Great site, thanks for the info.
  8. @Kakoyla Yes, I picked up this statement as well... as I recall, Miguel said, paraphrasing... that alt markets were not real as fiat was flowing into Bitcoin, but not into alt coins. Hmm... it was at this point, that I realized he does not buy alt coins, as Bitcoin must first be purchased with fiat before you buy anything else. Oddly, he thinks you can buy Ripple with fiat. I recall buying my first XRP in Norway, having to first wire money from North America to Norway. In Canada, nothing has changed other than JustCoin in Norway died. It is still not easier to buy Ripple today after four (4) years. i had wanted to drill down on markets and market makers... BitStamp being the only exchange, located somewhere in Transylvania, that will accept fiat for XRP. I make the point about Transylvania because BitStamp for the longest time would not disclose the location of their offices or their servers... until Coinbase moved into their backyard. I have not looked at BitStamp recently. So... Kakolya I am not beating you... only speaking out load. -- I wanted very much to pursue the discussion of market makers... That is how Ripple was going to incentivize exchanges to make XRP available... in regions of the globe. I know exactly how many crypto exchanges (50+) there are globally and more or less, where they are located. The problem remains: there are no XRP exchanges, no XRP access, no XRP wallets... equals no XRP valuation. These should be primary topics of the XRP Markets discussion. -- i remain appreciative of your answers!
  9. @Kakoyla Thanks... But you are making my point for me. :-) I too am on the silly iPhone keyboard, hence, the short reply. YOU answered some of the questions, an enquiring mind might have. Miguel did not. Sure, at the say, 45 minute mark he got around to introducing to 'market makers, traders, and hedgies' statement, but it is a little late in the talk to get to the intro. I come an environment where this type sloppiness would not be tolerated. I worked with Don Tapscott for a couple of years. He is an excellent speaker and very detailed on preparing for talks. He is this way because he prepares. I later worked with Telco's who would have walked out on a talk like this. Sure, I can understand how it happens... well meaning guy, recently hired, walks into a meeting and does his unstructured best. He walks out to cheers from the groupies... and the organization carries on... and no one is the wiser. -- i am thinking of proposing you for future speaking engagements on behalf of Ripple. You would be more effective from your iPhone. :-) -- So, now we wait to see the quality of the Quarterly Report.
  10. Hi Byrd, lt is management's job to ensure that when employees speak... they put forth the message that organization expects. Miguel is only qualified to speak to questions re: XRP Markets. He has been then there for four (4) months. He did not speak to his area of expertise. The quality of Ripple business management is questionable. The technology that Ripple brings to the market is exceptional. My belief is that software effectively sells itself... meaning that credible technology will be carefully evaluated and adopted, if it has merit. I object to groupies... anywhere... high fiving themselves because an interview emerged. Maybe Ripple investors will have management tighten its business material released to the public, after all software is carefully tested when released, it looks like presentations and talks should be as well. For example, it should be insulting for Ripple to have to address the 'Ripple as a Scam' question today. It was insulting in 2014, and yet the stalwart soles wearing suits in Ripple continue to answer the question. Ripple is an organization that has been at the forefront of hiring in the Blockchain space since 2014... and still the stalwart soles in Ripple agree to answer this question.
  11. For the groupies here... we should have learned something of the following... and I am software technical with no knowledge of 'markets'... I will miss significant points below. - what is a 'Currency' or CME commodity market? - why are they important? - how are virtual currency markets different than CME markets? - how are Ripple XRP markets perceived as different from these? - what are the challenges in virtual currency markets? - who has a successful model? - are there new approaches? ---- ------ i could write pages of these questions. -- The problem is not with Miguel, although he should know a great deal more, if he had been doing similar work at CME, which I suspect he was not. The problem is with his management, which I have contended historically are missing the mark.
  12. @miguel So...what are the Board of Directors and Investors thinking after the Head of XRP Markets delivers his first Internet (read permanent and immutable) talk? So... Admittedly, I knew nothing about CME Markets, and nothing about Virtual Currency Markets, and nothing about Ripple XRP Markets... and that is the issue... I still do not. Every public presentation is an opportunity to provide the public with the dogma the organization is pushing. So what did Miguel tell us in this hour long rambling opus. Well, we know that Miguel's wife does not like his buying more XRP, we know who called Miguel while he was at CME to join Ripple... blah, blah, blah... I could go on, but frankly I did not take notes. So... What are Ripple Investors thinking this morning? I can assure you, that none of them are walking into Ripple offices saying... great talk Miguel, the Wall Street markets now understand what we are doing. Miguel did make passing reference at the 45 minute mark (yes, I returned to this talk and scanned the rest of the material) about what he is actually doing with regard to XRP Markets. I believe Miguel said, Ripple is focused on "market makers, traders, and hedge funds" (paraphrasing). He further said, that "market making" is simply a matter giving away XRP to public facing exchanges such as BitStamp. No one made the observation that there 50+ exchanges globally in which Ripple is absent. No one spoke to their strategy with exchanges ala market making... I could go on... So... One can imagine that Ripple requested this interview with the EpiCenter guys (whom I have respect for). The EpiCenter guys probably said, what do you want to talk about, and maybe they together crafted the interview questions. My point is, that Ripple management would have been involved with structuring the content. Further, Ripple management allowed the silly 'Ripple is a Scam' question to be asked. So... Garlinghouse and I must assume Larsen to some extent, approved and participated in the content of this talk... or not. The 'or not' implies the folks who manage Miguel probably were not 'invested' in his work activities. They were probably doing something else... and not paying attention. -- Back to my standard position... that Ripple would be better managed by the demonstrated rigorous approach of the technical people in Ripple. Can you imagine a talk about ILP by Thomas or RCL Consensus... going down like this? Clearly, we would like to what they Schwartz or Thomas families think about Ripple compilers.
  13. This is a terrible interview guys... I have struggled thru the first 28 minutes and have yet to hear a single point of interest with regard to what this chap was hired for... Head of XRP Markets. The chap claims to have come from CME Trading and Markets. So where is the discussion about how XRP will change global markets? There was a small mention about Uber like high volume, low value at the 15 minute mark. Lastly, with regard to information density... there was no density and no information. It looks to me that this was a planned interview, that was not prepared for. Miguel appears to have walked into the conference and then set about have a casual conversation with a geriatric audience. The interviewers did not prepare either, as they should have been drilling down on XRP Markets and what Ripple was going to do specifically in this regard. This is the sort of information content that would be appropriate for the Human Resources group to indoctrinate new hires. Not impressed. While Miguel must accept responsibility for the complete lack of energy and insight, it is also Ripple management's responsibility to decide what the business focus is for each group and how they acheive it... meaning detailed presentation content review and delivery. If Miguel is using this 'presentation' to drive the Asian markets, then Ripple is not going to succeed. -- Please prove me wrong.
  14. I recall yesterday that you used the 100 million XRP in existence as a parameter in your calculation. Ripple may decide never to release the total, so this number may not be the upper bound. Second, Chris and Jed's 18 Billion are probably tightly controlled. Third, the number of XRP actually in the wild is probably a lot less than thought. I am thinking 25% have been lost. So 100 B minus 66 B equals 34 B in the wild But... 34 B minus 18 B equals 16 B actually in the wild 16 B minus 25% (4 equals 12 B in the wild -- It is debatable how these are held