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  1. @T8493 - Hi... I really do not know but i could guess that it is part of the messaging layer for the software component that competes with SWIFT. The LDAP software is part of the RippleD component repository. They must be planning to 'register' network entities in an LDAP server. It could be part of the RCL Cloud release that appears to be private. Reference: I recall that NikB is a messaging guy, so I expect he knows what it used for. It must have a product use, else it would not be in the GitHub repository. :-)
  2. Ripple software... Network backbone software : C/C++ Interledger Corproate Glue : Java Browser : JavaScript Lightweight Directory Access Protocol : Go -- Language choice is historical... I wonder if they will move to Go or Go/C/C++ for the Ripple Network software. The Interledger project appears to be either government or European driven... hence Java.
  3. Hi Jon, i have some friends that missed the 9pm PST cutoff time and sent their XRP too late. Is there any recourse for them? -- Nice experiment!
  4. Good luck... Ripple is struggling with the management of their own forum.
  5. I am in Toronto... some of the time.
  6. I think you will find this of interest... re: SEPA and Ripple. It looks like it is a safe bet to see SEPA adopt Ripple tech. The following is the intro Ripple placed on their website... it does not say much. I think it is dated 2016 August. Chris Skinner's book - ValueWeb deals with a lot of Ripple stuff via Google books. This is worthwhile reading for question and answer re: SEPA and XRP adoption... says a lot more than Ripple says - publicly. europe ripple&f=false Chris Skinner's Blog - Ripple: -- 'ValueWeb' Book Reference:
  7. Apple has an SDK for iMessage extensions... One could add an XRP wallet element as an extension to iMessage. I seem to recall that Circle has done this already.
  8. August would be a good month for Ripple to move out in front in terms of market capitalization, as it would send a message to the Bicoin and Ethereum maximalists, that there is another player in the game. i listened to an excellent talk with Nick Szabo, hosted by Tim Ferriss and co-hosted with Naval Ravikant, a Calfornia VC who is an advisor to Stellar. I believe Ravikant and Garlinghouse are both invested in Cola. I make this point because no one mentioned Ripple in the talk. It was as if Ripple did not exist, while Monero (with one developer) and ZCash (with one feature) did exist. -- Ripple needs to send a message... -- This is the talk:
  9. Hi @T8493 Why would there be order execution issues on a low end machine?
  10. Hi Mercury, i am generally interested in the opinions of observers to the ICO. -- Was Rialto ICO on the Ripple network? These guys closed today a capped 10 million ICO. Looks professional. -- If Ripple has today a superior technology I am wondering how ICOs might function on a fast, regulated network.
  11. To anyone... I am generally interested in the experiment that Jon Holmquist is about to run... with the PRX ICO creation on the Ripple network. Does anyone have an informed, inquisitive, insightful - take on what Jon is doing?t
  12. @TiffanyHayden ... and out of politics !
  13. I think Tiff has enough information and written communications skills... if she is given rules and expectations... coupled with document review... to do this task. :-) Someone should do this task.
  14. Why doesn't Ripple fund Tiff to create a properly reviewed... Newbie's Guide to Crypto Newbie's Guide to Ripple Ripple XRP Best Practices It would keep her busy... plus it is annoying to see new folks seeking informed advice, and each time an arbitrary human responds with the best they are capable of, given the time available. Hmm... if Ripple was actually thinking it would be the new global currency that SBI thinks it will, then this is a no-brainier. Alternatively, maybe SBI would fund this effort and then have it translated... into regionally languages. Certainly SBI would charge this back to Ripple in some way. @TiffanyHayden @nikb @JoelKatz
  15. If Silbert begins promoting Ripple, [yes, I know he is an invest] there will be increased traction.