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  1. @Sukrim thanks... I should be able to look at this over the weekend. @nikb My guess is that using conventional compression techniques will be suboptimal. GZip and LZ* transforms are really brute force. I have used a bunch of different techniques. But the approach I prefer is to look at the data segments in real time and then perform segment by segment compression, where the compressor for each segment will be specialized for that segment. I have not looked at the blob yet. -- I am going to see if any of the 'big fish' have arrived in Toronto for the Swell. Currently there are only Ripples... so no Swift action yet. :-)
  2. yes, of course... but i would like an un-encrypted blob...
  3. Does anyone have a 'blob' that is representative of the data in question?
  4. I have worked in the area of optimal compression for years... both max and optimized compression protocols... mostly in real time... I do not see a reason for no compression, but may be I do not understand the problem. I have not looked at the data itself, maybe it is not so compressible. -- The most informed discussion on compression today is held at: https://encode.ru/ -- Oh, those Russians are always on the cutting edge... of technology... this includes Kaspersky.
  5. Why isn't compression - already - used on RippleD connections? Must be a reason.
  6. @Sebastian Hi... I did a couple of years ago. Not recently. I thought they bailed out of crypto. Forgotten the CEO.... maybe Jeremy Allaire. I should look at the, again. Their wallet on iPhone was reasonable as I recall. Thanks
  7. Banks - Canada - Paul Hellyer - Min. of Defence

    It is the... banks... Ripple is enabling the banks. It is simple. Think
  8. This a recent talk by Paul Hellyer, an past Canadian parliamentarian and Minister of Defence. Hellyer talks about all the things that no one else will: UFOs, bit... but mostly about the Banks, Central Banks and BIS The talk is candid. It is worthwhile listening to. The good folks at Ripple are working with full knowledge to disadvantage the humans/citizens in nation state countries. Each of us needs to decide - which end is up...
  9. Ripple Labs v. R3 (actual court documents)

    2016 October - R3 kills off Corda by sending it to open source purgatory - Linux Foundation as I recall Ripple agreement with R3 is in this time frame Ripple will settle... they will not want to go through discovery - Darn! it would be intriguing to learn when SBI became majority member in R3 I am still betting R3 gets 50% of the goodies... and that these in part will be transferred to SBI. -- @Alluvial probably has it right that getting Riplle below 50% is a good idea
  10. Secure your IP address

    We have written several NAT traversal routines.
  11. Secure your IP address

    Hi @robertbruce I could have used more details... but most people would encounter these requirements - and apply their own technique. I left out how to encrypt messages and data. I left out backing up the newly configured VM. I left out that one should consider plugging the physical Ethernet port to avoid -others - inadvertently plugging the machine into a router cable. Relatedly, the physical port should be disabled. -- It is not clear that you can trust VPNs. Three letter organizations will be 'sitting' on routers on the far side of the VPN server. Performing even more advanced pattern analysis on the traffic. That is their focus... to monitor VPN traffic. I am technical in the areas of TCP/IP routing and packet analysis using packet sniffers, WireShark and others. -- I will give you a bit more information about security. Any 'security' protocol that say, the US allows for 'export' is probably cracked. Note, that the Apple AppStore will reject any application that uses either custom encryption; and/or conventional encryption that uses more bytes than US export law permits. Now ask yourself why? I would bet because, those that are acceptable have been cracked. A software developer can apply for exemption. I have not investigated this process. I would expect that submitted apps will then be limited to countries within which they have protective jurisdiction. Example, foreign diplomat's apps. I once worked on a project for an advanced foreign Western country in the area of a data communications security for message content. They did not trust anything and required software interfaces for their own black box connections that would perform custom encryption. -- Now certainly, this is beyond the scope of this person's question. But I still advocate simple and straight forward rather than employing 'techniques' are monitored. -- But to your point, a VPN is easier to setup. Security is tricky. :-)
  12. Secure your IP address

    @Skippy Well let us say it is not easy to always to secure your IP address. Certainly there are lots of ways: onion router VPN or... a poor man's dynamic IP address... use your mobile phone's IP address The mobile phone approach is the easiest. You might consider doing the following: acquire a used laptop, I prefer ThinkPads as they have a physical WiFi Radio switch and not a soft key function to control the WiFi radio install a virtual machine capability, I prefer VMware use a virtual machine OS, such as, Linux Tails, or anything else Install Brave Browser on the virtual machine instance... nothing more use this machine to connect to the Internet via your mobile phone's provided WiFi hotspot this will give you a dynamic IP address registered with your mobile service, as opposed to your home's IP address which are mostly static assigned by the carrier encrypt all documents sent encrypt all email sent ... never, ever connect this machine to your local home network, especially your printer Approaching the Internet in this manner is the poor man's approach. No intermediary will see an originating IP address that Identifies your geographic location. The one that is used, will be dynamic, and specifically linked to your accounts. Use this machine for only this single purpose. periodically replace or re-install the virtual OS instance to the virtual machine leave this machine turned off when not in in use never connect to the home WiFi or home TCP/IP network ... when installing and upgrading the Brave Browser, download the complete file from the Binary Distribution Center and install this binary locally via a thumb drive... or consider connecting directly to the Brave.com download page. There are other approaches, but this is generally achievable for most people.
  13. Running a crypto currency network is beyond the pay scale of government employees. Ripple will be providing the software and MS or IBM will operate the network segment for the nation state government. A new type of financial system is being setup.
  14. Ripple - IMF - North Korea

    @strikerjax I would expect that today most leaders can be bought off to a degree. By this I mean, if they can benefit financially without overtly compromising their people's short term interests, the they will do so. Example, China did not stay conventionally communist when faced with the opportunity to become the manufacturing zone for the West. The money and opportunity to bootstrap an economy and country that was in the dark ages was just toooo appealing. So following this line of pursuit, if the IMF comes along and says... if you China play ball then your currency maybe become the principle backing for the new SDR. We will quietly transition away from the endebted USD and the holders of USD can deal with it... but we need to motivate your partners... the German's making egg beaters and irons, the people eating 'organic' carrots from China, the world buying electronics and phones from FoxCon in the Shanghai region. So how to motivate companies who have good thing going? I mean why would a company replace SWIFT, if it is working adequately for 75% of the China's customers? Well, you force China off Swift and the partners will move to whatever China uses. Pretty cool way to migrate away from USD. Swift, an aging technology is left with a dwindling customer base and a new system is born. Hey... what do I know? Only, do not parse main stream news for insight. It is there to mislead you. :-)