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  1. I would have this author, Ari Levy write articles for Ripple. Excellent written communications skills... probably the best short article so far.
  2. Why not migrate to a hardware wallet? Wallets are a very very hot topic here... meaning that there is dearth of them. Others here have options about exchange wallets. I prefer companies/exchanges with the most money to spend on security. Given thus criteria Kraken would a choice. Hardware Wallets: Ledger Nano S and Blue (very new for Ripple support) Keepkey has threatened to deliver Ripple support, maybe this year... holding my breath. Desktop Software: I don't trust any of these unless you can compile all components... and you really really think your computer is clean. Good luck with this. You might consider the Tails OS as a VM. i am not convinced that web browser plugins are secure. I do know of any... maybe Jaxx, but I am not a fan. Mobile: Ripple says Bitgo is to complete a software wallet this summer. I guess this might be for mobile. Not sure. Special Case: It is understood that a Ripple Core developer is on special assignment for wallets. There should be place for wallet reviews...
  3. Can someone direct me to the 'FCK/YOU' and 'FCK/XRP' pairs? i do not have the document that references these handy, but was yesterday in Steemit or Medium and Joel did have a lengthy response. I should dig down find out what these pairs are about.
  4. I wonder if it is all in Ripple escrow? Do you have any idea why Ripple was the only crypto decreasing in the past several weeks? I find it peculiar.
  5. While North America Price is .26 Korean Price is .46 -- Something bad is going on. I think Jed is selling and depressing the price. However, because he is hiding while doing this, he does not create new accounts on the new exchanges in Asia (which would require some form KYC traceability), hence they have a more current value .46 cents. Also it looks like there are no bots running arbitrage. Maybe an opportunity... even manually. -- Not sure how this plays out, as Jed is about to release 6 Billion XLM into the wild for free to Bitcoin holders on 2017 June 27. I guess he could sell more XRP. Yes, I know about the Ripple escrow of Jed's XRP, but it might be the case that Ripple does not control all of Jed's XRP. There is a speculative article n Medium yesterday to which Joel Katz replied to in detail. The article reference 'trading pairs' which I have not verified, but Katz did not dispute, that are used and labeled FCK/YOU and FCK/XRP.. I am surprised by this level of animosity. What a pain... political infighting and technical challenges while marketing a product. -- Different topic... I note that Blockstream and hence Bitcoin Core have not signed the SegWit2MB agreement. Looks like CoinDesk is pushing the Consensus / Slbert attempt to force agreement. This gives Ripple a little more time.
  6. @CurrencyGuy - correct... I had forgotten that Ledger Nano S announce support for Ripple. I tried to buy one and they say that such a purchase would be pushed out based on inventory. I have looked at the Ledger technology and I much prefer Keepkey... which while I believe they announced in 2016 December that they would support Ripple in 2017 Q1. I further understand that KeepKey had been in conversation with top Ripple management. I can not say more than this. I expect, but do not know that Keepkey was goofing around with ShapeShift integration and forgot that they were a wallet company. `` @Jun - I guess... there is probably an 'import' function in the Ledger software. I have not looked.
  7. @CurrencyGuy... yes, I expect so, as I have the secret keys. But using which wallet? There are no wallets that are trust worthy. :-(
  8. Not to worry Cowboy... there is no required etiquette! :-)
  9. It should not matter whether a person is new or from hyper-space... the questions should just stand on their own. -- My assertions come from my perspective. I bought into RippleTrade in a significant way... and then Ripple and Mr. Larson told us to take a hike. In fact, it was worse than that... they advocated that we move our investments (XRP) to 'a guy with a laptop running a gateway'... sure I am being light, but WE had/have no idea still if it is a laptop, a cloud service, or on premises. The guy had no prior experience in the space and was an unknown. Not surprisingly many did not move their investments but rather left them tied up in the Ripple network that became - dormant. While our XRP is tied up in the Ripple network (as they still are without wallets) they are untradeable. Remarkable situation. -- Yes, I remain extremely critical of Mr. Larsen and his business acumen.
  10. Sonic's points are valid... the market is moving up and there is no movement in XRP. I can see only two (2) reasons: Either it is being manipulated down by the XRP Markets (exCME gold people) or insiders are dumping. It may be that Ripple reports or has monthly price point targets that they have agreed to meet with partners. If this is the case, then I would expect to see more upward action in June. I would bet that Ripple has told the 'banks' that their currency is not volatile like BTC and they have groups to manipulate the price. For long term holders I do not see this as a problem. -- Now it could also be unlikely related to the number of Ripple people who have jumped ship. Larsen goes to board of directors. Katz leaves board Vinnie exists Katz exists for arguably a useful activity I could see the 'banks' approaching Ripple and saying: WTF no wallets ??????? Then I could see them telling Ripple to make sure they produce wallets to their specification. Ripple would then likely volunteer the skills, and it is likely that regulation prohibits this. [What other reason could there be for no wallets - bizarre]. This does not excuse Ripple from ensuring that outside developers provide wallets. Ripple screwed up big time. So Katz goes off the Board of Directors, then slowly exists his in-house technical position, so as not spook investors It may be that there are unique wallet requirements that would require a Ripple architect to assist with. Today's hardware wallets are not useful to bank's customer base. -- What I find extremely interesting (polite words) is that the 'suits' could think that they could develop competitive product to Bitcoin and Ethereum with: no eco-system no foundation no evangelists no wallets Ask me, if I am exceedingly critical of Chris Larsen's management skills. I might also note, that senior management in Ripple seems to have changed a lot.
  11. Embrace, extend and then you have control...
  12. I should have included this Part 1/4 interviews with Chris DeRose, who I think plays a fabulous role of bringing moral correctness to the crypto space. I am surprised on how many people actually agree to the interviews. These discussions about alt coins and ICOs are informative...
  13. My point in responding the new exchange thread is that crowd sales will or should be dead on arrival... as a means of raising money. Simon Dixon says correctly, that crowd funding causes the ICO coins to be promoted and then sold, which makes the economics of the coin weird. To preserve the value of the coin, the issuer then needs to buy Bitcoin with the new coin, which then further depreciates the value of the ICO. Ethereum had this problem. This will get the company in trouble with securities regulations.
  14. I have difficulty listening to the host of this show, but Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future is a participant in the discussion he has some interesting perspectives. He has been in the space since 2011 and actively involved. The comments I found interesting were: the alt coins are in a huge bubble that could go on and on for awhile. The point is, is that, if the Alt-coins do not have a use case then they are a scam. Vinnie has said, that all alt coins are a scam. I would disagree. I suspect that Ripple was meant as a competitive product to Bitcoin and similarly, but entirely different (if that is possible) is that Ethereum was meant to provide new functionally which arguably 'they' have delivered on. What would trigger an alt coin reset - I have no idea. When it happens, then Bitcoin will be the only place to flee to. Bitcoin will go really high. At the same time, those that lost money in the alt coins will seek government intervention and the gvovernment will gladly intercede with draconian regulations. This may be the reason, that governments have not dealt with Dash as they did with Ripple. Ripple and I suspect Stellar are compliant. With a reset... well they will have a problem... I expect that Dash will be made and example of, and Ethereum people will also suffer as examples. I expect that Ethereum will carry-on and in time innovate product innovations. Dixon says, Japan and China are hugely competitive... and since, Japan has adopted Bitcoin (ala 2020 Olympics showcase of the future of digital currency with the whole country then on-broad) well, China will need to adopt at some point. Not sure what this means for Bitcoin mining outside of Asia. Not sure if the West would let China process the globe's transactions as the Chinese would be packet sniffing like crazy. As would an nation-state. So this too looks good for Ripple as validator can be arbitrarily assigned to UNLs. Dixon has additional insights which make this video worthwhile. Personnaly, I am particularly, interested the following: securing people's wallets on network... John McAffee is actively speaking about how easy it will be to hack iOS and Android and Browser soft wallets. The only alternative is hardware wallets. Today, these are cumbersome. I prefer the KeepKey model, but they have been distracted with ShapeShift integration and do not support Ripple yet. Ripple is in huge trouble without the proper wallets. These need to be a refined version of the KeepKey model, I might argue. NFC (near field communications) will be required with some form of wireless energy source in a format like a credit card or a GSM SIM. Probably a bunch of formats. It would be ideal if the banks would fund the core development and then individuals could then use this core technology via open source projects so as to maintain a balanced playing field. in seeing how the politics and adoption plays out between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. I expect these are the only real contenders and I expect they will all occupy separate but inter-linked business models. In seeing the store of wealth, the business of transacting and the degree of government intervention plays out. I feel that we are witnessing the largest transfer of wealth ever, from non-technical to technical people... maybe just technical individuals and not companies. Videos such as the following are useful in these pursuits:
  15. Well, if David is going to work on a wallets or hardware wallets... can only be an insanely great idea. Still, the question must be asked why Ripple has not seen fit to ensure this happened earlier. I expect the reason is related to regulation and Ripple not being able to interface with the public, subject to regulation. Somewhat relatedly, Ripple maybe beginning a transformation-partnering with larger entities to balance the up take of Bitcoin in Asia. -- If I can be of assistance in software development re: Azure and iOS platforms, I would subject to details - volunteer. It is important to bring ordinary people to the Ripple network and not leave it solely to the banks.