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  1. It's good that someone cares about making it easier to provide medical services. The thought that medicine is now often seen as a business rather than an altruistic desire to save people is depressing. But in today's reality, this is inevitable. I have often been to different doctors. Doctors love to talk about the fact that medicine is a business, which means you have to pay. But at the same time, they cannot tell you how much a particular drug costs, how it works, how long it takes to administer it, and so on. I appreciate you trying to solve this problem. Already has created a suitable software telehealth software. The solution to the issues mentioned above is not far off.
  2. You are correct that everyone is responsible for their own choice and whether it was right or not. But don't blame people for expressing their opinions. After the quarantine, although it is still ongoing in some countries, there is a crisis, the investment market is receiving an influx of new customers. I also noticed that the tension in medicine is reaching its limit. The work of doctors is being facilitated by programmers with the help of new optimized programs, such as allied health practice management.
  3. I agree with you; it's an interesting article.I'm not as good at financial forecasting as you are. I know that this is a significant disadvantage for me, particularly for my startup, because many people consider long-term planning to be the key to the success of a business strategy. It is easier for people with an analytical mindset to do this, and I focus on what I do better. However, many convenient financial tools and platforms help non-professionals like me, for example, https://sturppy.com/models/financial-model-for-saas. Even professionals use them to save time, like my friend who recommended it to me.
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