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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
  2. Sorry, I didn’t know we are not allowed to use other languages..... so, I sse you transfered some to Bitstamp, some to Snapswap. I don’t know what Snapswap is but could it be possible you opened there a wallet and sent the xrp trere? Try to contact the site!
  3. I just red the petition..... at the end there is a note that it eill be forwarded to Brad and “Christ” Larsen ???????
  4. Hahahahahahaahhahahahaha desperate!!!!!!
  5. Well... selling a portion of my XRP holdings at 7/10$ will bring me a lot of money and then I’ll still keep a good number of XRP to hodl... I don’t know if it will take nonths or years but that’s my target.
  6. My target is $20 but I’ll start selling the first 200/300k around 7/10$ Hope to see these numbers soon!!!
  7. I think many of us are a little bit nervous about the conference... we all really hope huge news will be released in that occasion. Regarding Google TEZ using Ripple technology I spent the last hour searching technical news but found nothing about it.
  8. http://firstonline.info/News/2017/09/12/bonifico-istantaneo-in-10-secondi-risparmio-di-tempo-ma-quanto-costera-/NV8yMDE3LTA5LTEyX0ZPTA On Italian newspapers today: translate it and see it tells about bank transfers in 10 seconds starting in November and it will cost A LOT MORE than the normal transfer. There also is Unicredit (one of the “sponsors” of Ripple) but I’m afraid they intend to use other services such as SEPA Instant Credit.
  9. Me too, never had such a big problem lime this with Bitstamp!!!!
  10. Hello everyone! just to let you know that my last bank (sepa) deposit is taking days to be credited. Bitstamp confirmed they received my money on monday and they are still processing it.... After years with Bitstamp I’m worrying they have some liquidity problems.....
  11. @Hodor we looooooooove you!!!!! ????
  12. ??? what do you mean by saying “large holders”???? 500.000, 1.000.000, 5.000.000......?
  13. Same for me!!!!! ????? hope not to deream R8 soon!!!!!! Great job again R8, I really appreciate it!!!!
  14. Yes it is, anyway finally solved. They have a lot of work and are a little late also for deposits.
  15. Too bad as you, as me, need the money to buy in the right moment...
  16. Well... they also say that SEPA deposits are automated and will be processed same day they receive the money....
  17. Well I'm a Bitstamp customer since I think 2012/2013 and I sent a lot of money, always from the same bank account. Anybody here know how to contact Bitsamp directly....?
  18. Hello everybody, just wanted to share that my last deposit on Bitstamp, made last week has never been credited to my account. It is a quite big deposit. As you already know it is impossible to have any reply from the customer service.
  19. Hello! This is Filippo. I've been following this board for a few weeks. Just decided to join! ?
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