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  1. I’ve got much more than that but I never felt the need of opening a thread to tell everybody I’m rich.... I don’t understand....
  2. A last minute rumor says that tonight no Steve Miller Band is going to play!!!! But it took just a few minutes to replace with this evergreen ????? sorry guys for my humor, and of course, sorry Brad but I need to smile.
  3. Hey Bred I’m sorry I fell asleep with the cats, just woke up and bring them to you!!!!! ?????
  4. ??? I do not think they just rented the location, and invited people....
  5. Well... that is not new to me. 5 years ago I used to list BTC even if it was not allowed as you cannot sell digital goods and many people bough and than claimed as their accounts were stolen. Paypal froze me 15.000€ and it took 6 months with lawyers to get my money just because in my listings I sold “artworks” (with postal tracking number) with some BTC’s as a gift. After that fact I cannot list anything anymore on Ebay and cannot use anymore Paypal as I am a “high risk customer”.... ???
  6. That’s what I think too. Considering how much money and efforts they’ve put in Swell and considering also yesterday’s new I think they will have at least 3 major announcements. Really think that there will be no reason to delay the escrow and the SBI live.....
  7. As I know it was not a test taking place yesterday. Ripple announced that the transactions has already been made (maybe during the last 1/2 months?).
  8. Same happenedto me last 2 times!!! Waited longer than usual, than when I posted here the problem they released funds.... just a coincidence?
  9. That’s strange as they alrady distributed the BCH’s....
  10. I know in Italy we have very little informations about Ripple and Blockchains and Altcoins but please, don’t call them “ripples” , their name is XRP. I know it is not a storage device, it is just the “key” to the wallet.... I find it a great device and very secure.
  11. In fact I do not use a Nano, I use a Blue. Just because it costs more. ?????
  12. “The ripples”. I do not want to disrespect but your words sound quite arrogant. I think this forum is a place where some uf us are very expert and helpful people. I started trading bitcoins in 2012/2013 and by that moment I always kept an eye to new “coins” and technologies, studyed and researched a lot, invested a lot. Even if I have a long “crypto history” I think that in this forum is plenty of people 100 times more informed than me who deserves respect. So, please, it you have a different opinion just tell it once without imposing your thoughts in that way as noone here
  13. Tulo has always the best answer, listen to his advices!!!
  14. Tulo has always the best answer, listen to his advices!!!
  15. Exactly,it is a withdraw! You just open the menu, choose withdraw - Ripple (XRP) and enter your Ledger address. When you have to sell just plug the Ledger, tranfer to your Bitstamp address (be sure to fill also the “target”). That’s it! ?
  16. Yes, I also have a Ladger Blue, more expansive but beautiful device. As of security they are both the same.
  17. I use Bitstamp and always did it. BTC and XRP never an issue.
  18. Ledger Nano S and, of course, Ledger Bule are great, so go for it!!!!
  19. Yes Tulo, I know... but asking me for the third time the same questions doesn’t chang my answers... anyway they just credited my account fortunately....
  20. I alway deposit Euro via SEPA, and they ALWAYS confirm via message they received money in 24 hours. Unfortunately they take additional time tonprecess the deposit. My last deposit is quit big (more than 10.000 less than 100.000).
  21. Hello everybody. once again a problem with Bistamp: My account is active since, I think, 2013/2014 and never had any problem/delay since 3 months ago. Last time I deposited some money (you can see my last post here) it took NINE days to be credited, even if Bitstamp received my money in 24 hours. The customer office took time asking me a lot info about where the money came from and other useless questions such as why I’m investing... Last friday I sent another deposit and today the customer office wrote me that they received my money and are processing the deposit BUT they
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