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  1. 1 hour ago, Geospectrum said:

    Head south. I spent 6 months in Belize, very nice.

    Well it is 1 month I’m around!!! Now go back home as the car I bought with some of my XRPs is ready than around again in March!!! In the meanwhile I hope XRP recovers well!!!

  2. 16 minutes ago, 1todd960 said:

    Your good and also late.  That Dec article was discussed.  This latest talk of ban is new.

    Well.... in the articles they speak about “financial regulators” (in mid december) and “local police” (yesterday). For me the two have very different weight (much more financial regilators) and it seems a little bit strange that in less than a month they completely cahanged their mind afrer making a public declaration... it smells my friends, it smells.

  3. 2 hours ago, teddybear said:

    My man.

    Not bragging, but if me and my buddies sell simultaneously, Bitstamp will offer a nice arbitrage opportunity for hungry buyers.

    Same here!!!! ??? Everyday is easyer to HODL, even if temporarly losses are bigger than months ago ?

  4. 8 minutes ago, Zaki said:

    That guy is called Cedric Dahl and he is worth listening to in my opinion. He has been in the space for ages.

    He bought bitcoin when bitcoin was $3 and Ethereum in pre-sale ($0.25 pr Ether). Not a guarantee for anything, but he does have a track record.

    Me too, I started investing in BTC and other s**** since 8 years ago, had huuuuuge profits but I'm now 100% of my investments in XRP

  5. 14 minutes ago, DD_XRP said:

    Oh yeah baby!

    I think it'll make for a very cool thread to show pictures of things people buy with their profits (be it houses, cars, boats, planes or rockets).

    I’m with you!!!! Totally agree!!!! ???

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