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  1. I’m always SO embrassed watching Jed’s interviews...
  2. Well it is 1 month I’m around!!! Now go back home as the car I bought with some of my XRPs is ready than around again in March!!! In the meanwhile I hope XRP recovers well!!!
  3. I know LeGo ze!!!! Having great time here and buying more in the last few days!
  4. Hahahahahahah just love them all ????
  5. I’ve never asked anything here but I think @JoelKatz or Brad could let us know or just try to clarify what’s happening. I’m sure they know better than us. It would be highly appreciated! I’m confident is is all a whales game and the market will be back stronger in some days.
  6. Well.... in the articles they speak about “financial regulators” (in mid december) and “local police” (yesterday). For me the two have very different weight (much more financial regilators) and it seems a little bit strange that in less than a month they completely cahanged their mind afrer making a public declaration... it smells my friends, it smells.
  7. Same here!!!! ??? Everyday is easyer to HODL, even if temporarly losses are bigger than months ago ?
  8. Hodling in Europe. Me with friends I brought in with HUGE amount.
  9. My feeling is that Coinbase is involved in this decision to temporarily exclude South Korea prices.... Don’t ask me why but I’m sure it is all correlated.
  10. Me too, I started investing in BTC and other s**** since 8 years ago, had huuuuuge profits but I'm now 100% of my investments in XRP
  11. Hahahahah thank you!!!! I replied in english as it is forbidden to write in a different language!!! ?
  12. Well I have to be fast now as when I entered my house and told my wife what I had just bought I’m not fast enough on my legs to escape!!!!!
  13. I know dut it is a nice order and it “smells”
  14. Something is happening 1.500.000 USD ORDER now on Bitstamp!!!
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