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  1. A question i would have liked to hear would have been about the banks private ledger and if it remained in place where private investors would be positioned
  2. It looked like it but i think he was reading his questions from the table, lol
  3. Just a rant on how this market is moving, just some weird moves on the charts, youngdude
  4. Just my thoughts anyways, i also see instead of 4th wave to 1st they want to do 618 which goes past the one, now when i was learned this the 4 wave should not pass the 1 but now we have it going back like a 5 wave if im making sense lol
  5. If you look at the chart right now its not good, i been trading a lot of years and im pretty good with them but what i am seelng is a 5 wave retrace down and right on the 4 wave coming up to touch the first wave with expectations of it going down there it is hit with lots of money and they try drive it up from there against the trend, at the moment it goes to very last wave to touch bottom and suddenly they going up to touch the 1st wave from there, its not right
  6. This trading aint right, watched this a lot lately, why is it happening a lot that there is people buying against the trend right at the same time and holding the price, this takes a lot of money to do and looks like manipulation to me
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