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  1. Who else is awaiting the holywood movie about the case ? With John Deaton starring as John Deaton.
  2. Fair point, that's what Binance said indeed. But from my perspective, it would have been smarter to be transparent on their intention to deliver, and to report the delay on technical issues (aka SGB's fault) instead of that silence (aka exchanges fault). (we agree on that) It could be in fact a more complicated game where exchanges have a point in showing some muscles to coin issuers (you need me more than I need you ?).
  3. I really don't understand major exchanges strategy. It was in their utter interest to give the SGB airdrop as soon as possible, in order not to let any customer think "not your key not your coins". Even if they all end up airdroping SGB, they've already lost many of their customers who'll investigate into cold storage.
  4. @Ripleyyou just described what happened with the european helicopter covid 19 money crisis (is that even a correct sentence haha ?). Banks got drowned with a very low interest rate money that was supposed to end in real economy. And that's how you get stocks to the moon, and your real economy to the ground.
  5. If this is literally XRPL, why is that pre-agreement between RMA and Ripple, and not with the XRPLF ? What is the value added of Ripple ? (we all know the answer, but legaly speaking). I don't think Ripple has a kind of privilege about issuing private ledgers, do they ? (you seem to agree on that). I thought sidechain (A Vision for Federated Sidechains on the XRP Ledger - June 07) was the name for the private ledger we were waiting for (Ripple Pilots a Private Ledger for Central Banks Launching CBDCs - March 03). That's the first time I heard about the co-existence of PL and sidechains ! Seems like I didn't do my homework carefully ..
  6. Economies of scale : little players move first. This news is incredible. We've all seen the James Wallis CBDC video ("In each continent apart from Antarctica") but that CBDC variation turning concrete makes the moon suddenly very much closer. Since the private ledger is involved (which is no news), are we already talking about XRP or could it be at the moment, a story about some private RippleNet API ?
  7. This case is just as unreal as the covid crisis. My logical thinking is hurting me those past few months.
  8. Your worldwide pandemic has killed 4000 people under 60 years old in France in 1 year 1/2, and as a result, the vaccine is made almost mandatory for 65 000 000 people. I'm not an Elo Musk fanboy but like him, I I advocate for targeted measures on old and fat people.
  9. Hello ! I have a few clients all over the world for my little business (online chess lessons) and I was wondering what was the most simple way to get paid in XRP ? We're talking of the average Joe who has not a clue about crypto but comfortable with internet and stuff. Thanks for your help guys.
  10. https://fxcryptonews.com/ripple-cto-analyzing-the-fight-between-binance-and-barclays/
  11. Hello, https://poloniex.com/exchange/USDT_XFLR : IOU XFLR = $ 0,35 https://www.bitrue.com/trade/flr_usdt : IOU FLR = $ 1,40 So I've heard a kinda lucrative rumour that I've not been able to verify hence my topic. Flare Community on Twitter said if you buy let's say 1000 XFLR (for $ 350) on Poloniex, you get 15% (150 FLR) of it at the launch of Flare Network, and the 85% that remains in the 2-3 years to follow. If you put $ 350 on Bitrue, you'd get 250 FLR, for the same price, but 100% of it at the start of Flare Network. The huge gap is hurting my logical sense. What do you guys think about that theory ? I've tried to reach Poloniex support but I didn't get any answer. Source :
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fnality_International "Fnality International is an active member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance." This is so f disgusting. Fair competition my ass.
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