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  1. Ok, thanx. I will have a look....not sure how to do it but will give a look. Anyways, yes, it was an empty new eth wallet and yes, i am using the same nano.
  2. Hello Dario, thanx. I got till this point and i get confirmation that my spark have been redemed. Still, in case of airdrop, i dont know where i will receive them. Before reinstalling apps in my ledger and the ledger live app, i had (if i am not mistaken) a different account (eth or xrp) that was just for the airdrop. Now seem that i don't have that account anymore (on ledger live).
  3. Cheers folks. Couple of days ago my notebook broke and had my ledger live installed there. Got a new laptop, installed ledger live and then reinstalled my apps on the nano because an update was available: long story short, my spark account where i should het the airdrop disappeared and i can't remember anything about my spark/flare account that was in my previous portfolio (in ledger live). Any suggestions about how to proceed to get it back? Maybe make a new claim? Thanx for your time
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