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  1. Informative video. It gives some great insight into what could happen with the trial, settlement, appeals, etc. I am really not looking forward to the appeals process if it goes that far. It seems like the SEC will want to appeal, especially if Ripple wins on the fair notice defense, because it would wreck their ability to go after other cryptos. According to the video, it would become law that XRP is not a security during the appeals process, so it could be relisted, etc. But, I speculate that Ripple would not want to go through the appeals process because US customers will still have the uncertainty of the appeal hanging over their head, which would be bad for business. So perhaps a settlement before hand?
  2. I heard him legitimize it too, but he still hinted that nearly everything is a security. I don't think that will work with Ripple's business model. He also kind of changed his tune about the definition of a security relying on an entity for the expectation of profits. He started saying a "few" entities. WTF.
  3. Exactly, he is trying to insert himself as the master of all the cryptosphere
  4. I know......but I don't think he can come out and really say anything other than that because of the litigation going on. Anything else could be used against them. I don't have a good feeling about what he will say tomorrow. It is either another rehearsed interview, or I have a feeling he will announce thay they will be cracking down more on DeFi since this whole Coinbase thing got stirred up. I don't like that he keeps trying to speak to the masses.
  5. For non Twitter people, here is another link. https://www.washingtonpost.com/washington-post-live/2021/09/21/path-forward-cryptocurrency-with-gary-gensler-us-securities-exchange-commission-chair/
  6. What do you think this could be about? Just another prescripted interview, or do you think he will have some new news?
  7. There is so much potential for this space. The hard part is waiting (and getting regulations straightened out). Get your s*** together US gov and SEC!
  8. This is so hard to predict and has been talked about and speculated on for many years, but here are a few things I think you are underestimating. First, the power of speculation. Xrp hit 3.50 plus on speculation alone. Now imagine speculation on top of utility. If they gain a fair share of the cross border payments sector, then not only will utility be a factor, but there will actually be more reason to speculate on the price of Xrp. More players will come to play. Second, market making will be a profitable business once things really kick off. The more market makers, the more Xrp will be held by entities to help keep the market liquid while making a profit. Third, DS has mentioned this next point several times. Because Xrp moves so fast, it can be compared to email as it relates to physical mail through the post office. In the early 90's, no one could have imagined the amount of information that would be flowing through email today. There is no way snail mail would have been able keep up with the demands of today. Email has allowed our information exchange to flourish. This is the same concept with Xrp and the exchange of value. The amount of value that can be exchanged daily has the potential to explode, and comparing it to today's numbers really doesn't take into consideration the vast amount of wealth and value that has the ability to be transferred in the future. Of course, this is probably 10 years down the road, but this is really the exciting part about the potential of Xrp.
  9. Well..... Let's hope 4 months will go quickly! We are probably 2/3 of the way through this whole ordeal hopefully
  10. I don't know if you spend anytime on reddit, but everyone here should go check out r/tooktoomuch and then come back and rewatch this video lol. This guy is high on coke or something
  11. So what does this mean in the grand scheme of things for the SEC? Is this something that the judge will reprimand the SEC for? Does it strengthen Ripple's fair notice case? Or is it going to be ignored because the SEC wants to play by their rules and they seem to have been getting away with it so far?
  12. I don't doubt that if the market dumps XRP could very well be sub 40 cents, but I am interested to hear why you think Ripple is about to be crushed by the SEC. Personally, and I am no legal expert, but it seems to me that Ripple has held their own so far. I think Ripple getting crushed by the SEC is the least possible reason for a sub 40c XRP. A market wide dump is the highest probability.
  13. Thanks for the reply. So do you think this could have an impact on Ripple settlement? The SEC might have been more forgiving if they knew that those documents might not ever be seen. Now they might be exposed anyway.
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