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  1. My bad Hal, I didnt mean to double post your Deaton thread. I started writing it, got busy, then resumed it but didn't realize you had already replied.
  2. As much as I hope the SEC is getting backed into a corner, I am afraid that they will try everything to delay. According to this Deaton Twitter thread, they might just try to appeal the decision. This is the their strongest tactic to get Ripple to settle and they seem to have more ammo to play with. This is worth a read. Disheartening, but worth the dose of possible reality.
  3. I keep hearing about these Crypto regulations coming in February. Does anyone know more about this? Could this be why the SEC is stalling so much?
  4. Ok you called it lol. Two questions, how much worse does it get and what time frames are we talking?
  5. Wow what a F***ing joke this has become. They really don't want those emails out there. This is a kick in the balls after a day like today. What are the chances of this actually being granted?
  6. Yup. Save some fresh powder for the good times. Unless you are DCA'ing for long term
  7. Thanks for the reply. Ok, so I guess I understand it this way..it had to be ruled on one way or the other for the purpose of DPP, but maybe it can later be used in court to show that his speech had the backing of other SEC officials. So basically, they deliberated, then said it was personal opinion, and now as a result will have to disclose those "deliberations" to Ripple and the court. I remember how Ripple's attorney was arguing that they can't have it both ways.
  8. Does the fact that it is own personal opinion help or hurt the fair notice defense? This is what I am having trouble wrapping my head around.
  9. After listening to this video in its entirety, I came to the conclusion that Ripple's lawyers had to have known that a lot of this would be denied due to DPP but asked for it all anyway. They threw everything at the wall just to see what would stick. They got the Hinman emails and a ruling on whether or not it was his personal opinion or not though. So a question....does the Hinman speech (being his personal opinion) help the fair notice defense? Doesn't his speech confuse market participants and make it difficult for a person of reasonable intelligence to distinguish a security or not? I get that it is his opinion, but as an SEC official, it has to have some impact on the market.
  10. This has been a known problem for a while and YouTube has been publicly called out for this by the XRP community and Ripple but nothing has changed (or very little).
  11. In early 2018, I bought Payfair (PFR). I knew it was a long shot but I took the chance with only a few hundred bucks or so. It was basically like localbitcoins, where you could trade currencies with other people, but with an escrow service built in. Users could participate in the escrow service if you held enough coins and you would earn a percentage of the trade. The team was small and hardworking. I followed their developments and they would communicate regularly, almost daily. Then the bear market came. It became obvious they were struggling. They would communicate less and less. Then one day they said they got hacked and would need some time to figure out what happened. They blocked messages in their telegram and never came back lol. It is literally worth 0 today.
  12. EliteCrypto, absolutely true but make sure your account is established long enough. I think for new accounts they restrict you moving tokens off the platform for something like 60 days.
  13. Please please please accept a job on Ripple's legal team. We can dream right?
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